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Monday, November 14, 2005

OMG! i changed the theme! harharhar..it's HAKU..is Haku a guy or a girl? im so confused about that..in anime Naruto keeps calling he/she "HE" but his/her apperance is a "SHE"...did I confused you? well dats all...dats all about the theme..hehehe..im so not contented..the buttons that i made annoys..the color..ummm...is okay..everythings okay..i think...btw, this was supposed to be my new theme

ya..it's very dark(and i love dark colors)..lol..and it's my fav character in Naruto..lol..im planning to make a superb?!(not rily) theme for NEW YEAR..awww..im not telling what is it..it's a surprise..it's all done...and ya..off with the theme...so skewl..skewl..skewl..skewl..is fine..i think..we have French retest...all of us..hmpf..worked on our LA puppet show and we're doing Naruto ep. 101..lol..i guess i told you that already...we'll right now, im looking for a background..and oh! can somebody please(and thank you) tell me where to find a good site to find a chibi naruto, sasuke, sakura and kakashi? coz' we need that for the puppet show..lol..well, i need to copy it..hehehe

mmmmm...wat else? oh! i almost screwed up the comp. again...it just got fixed yesterday and here i am trying to make stuffs more complicated...harharharharharhar

aaaaah! i have nothing to do now..im trying to make this post long(hope you notice it).....aha! HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE!! whew! out! in 3 days! GOD! me and my frends are going to watch it..i don't care if it snow! or rain fire...or the world falls apart(im exaggerating am i not?)but my point is, no matter what, im going to watch it

well, can't think of anything else to write(type actually) so i guess it's good-bye for now! no icons..too lazy...so ya! bye bye!

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