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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Time: 12.54 in the pm
Mood: Hyper.
Currently: Scratching my back. ĎTis itchy.
Song: Malchik Gay - t.A.T.u. (If you hadnít guessed, this is my new favourite song XD)

Whilst my internet is deciding if it wants to work or not, I will make a start on this post. Iím hoping Iíll be able to find the time to comment you guys back. Looks like Iím gonna have to multi-task XD Anyway, thank you for your comments, and hello to a new friend! Heley!! Us MyO-isms need to stick together XD

More reviews on my story =D Did you guys go and read it? Also, Iíve been added to someoneís author alert =D And my fanfic has been favourited again =D Iím so happy! Itís a bloody good job that Iíve started (and very nearly finished) my next one =D

Internet died. Not so happy.

But still, ĎHave You Everí had 6 reviews =D Which I think is fabulous considering itís my very first fanfic submitted.

Orthodontist today. If that woman even thinks of taking more moulds, or poking me with that sharp pointy thing, I will eat her.

That really hot foreign guy came in again last night. I swooned and my brain hopped off, as per usual. I may have even drooled.

Feet. Chelsea was attempting to get the flash on the camera to work. It did.

(Left-Right) Rockabilly Lee, and Rockabilly Ben.

Me. In the loos. Not the menís, though.
Me In The Loos

Photobucket just died on me, so these will have to do, and Iíll upload the rest tomorrow *sigh*.

So, if you like manlove, yaoi and sex, go read my rather rubbish fanfic =D


♥ Emmah ♥

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