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Saturday, March 22, 2008

   *Has Discovered Codeine Does Not Work For Her* *More Than Likely Because Of The Co-Dydramol She's Taken Over The Past Week* *This Is A Really Long Post Title*... =D

Time: 8.26 in the pm
Mood: Mmmwwerrrrrr.
Currently: Shlurping meh coke
Song: I Like To Move It - Madagascar

Thanks for the comments. The comments I don’t know I have, because my internet hasn’t fully loaded yet, and so I haven’t even gone on MyO XD But I know I’m bound to have got some lol.

Omg, I just has the massive fuss ever over my internet. The DSL light wouldn’t come on, and so therefore the internet light wouldn’t come on. But, normally, the DSL light flashes before it decides to stay on. If it doesn’t want to, it’ll just keep flashing. Stop, then flash again until it does stay on. Very annoying.

But tonight, it wouldn’t come on at all. So me, my Mum and Dad were all fiddling around with the cables, and it’s finally on. How long for, I don’t know.

I’ve just realised I haven’t returned comments for a while. After today, I don’t think I could do it and give any decent comments XD Work’s been a bit mad. I’ve had a headache all day. So I took some codeine and paracetamol tablets. Which did nothing.

Oh, it’s been snowing like, all day. On and off, and they were only tiny flakes and it wasn’t heavy enough to settle. But, we are due for a SHITLOAD tonight. Yay =D Snowball fights tomorrow! Oh, wait, I have work. I’m sure we’ll still have snowball fights at work XD Bossman Tony’s in tomorrow, so he’s bound to shove snow at us at some point if it does settle.

I was planning on making this post uber short, since I am knackered. And my gums… Well, holes, are hurting. Bossman Tony said to me earlier “do your teeth hurt much?” I was like “er, no, since there are no teeth there TO hurt. The holes do, though”, and then he said something like “oh, alright smartarse”.

He’s been giving me abuse all day. So I give it back XD Then again, he’s been giving abuse to everyone today. As usual. He also told this joke today, and I laughed at it, but in all honestly, I didn’t get it. LOL.

Omg, me, Frankie and Rich were serving, and because me and Frankie are, like, a tad bit short, and at the furthest away from where the queue is, we often have to lean over the tills and shout “CAN I HELP?!”, only, the customers weren’t listening, and me and Frankie just looked at each other, and so I leaned over and went “HELLOOOOOO?!” is this really funny voice, which set us off into a fit of giggles. I guess it was one of those ‘you-had-to-be-there’ moments XD

Do you know how many cages of delivery we had today?



I think they’re closing the road again tomorrow, which would explain why we’ve got more cages for the past few Sundays (they keep closing it to resurface the damn thing). But seriously, 27 was way too many. Normally, cage-wise, on a Saturday when they’re not closing the road the next day, we’d get about 5 cages of the fresh stuff (chilled, like sandwiches, salads, and bread, and flowers and stuff) and probably about 9-10 ambient (like coke, health and beauty stuff, pet food, alcohol, etc, etc).

Recently on Satursay we’ve been getting about 17 (as we now get both the chilled and ambient all in one go, whereas they used to arrive separately). So, to get 27, I thought Tony (not bossman - other Tony) was joking. He said he thought the driverwas joking, and then was like “you sure this isn’t going to superstore?”. Then we were all stood around and were like “where the hell are we gonna put 27 cages?”. We only have a small storage space out back, and we can fit about 9-11 cages in there at most. The fresh cages stayed out on shop floor, as they had to be worked straight away (it’s all chilled, and so can only be out of chillness for 20 minutes).

Oh, then when it was nearing the end of my shift, Bossman asked me to work produce. Then me, Rich and Bossman looked at the produce dolly, and it was all stacked up with cabbages potatoes, bananas, etc, and it was taller than me. I was like “yeahhhh, are you being heightist again?”. Anyway, I made a list of what I actually needed, and then Frankie gave me a hand finding all the stuff and putting it out. Turns out, not only was the produce stacked up on the dolly taller than us, it was also shoved in a cage. And the cage was ram-packed full of produce. I was thinking “why the hell do we have so much of it?!”

