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Saturday, December 23, 2006

   Naruto Smileys!!
Omgsh! I found Naruto smileys! =D I'm so happy!! Here, take a look!:

~Aww~ I love them. Ahaha.. I just gotta show them to youuuuu ~ Well I'll update more later. Sorry for the delay about the Christmas Card! I already sent some outttt... I'll send the rest laterrrr ~ Yayy! ~ My official Holiday Break begins today ! I'm really happy and in a good mood right noww ! ^_^ Well, I'm suppose to go to the mall right now~w! But my mom is still getting ready.. but she said that half an hour ago? o.O Well, gotta go now! I'll update more later.. Currently: 4:05 PM, Eastern Time... Errr yeah~!

15 Minutes Later.....

I still haven't gone... My mom said that we're not going... =/ Oh well... Ahhaah I only go there to eat.. either that or Hot Topic ~She Laughs~ I'm starting to send the Christmas Cards out right now ~ Expect one new message ~!


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