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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

HI! so, i wasn't really contented with the changes that i made yesterday so here..i made more..i didn't go to skewl today which is great because of the freaking snow and blizzard...BBBbrrrrr...and then about 12(i think)my friend came to our house with her cousin and told me that only 7 of them in our class went to skewl....lucky i didn't go..but you know what? i hate it! coz i woke up 7:30 - for the first time(i usually wake up 8:00) - i dressed up...fixed my room and skewl stuffs...i also did my science hw - which is so late XD - ate breakfast then my mom called from work telling my dad: DON'T LET THE KIDS GO..then she went home..argh?! i woke up as early as i can and did my stupid homework last minute turned out that we're not going home...i mean skewl...you know how irritating that is? im suppose to wake up late if im not going to skewl...and im not suppose to do hw...ergh..thats how lazy i am..hehe nvm dat now... man i watched naruto episode 158 - downloaded last last day - i didn't watch it the day i download it...i thought it was boring(im wierd..don't u think? downloading eps and not watching it? LOL) and man it was funny! harharharhar...

BTW, about "HAKU" yes yes...i finally confirm that HAKU is a HE! thnx to those 2 person(u know who you are) who post comment on my post yesterday and answered my question...omg...i rily thought He was a SHE but nyeah...well, look at my theme...it's haku and the style is too girly for a guy ...i think im gonna change it...ummm..no not rily too lazy..hehehe..so i got a kakashi puppet -for my LA- to finish...and i think its gud bye for now! laters

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