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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

   Going Well?
I've not really had much to say, which is why I haven't posted here for about a week...

I must remember to change my theme... In fact, i might to that now... Well, after I've posted XD

So, I had work last night, and it was quite a typical, boring night... No banned people came in for us to kick out, nothing got smashed, no fights or anything... Just a boring night.

BUT! I went on my break, and I bought two scratchcards. One cost 1, and the other cost 2.

I waddled (well, not waddled... I don't waddle XD) off to the staff room, and began scratching my 2 scratchcard. For this scratchcard, you were given two numbers, and then there was about 10 other numbers underneath which you had to match your numbers to, if you get my meaning.

So, I scratched off my number (2 and 19, they were), and I began scratching off the other numbers... I got nothing, and I scratched off the last number... And it was number 19.

I was like "woo, I bet it's only a couple of quid"... I scratched off the amount I'd won below it... And...

It was 200.

I am not joking. I won 200 on this scratchcard. I sat there staring at it, like "wtf?!" thinking I'd mis-read it or something, but nooo... So I skipped (quite literally) out to Rich and Ben who were at the tills and asked how much we could pay out of tills. They said up to about 300 as long as they had it in the till.

So, I handed over my scratchcard, and realised I was still holding the 1 scratchy, and hadn't scratched it. So I did scratch it, but didn't win anything... And you know... I didn't really care XD

So that was a nice surprise to the night =) That's the most I ever won... Probably the most I ever WILL win XD

What am I going to do with the money?

Probably give it to my parents as rent =|

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