Sorry, I really went into a rant about work XD

Oh, after work, Mum wanted me to get some more codeine and paracetamol tablets, and so I zoomed over to Boots, and you have to be 18 to buy them. That’s ok, I’m 18 XD But, y’know, I don’t look it XD Anyway, the girl remember my Mum coming in earlier, but she couldn’t buy some because the pharmacy bit was closed, hence why I had to go over. The girl didn’t even ask me for ID, which is amazing XD I would’ve thought I would have got ID’d. But, no.

Cannot be bothered to upload any LOLcats. I‘m feeling really drained.

My Mum’s bought like, 3 big bottles of coke. I don’t know why, but I’m already halfway through one bottle XD

I have an ulcer next to my stitches. In my mouth, obviously.

Dad was going to look at the weather on the T.V., and there were pictures of new films out whilst the page was loading, and both me and my sister went “hey look, there’s Horton!”. I dunno why she said it, she’s not seen the film XD

Hahaha, kyofanatic13, I LOVED that bit. The “In my world, everyone's a pony, and they eat rainbows and poop out butterflies!" "That's beautiful, Katie...in a really weird way."

Katie made me laugh XD She was just… Really… Odd LMAO.

Curry tonight =D I haven’t had a curry for weeks. I wanted one last week, but Mum was like “you’ve just had an operation on your mouth. No.” =( I really do still have a piece of tooth left in the one hole. But, as neither the hospital, orthodontist OR dentist seems very interested, I cannot be bothered anymore. If it gets infected, or I’m in agony, I’m just gonna sue every bastard who said “oh, it’s nothing to do with us” and “it’s probably just a piece of exposed bone” and “your treatment is complete here, so it’s nothing to do with us, now”.

In order, the dentist said the first, then the orthodontist, and then the hospital where I had my op. So, I’m not lying when I say no one’s interested. The NHS is shit.

I do have the dentist in mid-April, though. Hopefully, she’ll do something about it. She’ll probably be like “are you aware you have a piece of tooth left in this wound?” and then I’ll be like “yes, but since Evesham said it was nothing to do with them anymore, the orthodontist said it was probably a piece of exposed bone, and one of your receptionists messed me around, I thought I’d wait for it to get really bad so I could sue the lot of you”.

It’s definitely a piece of tooth. It moves, for God’s sake. But it’s not loose enough to just come out.

Omg, this post is 2 pages long XD I shall leave now XD Toodles!

♥ Emmah ♥

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Friday, March 21, 2008

   I Likez Teh Scooter XD

Time: 7.38 in the pm
Mood: Happy
Currently: Looking forward to reading meh books =D
Song: The Logical Song - Scooter

Howdy chums and chumettes! Bow to me, for I am Holey XD Sorry, sorry. Emmah is in a good mood. Why? Because she went shopping =D Before I start, I’ll thank you for the comments. THANK YOU >=D

So, my day started off normally… Well, sort of. I woke up, to the sound of my sister shouting “IT’S SNOWING!”. I look outside, and it really is snowing. I don’t mean just a few flakes, I’m talking like a whole freakin’ blizzard!

So, it finally stops snowing, and I get my lovely father to take me down town. I go to the bank, get a tenner out, go to the shop, buy a bottle of Ribena and come chocolate buttons. I go out the back to annoy people, and Bossman Tony tells me he loves me.

I then go to Laura’s house, and she has issues with her door. She finally opens it, and then we go to the bus stop. There’s just one man sitting in there. He asks me if it was the stop for the bus to Worcester. I tell him it is. He asks what time it arrives. I tell him. Then this woman comes in and goes “are you waiting for the bus to Worcester?” I reply with yes, and it all cracks Laura up, and she cannot stop laughing.

Anyway, the woman asks me and Laura to move along the seat a bit and then the man starts giggling and he says to me “you’ll be sitting on my lap in a minute” (he’s drunk, by the way). I thought to myself “I doubt it very much, good sir” (is that a normal thing to think?). Anyway, I sat there eating my chocolate buttons, and he took a bottle of vodka out of he jacket, and just took a swig from it!! =O

Even me, an Smirnoff Ice lover, disagrees with that. It was in public, I’m sure it was an alcohol-free zone, and what if a child was in that bus stop?! Then he asked me for a chocolate button =S I gave him one, and then he started going on about how he’s never in his life asked someone for a button before. I was like, “riiiight”. Laura was pissing herself silly at this point. As she does. Then he started saying how people might think it was indecent of him to ask for a chocolate button off a girl. I looked at Laura, who had stopped laughing, but of course, that set her off again.

