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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

An eyeliner story - times like these i hate being your girlfriend #2
well ill just start where i left off!

"Fucking hell benji what the fuck is that."yells billy as he looks at the newspaper.
"what do u think it is."benji grins,
Billy takes the paper from benji grip and looks at it.
The front cover contants the following.
'Head line reads:sex lifes of the rich and the famous:Billy martin!
There is a picture of billy and you walking down the street hand in hand and you guys kissing.
Then theres just down right porn on pages 4-6.'
Billy sits on the bottom step of the stairs.
"fantasic!"he exclams,"theyv' got my ass all over the newspaper."
Paul sneers.
"anit that bad billy boi.Its just a good thing it was your ass and not you...."hes cut of by cash backing in the living room.
"Cash shut up." yells benji,"youll wake joel."
The dog silences.
"Oh god! _____& carry are away to the store."billy puts his head in his hands.
"If you fell sick put your head beetween your knees."says benji.
"Oh thank you bearer of bad news.!" billy snaps.
Benji gives him the 'well im sorry' look.
Paul pats his back.
"Itll be okay, most gurls will like your ass all over the news."
"You are NOT helping."billys says.
Cash starts barking again.
"hey hes not a dumb mutt"
Suddenly the door opens, Carry and u walk in.
"what the bloodly hel is this." you ask holding a newspaper in your hand.
"Shit!" says paul laughing.
Billys gives him the finger,"wanna help then fuck up."

all this waiting and it was something as dumb as that but still cool.

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