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Thursday, October 6, 2005


heeey! it's been a long tym..lol..not quite..so btw, skewls so fine..but, im still kinda sick....it SNOWED yesterday!! aaah!! luckily i bought my winter jacket so it wasn't that cold..but still, we went outside during lunch break and GOD! my fingers were numb.. and i feel so clumsy..i don't like it when it snow! yet today, i still went outside with my friends..we went at the back of the skewl..have snowball fight...lots of things happened..like we have a class discussion about the name of our dearie spider(its a she btw) some said EVIL BARNEY...TIMPY GECKO(not sure) SHELOD CHARLOTTE AND MANY MANY MORE...and i bought this gum, gave it to a frend..it was sort of a prank..coz' i gave it to him and you know what happened? the color of the gum is green so his lips, teeth tounge turned to green when he ate it! hahaha...dat was funny....

hmpf..change the theme yesterday...got bored with my Meyrin Hawke theme so i replaced it with..ta-da..Uchiha Itachi! harharharhar...one of my fav character...im not done fixing(too busy) my site yet so ya..and oh! about the icon..that i said i made a mistake, it wasn't that the "k" is missing..it was there but you probably can't see it..lol..it was the sasuke one...i spelled Uchiha Uchicha..lol..sowie..

watelse? oh! i was so annoyed with my mom, my dad's and my cellphone...geez..so i was sleeping i woke up 5am..dunno y..i slept again..the cellphones, which they set to alarm at 7am was all in my room!so guess wat!? it all alarmed the same time and it was so annoying..i reached for them turned them off..go back to sleep and whew! woke up again coz ya...it was a long annoying story

and oh! yesterday, i was almost blown away by the wind..so strong..lol..it was kinda funny tho..coz' i thought im heavy enough not to blown by the wind..but i was almost...lol

well well well..i dunno watelse to say except that i watched episode 101 of Naruto...that was so funny...the trio(sasuke,sakura and naruto) are trying to find out how Kakashi looks like...hahaha..

geez..later days! bye bye!

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