So then we got on the bus. Laura muttered to me “let’s make sure we don’t sit anywhere near him”. I agreed and we sat at the front of the bus, and he’d sat at the end of it. Anyway, it came to his stop, and he stopped and said goodbye to me and Laura, and then he began talking to the driver, and the driver was just like “yeah, alright. Now will you go please?”. Lol.

Soooo… Then we go to the cinema. We decide to see Horton Hears A Who. I had no idea what it was about. But it was a kid’s film. We bought our tickets, and then left to go do some shopping. We ended up in Waterstones. That place is like a magnet. I bought Dragonball Z volume 5, Love Hina 7, and this other one that I have forgotten the title of. Then we go to get some sweets. Laura gets some fudge, and then when I’m getting some more buttons, she decides she doesn’t want it, so she just shoves it on a shelf. I laugh.

We pay and then go back to the cinema. Where I discover I’ve lost my ticket. Laura looked at me and said “are you joking?. I was like “nope”. So I had to buy a new one!! I just couldn’t believe it! I said to Laura as we went in “this film better be as good as it can be now that I’ve paid twice for it!”.

The adverts start… And they are UPSIDE-DOWN and BACKWARDS. And the sound is also going backwards. It made me laugh because me and Laura noticed, but like, none of the kids or parents had noticed, until I said “er, hello? Is anyone else thinking something’s wrong here?!”. Someone went to complain, and this guy came in and said it was just the adverts, and that the film would be ok.

Anyway, once everything had turned back to normal (to which everyone in the cinema cheered lmao), the film itself was ok. Sure, it was a little kids film. But it was awesome XD It was actually REALLY funny. Me and Laura were actually wetting ourselves laughing at everything. Even when everyone else wasn’t XD When the Mayor of the Who’s son came on screen, I said very loudly “OMG IT’S AN EMO WHO!”. Laura burst out laughing. We are so bad XD

Got out of cinema, and discovered it was rather cold. I was still pissed about losing my first ticket. Erm… Went to that sandwich place. Laura had a bacon sandwich, and I had tuna. Went somewhere dry to eat them. I was having issues with mine, as I couldn’t eat it properly XD Then discovered one of my stitches had come out. Have been fiddling with the others ever since.

Went back to Waterstones AGAIN. This time I bought Love Hina volume 8, and two normal books XD Angel by Katie Price, and The Little Pink Book by Louise Rennison (author of the Georgia Nicolson series). The Little Pink Book is another Georgia Nicolson book, but it’s just full of advice and stuff XD Angel is a very sexual book. I won’t go into more detail XD

Then we went to HMV. Laura bought a couple of DVDs. I looked for an album by Scooter. They had the gap for Scooter, but no albums, so I’m having to download =( Oh yeah, this kid kept whispering to me “you’re beautiful” to me. I was like “I’m a bit old for you, kid”. He was about 13 lol.

Erm… Then we went to this sweet shop!! It was awesome!! It had like, sherbet lemons, acid pops (which both reminded me greatly of Harry Potter), gummy bears, cola bottles, exploding bonbons, fudge, popping candy, EVERYTHING! It’s the best sweet shop in the world!! I got some gummy bear, cola bottles, and popping candy. My Mum got all excited when I showed her the popping candy. She’s already eaten one packet XD

Then we went to New Look. They had new shoes in, and I was like “SHOESSSSS!!!”. I bought two pairs for £20. Not bad. One pair are pump-like and are black and white with stars. They’re awesome. The other pair are converse-like, and are pink, but have an odd sort of pattern on them. Laura got a pair too, but hers are blue.

Then we went back to the bus station, and it started HAILING. What is it with the crazy weather? Then we were on the bus, just coming back into our town, and my phone goes off. I thought it was Mum, because I’d just sent her a text asking her to pick me up from my Nan’s house. But when I looked at it, it was a foreign number, and it was actually LGA775 who’d text me!! I was like “=O IT’S WERRRNERRR!!!”. Laura was like “how did he get your number?” and I was like “I gave it to him” and she was like “oh”. LOL.

