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Monday, May 5, 2008

   The Pictures Will Arrive Tomorrow Morning!

Time: 21.47 in the pm
Mood: Giggly
Currently: Eyeing up the cookie and chocolate on my shelf. Yummy scrumboes
Song: The Reason - Hoobastank

Chibi-Anna-Chan, nope, I havenít had a Jager bomb. I didnít even try normal Jager XD I wasnít brave enough. Foamy14, getting a Ďbollockingí is like getting told off. Anyway, guys, thanks for your comments XD

I really am confused. About Saturday night, when we were all in the toilets and Chelsea was crying. I canít remember the other random girls coming in, and I definitely donít remember being handed Chelseaís phone. I do remember the random girl trying to help me send a message, and then I failed, and she went away, and then I think I mentioned something about accidentally deleting Matt to Chelsea. But when we woke up yesterday morning, Chelsea looked at her phone and said ďdid you find out who you deleted in the end?Ē. I still canít remember who it was. Maybe I deleted one of her messages instead? But she says I definitely didnít delete anyone. Weird.

I have also had ĎRuby Sohoí (the song) stuck in my head since Saturday night. I even know all the words. I canít remember if it was actually played, though XD

I am sat here, with a nice cup of tea. And some biscuits XD

I watched Jackass last night. This 24-hour thing they did. Oh my God, how I laughed. I remember watching the whole ĎMianusí thing ages ago, but re-watching it again last night made me almost pee my pants. Iím gonna have to find it again on YouTube or something. Itís just too funny.

Can I go live in Mianus please? Iíd actually love to say to someone ďI live in MianusĒ.

I remember one thing one of them said: ďOh look, thereís directions to MianusĒ.

I also watched Dirty Sanchez. Dunno if youíve ever heard of it. Itís like the British version of Jackass. But with insane Welsh men. XD

This isnít the Mianus clip I watched last night, but itís still hilarious XD I canít find the actual clip. Must search harder.

Been told by Chelsea that some of the pictures from Saturday are up. I shall have to have a look at them.

My fanfic is almost complete! Iím just writing the sex scene =P Iím attempting to write it to the best of my ability, and write it slow so I donít fuck it up (hahaha no pun intended).

So, what else besides write my fanfic have I done today? There was randomly an Italian market in town today. Wasnít very big. Smelled strongly of cheese. But I got some Italian hot chocolate (normal chocolate, mint, Whisky, and Chilli - the Chilli being for my Mum!), and some PROPER spaghetti =D Itís massive.

Hahahaha the feet! Sorry, Iíve just saved all the pictures from Chelseaís MySpace, and thereís one of all our feet. We werenít drunk, but Chelsea was trying to get the flash to work on her camera. It did, and she was aiming at our feet. LOL. I really will show you guys them tomorrow. Saved me having to write a proper post XD

I must be off now. I might try and finish the fanfic, upload it to fan fiction.net, and then if I actually bother to do that, Iíll edit it and submit it to TheO. Christ XD


♥ Emmah ♥

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