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Sunday, October 2, 2005


my brother's back...yeaaargh...oh well...finally! i watched the last episode of gundam seed destiny...and that was Soooooooooo...sooo..bad...i mean...i expected alot of action(they gave me lots but crappy fights)i expected it to be as emotional as the first sequel..and it wasn't..things happened so quickly..one thing i like is that Dullindal died...yeppers! it was d best part(u can't blame me..i hate him so much)...but i rily can't accept that that was it..the end...aaahh...reminds me of inuyasha's ending...grrrr...but hey! at least, it ease my annoyance upon reading this:

Fukuda has another interview lately again. Though he has been quite worn-out because of various pressure, he may challenge to have a third series and he is thinking of choosing 3 characters from GSD as his next series main characters.

hahaha...found dat sumwhere...there must be a 3rd sequel or else...i dunno...hehehe

btw, my site's new look...ta-da...do u guys like it? im trying to make as red as possible...coz ya..i hate pink(not the singer..just the color)well, new look so new avi..here it is:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

new site theme is meyrin hawke....been fond of that character lately..lol..im always fond of characters who has small apperances in a series..hehe..i made a wallpaper...2 of them but otaku didn't seem to post the other...well, i think otaku don't post wallpapers that looks like this:

well, i call it angel from above:lacus clyne..hehe...i foudn the pic sumwer..i have nothing to do yesterday so decided i can make it a wallpaper..lol...

well, laters!

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