Talking of numbers and stuff, Alphonse122, did you ever get that text message I sent you? =S

No LOLcats today, as my post is super-long XD

Ok, I thanked you for your comments, but I don’t actually know if I’ve got any =S MyO isn’t loading =S Oh, now it has =D Toodles!

♥ Emmah ♥

P.S. Did I seriously put “Sunday on Easter?” =S Omg, that’s as bad as only just realising some of the LOLcats aren’t cats!!

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

   Who Dranks All Meh Alcoholz?

Time: 7.17 in the pm
Mood: Annoyed?
Currently: Feeling meh holes
Song: Young And The Hopeless - Good Charlotte

I. Hate. This. Internet. With. A. Passion.

I’m glad the bill for the telephone/internet came through today. I can get Mum to phone them up and tell them to shove it up their arses because the ‘service’ they provide is a load of SHIT.

Anyway, thanks for the comments =D 8!! *Holds up 8 fingers and one thumb*. I’m being optimistic. I aim to get 9 this time XD I was gonna type then *holds up 9 fingers*, but unless I’m a mutant or something, that’d be pretty hard.

One of our cats likes the cherry yoghurts I eat a lot. I can’t eat one without her coming over and planting her face in it. I mean that literally.

I’ve realised that some of the LOLcats I put up, aren’t… Erm, cats. Yes. It has taken me this long to realise that. Normally, it would be obvious to a normal person. But not me. Oh no. I takes me like a month to realise that a LOLspider isn’t a LOLcat.

You Has A Flavour

You HAD A Baby

Yoda Kitten



My Cute Innocent Face



I don’t think me and Laura are going to see Meet The Spartans now. Gawd knows what we’re going to see. That reminds me, I need to have a look online again. We’re also hoping that the buses will be running. As it is Good Friday tomorrow. Laura’s said that there’s no notice, so they should be running.

Also, it’s Sunday on Easter, isn’t it?

Guess who’s gonna be at work? Yes, meeeee. As is Nat and everyone. We’re not allowed to book time off from Easter. I might just phone in sick. Nah, couldn’t do that XD Though, some people do phone in sick if they have a headache or is they have a runny nose or if they have a cough. Whereas I’ve gone to work with a full-blown cold before. These people need to learn what real illnesses are.


♥ Emmah ♥

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

   My LOL Makes Me LOL Even Harder XD

Time: 10.54 in the am
Mood: Tired
Currently: Yawn.
Song: Far Away - Nickelback

Kyofanatic13, I have never laughed so hard at someone’s post in all my time here on MyO XD Anyway, thanking you all for your comments =)

The window-guys never turned up. So I was hiding for nothing. But they are a couple of doors away today. So they’ll probably turn up tomorrow. I hope so. Mum’s home tomorrow, so I won’t have to deal with them XD If they turn up on Friday…

… I will hide. And pretend I’m not in XD

This is my new favourite song. This Nickelback one. Admittedly, I loved it ages ago, but now I’m like, addicted to it. Do you know what makes me laugh? They released “Rockstar”, and then all these adverts on T.V. were like “get the new Nickelback album, ‘All The Right Reasons’”. And I’m like “it’s not new, I’ve had it for like, 2 years =/”.

Oh, yeah, the river flooded again on Monday. I didn’t even realise XD I was tottering around the house, making tea, eating yoghurts, removing my tongue from my holes because it kept getting sucked in, and I came upstairs to come online, looked out the landing window and went “oh, look at that. The river’s flooded”. You would’ve thought I’d noticed sooner, considering all the fields had water in them.

There’s still a bit of water in them, but it’s all gone right down again now. Why does our river flood so damn much?

Lolcat time XD


Ma Belleh Is Happy

I Eated Your Book


Dis Bud…

= pi

You Eated My Cookie!

And last, but be no means least XD

The Lolcat That Makes Me LOL

Yup. The last one makes me absolutely wet myself Loling XD I think it’s just the expression XD

Yay! Me + Laura + shopping = lot’s of time spent in Waterstones buying manga XD We’re going to the cinema, too. If we ever find a film to watch *rolls eyes*. That 27 Dresses looks quite good, but hasn’t been released yet. Meet The Spartans also looks like good. That will be released on Friday - which is when we’re going to Worcester XD Hmm… I hope we choose soon =)

♥ Emmah ♥

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

   Ahh, The Joy Of... LOL

Time: 10.06 in the am
Mood: Bleh
Currently: Feeling meh holes XD
Song: We Want Fun - Andrew W.K.

