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Friday, November 4, 2005

AN EYELINER STORY - predictable
Hey, omg i had wrote the whole thing out and then the computer blinked out like seriously that was soooooooo predictable...lol.
i should really get that song on here huh.

you sit on the bed. Your legs pulled up to your chest and the stuffed bat once again pulled up to your chest.
Carry is sitting beside you.her are arm round your sholders.
"You okay." she asks.
"Yeah but i feel so betrayed and ....forgoten."
"Come on now billy didn't mean it."
You look at her.
"Oh thanks so your on his side then."
She says nothing and you just get up and stand by the window.
"Im gonna go down and see how every things goning."
You stare out the window.
"And ____ if you have a heart you'd come down and support him he needs you...even joels up and down seeing him."
You continue to stare.
She leaves the room and nearly as soon as she does you fall to the ground in tears.
What hurt you the most wasn't that billy took the drugs it was that billy took the drugs that destroyed her baby...those very drugs..herione and novicane true enough you did't sniff glue but still.
You sit clinching the poor stuffed no dount almost squished bat, crying into its fur.
You lay against the wall, trying to block the unwanted memories of...past experiences..of jimmys body in the coffen the day he was brought home from Irag (u remeber your boyfriend the ghost) and of..the time they kicked u out of the house for false evidense of you sleeping with tre.
Your head hurts...so full of memories, of dreams and of nightmares, so full of unheard screams that are your own.
"Im sorry....this is all my falut...forgive me." you whisper to yourself and to the darkness over and over.
You hear foot steps outside the room and slowly wipe your tears and stand.
you have made up your mind..your gonna leave fpr a few hours and go to mikes..just to cool off.
You grap your Level 27 hoddie from the closet and leave pushing past paul and joel on the way.
You bolt down the stairs and out the door ecnoring Carry yelling after you.You run into the city and head for mikes apartment viva a shortcut you know.
It is dark and badly cordinated.
Suddenly someone jumps at you from the shadows.
"Hey." the voices says pushing you to the ground and holding you down.
"So...we meet again." he pulls out a flashlight and puts it to his face."trick or treat." it is tre!


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