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Sunday, November 13, 2005

WOW! it's been so long since i last updated coz i screwed up our computer..lol...1st we just lost our internet connection..when we got that back, i did something and POOF the computer gone mental..then we get sumbody to fix it..then he didn't came..dad broke the modem...so need to replace it..argh..very long story but who cares about that ne more? lol...gonna change my theme tom. maybe..lol...and ya i got lots of stuffs to do...no icons or ne thing...just busy doing HWS..and i need to do handbills for our LA puppet show...btw, we're doing Naruto ep 101...it'll be fun...but hard to do i think..but we will try our best...awww...im off for now..brb tom.


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