I think I have to make this quick. For Mum has said there may be a possibility that the workmen-type blokes might be coming to replace all our windows. I have been told to hide. Hide and tidy my sister’s bedroom. Which I think is rather rude.

I got my new glasses =D They’re lilac =D And only rimmed (oo-er) around the top part of the lens. As I said on MySpace, I see me breaking them somehow.

I would complain about my holes, but I’m freaking Alphonse122 out. So I won’t XD

Y’know, I actually forgot it was St Patrick’s Day yesterday! I am very upset because I missed out on a chance to get drunk XD Hahaha, not that I could get drunk, anyway. Not while I’m taking this medication-type stuff. Anyway, happy belated St Patrick’s Day!!


Bad Joke

What Has Been Seen…/a>



Copy Cat

We Both Got Crabs


Omg. The “What Has Been Seen…” Lolcat makes me LOL. There’s one coming up tomorrow, that I cannot look at without cracking up. It makes me LOL so hard, that it hurts my mouth.

Shorter post today? Knock yourselves out commenting XD

♥ Emmah ♥

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Monday, March 17, 2008


Time: 8.58 in the am
Mood: Sad
Currently: Staring into space
Song: Attack - 30 Seconds To Mars

I dunno what to say. My mind is a blank. Erm… I’m thinking I should stop taking these pain killers. As much as they, er, kill pain, they is most definitely killing something else, too. I won’t say what, because I don’t want to freak you out XD Also, you might be eating or something.

Opticians haven’t phoned yet. Then again, it is only like, 9am. I don’t even know what time they open XD £120 it’s costing me for my new glasses =/

I may have to listen to my iPod. I am officially bored of my music on my Media Player =/ I may need to do some downloading XD

I just checked my weight. I mean, because I’m not eating full proper meals anymore, and can’t eat as much as I used to (thanks to some certain holes and stitches), I thought I was bound to be losing weight. And I have. I was just over 9 stone. And now I’m just under 9 stone. Hmmm…

I’m gonna ask Mum later if she can take me to buy a new belly bar. I’m bored of this one, now XD I mean, it’s pretty and everything. But I’ve had it in for 7 weeks now.

I have really wavy/curly hair right now. I had a bath at around midday yesterday, and then put my hair in pigtail plaits, and left them in all day and last night, and I woke up this morning, took them out of the plaits, and BOOM! My hair explodes everywhere and it is officially curly XD

I really, really, really have nothing to say.

One day, I will stop complaining about my holes. But God do they annoy me!! It also still feels as though my face is really swollen, even though my Mum’s said it’s gone down. I really don’t want to be walking around with a swollen face forever.

Bleh. Lolcat time XD

Frozen Face

I Need To See Some ID

So… Close…

They Suspect Nothing



End of the Raven

Exercise Bike

♥ Emmah ♥

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

   247 More Lolcats To Go... No. I Am Not Joking XD

Mood: Bitchy >=P
Currently: Feeling around for my non-existent teeth!
Song: I’m Gay - Bowling For Soup

Grrr. The opticians did not as such phone me yesterday. So I still don’t have my new glasses *rubs eyes*. I tried walking around with my broken glasses on last night, but the lens kept falling out, so I gave up. They’d better phone tomorrow.

Anyway, thanks for the comments =) Hooray! 9! But again, I’m sure the one doesn’t count =/ Post-It notes!! That’s what the buggers are called XD I was sat here last night writing that post, thinking “what are the sticky notes called?”.

I really, really hate salt water. My Mum keeps going “you should wash your mouth out with salt water every couple of hours”, to which I reply with “er, no”.

TalimSoul, meh dear, I haven’t got my braces on yet. I still have that to look forward to *sarcasm*. Yay, another couple of weeks to look forward to, which I will not be able to eat anything *rolls eyes*. I don’t think that sentence even made sense =/

The back of my hand really has bruised. I mean, it was a bit bruised after my operation, but now it’s really bruised =S It was because my damn nurse yanked the tube thing out of my hand, but pulled it upwards instead of just out. So now I have a lovely bruised patch on my hand.

