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Saturday, October 15, 2005

hey! well..ummm...im about to watch more of NARUTO eps...hehehe..and also, im currently making icons..lol...so anywho, my sis, told me yesterday about the "NEW" gundam seed series i thought I infected(nice term) her with my addiction to Naruto..but hell no..she's still a solid gundam seed addict..btw, the title is GUNDAM SEED ETERNITY as in woah! the title sounds kewl and the new MS, wow..just read this...but you know wat? i still consider this as a rumor..lol..

GUNDAM SEED DESTINY ETERNITY (Estimated launch Oct 2006)
Director: Mitsuo FUKUDA
Script: Chiaki Morosawa
Character design: Hisashi Hirai

Kei Minato (the star); voice actor not confirmed
Athrun Zala; Akira Ishida
Aishia Selinu; voice actor not confirmed
Leon Vizunado; voice actor not confirmed
Cagalli Yula Attha; Naomi Shindoh
Mwu La Fllaga; Takehito Koyasu
Maryu Ramiasu; Kotono Mitsuishi
Izak Jule; Tomokazu Seki
Deakka Elthman; Akira Sasanuma
Miriaria Haww; Megumi Toyoguchi
Lunamaria Hawke; Maaya Sakamoto
Meyrin Hawke; Fumiko Orikasa
Asutea Rainhato; Souichiro Hoshi
Geren Mageniasu; Kenichi Suzumura
Viru Ryumieru; voice actor not confirmed
Sakura Erusenu; voice actor not confirmed
Orin Girufato; voice actor not confirmed

C.E. 77. 4 years have past unknowingly after Kira Yamato and his companions defeated the ambitions of Gilbert Dullindal. Representative Athuran Zala of the international coalition, [ETERNITY]- an organisation bridging the Naturals and Coordinators and even to various countries in the world - busy fighting against rebel terrorists groups attempting to overthrow the new world order, together with his friend Kira, who four 13To counter this threat, Athrun sent Mwu, Yzak and Deakka to lead the army of Eternity. However, there is a traitor under the control of Asutea Rainhato - Geren Mageniasu, and his subordinates: Viru Ryumieru, Sakura Erusenu, and Orin Girufato. The battle came under control because of the 4 gundams piloted by them. Amidst these, the ace of Eternity, Kei Minato, piloting [SPLASHER GUNDAM], Aishia Selinu, piloting [GARNET GUNDAM], and Leon Vizunado, piloting [CELSIUS GUNDAM] obstructed his way. The new sword shall begin it's descent.

well dats all about gundam seed eternity...but duh! the release date?! oh well...

did you know that....
it's easier to climb up stairs than going down stairs when it's dark?!...lol...coz for the first time in the month of october, the lights are or i was going down stairs and i fell and it hurts!

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