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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

an eyeliner story - but we promised!?
you guys never comment anymore and the storys just about to get really good.

You sit on the floor of the bed room not wanting to move not wanting to go down and see him.
It was happening all over again and you new it, you new that tre would find you again and that you would be preganat again with tres child but billy was the only one keeping you from that and now hes lied and left you on your own.
"come on ____!We gotta go down and confront him about it" says carry grapping your arm and pulling you.
"No no i can't go i don't want to know anything about it." you cover you face with your arms the needle still gripped in your hand."i wanna just forget."
Carry looks at you.
"we can't we have to tell him we know, please."she keeps pulling.
"NO!" you cry.
"Carry,____ are you guys up there." Paul yells from the bottom of the stairs.
"Come on_____" carry says again,"pauls gonna come up here and think its you taking the drug."
You lift your head to look at carry, behind her was paul and benji....and billy.
"What the fucks going on here." says Paul ,"you guys haven't been taking drugs have you?"
Carry stands up holding the Novicane in her hand she gives it to paul.
"Where did you get this?"
"Why don't you ask billy." carry says shoting him a look.
Paul and benji look round, billys face is pale and emotionless.
"Billy?" asks Benji
"Yes its mine okay. im addicted. alright."he says truning and heading downstairs.
You all look at each other.
"_____ are u okay."carry asks putting ahand to your sholder.
Paul comes down to your level and takes the heroine.
"How much stuff did he have?"
"Thats all of it, but theres glue he could be sniffing it."
YOu start to cry.
*glue...hes sniffing it as well*
"We promised...we promised." you whisper
"Shhhhhhhhh. i know you guys did....i know." paul puts his arms round you in a hug.
You cry into his sholder.
How could every thing get so wong so fast...i just wasn't real anymore.....nothing was real anymore.

so thats the end of this chapter....what do u think will happen to billy and you?

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