I have ordered my Mum to make me a chocolate cake. Ever since that unknown bloke brought me some cake, I rather have a craving for some. I asked Mum to get me some chocolate buttons, and she came back from the shop empty-handed. She did however, get me 6 yoghurts. The cherry ones XD I love the cherry ones.

I would say “owww my tooth is hurting”. But I can’t. Because there is no tooth there to hurt… So… Erm… Owww. My hole is hurting. LOL.



Do You Has Flavour?

Your Flavour Hurts Meh

Floating Text!

Flying Gone Wrong


Moustachio Cat

I just lost count after 6 links LOL. Also, I took some more of my tablets earlier, and then I was just wandering around the house aimlessly again. Why do they make me do it? And I was found (by Mum) just staring into the fridge. Her reaction: “errr, Em, what are you doing?”. My reaction: “I honestly have no idea”.

Ahhh fantastic. I’m just uploading the Lolcats to my Photobucket… And then my internet goes off *rolls eyes*. I dislike BT with a passion. The damn thing’s not even coming back on!

Belly bar… Well, you know I had to shove it back through the hole? Well, it was feeling a bit stiff, and it turned out that the skin I had to force it through was actually stuck on the bar, hence why it was feeling a bit stiff. It’s all good now, though. It is feeling a bit sore after the shoving and stuff… But Other than that it’s fine ^^

My damn Aunt, Uncle and cousins are in Florida =/ At least, I think they’re in Florida. Yeah. Why couldn’t they take me with them?! If you see one rather short fat man, a woman with short bright red hair, and 3 blonde loony children, one 13, one 11 and one, erm… 5? Those would be my family XD The 13-year-old and the 5-year-old are male and the 11-year-old is female, and a chav in denial XD

So if anyone lives in Florida… In particularly, Kissimmee (sp?), then watch out for my family. They’re not all dangerous, but Elliot (the 13-year old) does have a dangerous set of hair. And Ollie (the 5-year old) does have a set of knashers on him XD

Did you know, I still have 247 Lolcat pictures to upload for you guys? I didn’t realise I had so many LOL.

Ah well. Pip pip!

♥ Emmah ♥

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

   It Hurts To Laugh And Smile =(

Time: 11.32 in the am
Mood: Sdfsjofghs0eln. Yes. That is a mood.
Currently: Squinting
Song: All The Small Things - Blink 182

Slightly more comments yesterday =) 6. Though, I’m not entirely sure the one comment counted =/ Blergh. I have to keep washing my mouth out with salt water so nothing gets infected. I HATE the taste of salt water. I’m having to do this twice a day at the moment. Knowing Mum she’ll up it to three times a day or after every meal I eat. Which isn’t a lot.

In addition to the food I listed yesterday that I can eat, I can now add mashed potato and sausage to that list XD Not mashed sausage. I managed to cut it up into really small pieces and just chew it with my front teeth XD Took ages, but oh well.

My eyes really hurt =( I’ve gone since Tuesday without any glasses now. My eyes are beginning to get really sore. I hope the Opticians phone today so I can get my new ones.

Hahaha, according to silver star rose (or Hazel, as her real name is NOT Jane), I am a “fucking immature cunt”. Whatever. She seems to think I’ve fallen out with her because of a little discussion we had last night, and then I had to go for food. And she thinks I’ve blocked her on MSN?

No, I haven’t blocked her. I’ve deleted and blocked her. And I didn’t fall out with her last night. She’s been pissing me off for months. I’ve not liked her for a while now, and I’ve just had enough of her moaning and whinging. It pisses me off. Thank God I don’t have to work with her for a while.

I still can’t get used to having 3 holes in my gums XD When I drink, my tongue keeps getting sucked into the one hole, which is bad, because then I get a mental image of it, which makes me laugh. Also, these pills I’m on make me go all… Mad. I’ll just sit around staring into space, and I’ll walk into another room, only to find I didn’t want to go there, or I’ve forgotten what I wanted to go there for in the first place. Which is why I bought a sticky notepad yesterday. You know the ones. You write on it, and then peel the piece of paper off, and stick it somewhere so you can remember it later.

