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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

   Hikaru no Go//Yet AGAIN!
Okay, since I'm so addicted to Hikaru no Go right now, I decided I want you guys to see a picture of the main characters:

The two bottom guys are Touya Akira (Green-Haired) & Shindo Hikaru (Brown-Haired with Blonde-bangs). You will only see them in the beginning.... Around after episode 15, you'll start seeing the top people, Yoshitaka Waya (Browned-Haired) and Isumi (Blue-Haired). My favorites are Hikaru (I always like the main character) and Waya.. I somewhat have the same character traits as them. Always smiling and outgoing....

Anyways, gotta go watch more Hikaru no Go... even though I read the whole series! Hahaa.. and 9.Tailed:Neko, I'm sorry I didn't call you! My mom doesn't want me talking on the phone!

Oh yeah, I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on sites. Been addicted to Hikaru no Go.. ^_^


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