I have about three up so far XD

I have nothing more to say… So, I shall leave with the usual. Which you all seem to love XD

Cat: 1

Shower Has Flavour

Do. Not. Want.


Do You Mind?

Smell This



♥ Emmah ♥

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Friday, March 14, 2008

   Recovering With Cake

Time: 6.43 in the pm
Mood: Happy. Well, not as such happy, but I’m alright XD Actually, no… I’m half left XD
Currently: Rubbing meh eyes
Song: Mr Brightside - The Killers

This is sad. Only 4 comments? What, did like, everyone die or something? Ah well. 4 comments is 4 comments.

My belly button hurts =( It feels as though I’ve just got it pierced again. Though, I did have to shove the belly bar back through the hole =( Which had closed up slightly. Ergh.

Did I mention yesterday how there seems to still be a piece of tooth in one of the wounds? Well, there seems to be a piece of tooth still in one of the holes XD I just felt like crying earlier.

My Mum phoned the dentist about it, and they said they couldn’t do anything and that I’d have to go back to Evesham where I’d had my operation. So Mum phones Evesham, and they say it’s nothing to do with them anymore, so I’ll have to go to my dentist. So Mum phones the dentist again, and the woman goes “we’ll make you an appointment for 2.15 in the pm”. That was fine.

So, we went down about 2.05 in the pm, and then the fucking receptionist tries telling us it was at 12.15, not 2.15, and she blatantly lied. So, then we had to leave. We went to the doctors to get the paperwork for my prescription, and Mum asked the receptionist there about what we should do. The woman said to phone up Worcester, and start from scratch. So Mum phones up Worcester, and the bloke says that the woman who operated on my teeth wouldn’t have just left shards of teeth in there if she thought they were gonna be a problem. So it’s either a bit of bone, or some toot that will just fall out on its own.

So, in other words, no one is gonna check on it or do anything about it. If it gets infected, or causes me lots of pain, I’m going to sue every single one of the fuckers who refused to do anything!

Yeah… After all this, I was feeling very down and shit. And the pain was starting up again. Then Mum had to go into work, and she took me with her, and then Andrea was like “oh, this old guy promised you he’d make a cake and you could have some or something, and he dropped some off for you last night”. I couldn’t believe it! This old bloke had made a cake and given me some!! It cheered me up immensely. I’m having trouble eating it, but it’s the thought that counts XD

So far, I had been able to eat: toast, jelly, baked potato, ice cream, chocolate buttons, and cake. LMAO. Very healthy =P I haven’t eaten all that much, to be honest. God knows what I’m gonna eat for tea tonight.

Talking of tea… I seem to be living off cups of tea XD Not that I’m not normally… But I’m having more tea than ever XD

I am still in disbelief that the old bloke actually brought me some cake! I remember having a conversation with him about how he was gonna make some cake, and how he’d bring me a slice (I have about a third of the cake, btw XD). I do remember having that conversation. But I can’t for the life of me put a face to this guy! I’ll just have to see when I got back to work… See if he comes in and asks if I enjoyed the cake.

I’m sorry for not putting up any Lolcats last night. I just really wasn’t in the mood XD And I was kind of out of it, due to the drugs *rolls eyes*. And my hand is slightly bruised where the woman ripped that tube out of my hand. It bloody well hurt when she did that. And you know those circle sticky things that are put on your chest that they use to monitor your heartbeat or whatever? Well, they forgot to take those off me. I had to take them off myself! And it hurt!

Time for Lolcats methinks XD

About To Fail

Zee Woman Is Scary

Anti Gravity Cat

Baby Blanket

Bachelor #2

It‘s Behine Meh Isn It?


Camouflage Bunneh

The “It’s Behine Meh Isn It”, and the camouflage bunny, and the bored cat, and the bachelor ones make me pee my pants. I don’t mean that literally. I mean that figuratively LOL.

That’s a point. Don’t be too jealous of my cake. It’s fruit cake. Not chocolate. Which disappointed me, but, Hell, cake is cake. Especially from a customer!! I didn’t really expect that bloke to ACTUALLY bring me some cake in XD I’m still like =O Well, maybe my mouth is a bit smaller XD

Well, I’d better be off. Pills to take, Beyblade to watch, fanfics to read, cake to eat and so on XD Toodles!

♥ Emmah ♥

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

   In The Words of Juno - "Owww Owww Fuckity Owww!"

Time: 8.08 in the pm
Mood: Sad
Currently: In pain
Song: Ridiculous - Bowling For Soup

If my Dad makes one more joke, I shall hit him. He won’t be at the moment, though, because he’s gone with Mum to visit my Grans. I do mean Grans. The two of them.

I know I said I’ll be back on Friday, but I’m bored, hungry and in slight pain. So, I thought “Ahhh I shall grace them with my moaning presence”. LOL. Thanks for the comments, btw. Is it alright if I don’t comment back? Or are you gonna be evil XD

I did get that phone call, by the way. The one from Progressive UK. I got it Tuesday when Mum took me to work. Someone phoned up for again earlier, too, but my Mum was like “she’s here, but she can’t really talk because she’s had an operation today to take 4 teeth out”. I dunno who it was that phoned. I’ll ask Mum when she gets back.

As far as the operation went… Well, I guess it went ok. I’m still alive, aren’t I? 4 teeth out, though… I’m trying to get use to the holes and the one set of stitches XD But, whoever operated does seem to have left a couple of shards of teeth in the one wound. So, if they haven’t fallen out by the morning, Mum’s making me an emergency appointment at the dentist =( I need to go to the dentist anyway to drop off a letter from the hospital.

Anyway, before the op, I got ready, and was told to take my belly bar out. So I did. This this other girls comes in and she just gets to put some bandage over hers! =O I’ll tell you what, it was a bitch to get back in later.

So then they took me down to the preparation room, and the anaesthetist bloke shoved one of them things in my hand (after shaking and tapping my hand around to get a vein) and then he was like you’ll be asleep in no time. I remember the room starting to swim, and my body feeling funny, and someone asked how I feel…. Then I woke up in a strange room, with my face feeling like a football, and something shoved in my mouth, and this woman goes “let me take that out of your mouth, *calls to someone else* Emma’s woken up! How are you feeling, Emma?”.

At that point, I said “did I not answer you the first time?”. I was very confused LMAO. Anyway, she told me the operation went well, and she and this other person (also called Emma, I think) took me back to the ward. My face was actually covered in blood lmao. And I’d obviously dribbled on the bed sheets, because they had blood on them, too.

Sooo… What happened then? I had some water… Then a cup of tea… Then some soup, and I absolutely hate soup. Oh, and some bread and butter with the soup. It made me sad, because I had to suck on the bread. I can’t eat it properly =(

Then I came home… Managed to get my belly bar in after quite a struggle, took some Co-Dydramol, went to bed and fell asleep. Woke up… Wandered around for a bit, Mother asked me how I felt, I texted Laura, she also asked me how I felt… Dad offered me another toffee apple… And now here I am. I couldn’t stay offline until tomorrow. I love it here.

Oh yeah, my nurse offered me an anti-inflammatory drug. And she said it needed to go up my bum. I said there was no way anything was going up my arse (in politer words). So I got something similar with my anaesthetic.

My mouth really is aching =( I may need to take some more painkillers. Well… Not the Co-Dydramol, as that is very strong and I’ve already had some. Which leaves the Ibuprofen, but I need to have something to eat with it =(

When I got home, and found I couldn’t get my belly bar back in, I was pissed. Then I found that they’d left some tooth in the gum, and I was even more pissed. Then Mum said if it doesn’t fall out then we’ll have to get an emergency appointment, I was sad. I just want all these appointments and operations and everything to just stop. I dunno how people like, my Mum’s friend’s daughter can go into hospital repeatedly. She has like, no kidneys, and has to have dialysis. She’s waiting for a kidney donar, but you know how long that can take…

But I’m having all this trouble with my teeth, and I just want it all to stop. In any way possible. When I got home, and went to bed, I just thought “let me go to sleep, and just not woke up”. I want to have perfect teeth, without all these hospital, dentist and orthodontist appointments. But no. I mean, I have to go back to the dentist again in 4 weeks to have something done to a tooth that I didn’t know had a problem, and she didn’t even explain what was going on. I just wanna cry and rip all my teeth out.

Sorry, no Lolcats today.

♥ Emmah ♥

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