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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hey everyone! Having a good weekend? I've had a great one, still got one more day at home. I'm not going to school tomorrow. So anyway Saturday I finally saw Advent Children and..that movie..fucking kicks ass..its amazing. I'd have to agree with Anime Pulse, Stop what you're doing, download it now. I don't care what you're doing, just download it. So anyway it was good, I love Vincent and really..I messed up over MSN, Crispin Freeman does Yazoo..and Steve Blum (who does Darcia's voice from Wolf's Rain) does Vincent..sorry for those on MSN. So other than that, I cleaned the room and watched a little TV. I was home alone so it was expected. Then later when my sisters arrived, we were going to the mall but my dad didn't let me. So I called my mom, on the way downstairs, I slipt and fell. Causing me to slip all the way down. I scared my dad and sister but I'm alright. Though my legs hurt like hell but I've been through even worse. I'm alright..it just still stings.

So we didnt end up going cause it was already too late and..its dangerous to be out in the streets. Cats will catch the mice. We ordered pizza and just ate and had a good time with Griz, Ricardo, Grecia and Daniel. We were still home alone so whenever some came all of us would get something and run downstairs. Good times, then later I wanted to get on MSN but it was bring a big dick so I left it as it was. Then I think I was sick cause my stomach was hurting and I had a feeling of puking badly. I took some of my moms products and soon enough the hurt went away. I couldnt get to see that movie..forgot the name but it was hilarious. Then I got big cramps and blah, got on MSN and chatted with Shadow and Enin. It was good and I love you're voices, both of you <3 While doing that I was seeing some yaoi..yes my drug. I love it so much..not sure if I'm an addict..haha. But anyway it was a good Saturday. I recorded Ghost In The Shell and Eureka 7 and went to bed. Today I'm not known of the things I'll be doing..so yeah. Thats all from me. Have a good Sunday!

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted all week, I've had a real hectic one, good though. It was probably the best week..yeah. Anyway I'm right now getting ready to go to school so this is just gonna be an update post. I've been continuing the story like crazy..5 pages that you all haven't seen. I just need to stop being a lazy bum and actually type it out. Also as you can notice, a new simple theme, hope everyone loves it. I fell in love with the picture instantly when I opened up AP, so yeah. So anyway I haven't spoken to Aldo much..I think the crush is dying, seriously and that is a plus. So I wont get hurt whenever he lives happy again. In classes, they have been excellent, Vicky is doing her work (as expected) I am giving it my all everyone.

For the first fucking time in math class I had fun AND felt very high confident that I knew this stuff. It was understanding more and our teacher was not mad at us, lol. Been chatting with quite alot of people lately from theO and it makes me happy. Sorry about the kick in the knee..it was a request, you know who you are. Other wise, I want to get back into the movie mood..hahah. Hmmm..other than that ITs been a pretty good week. Annd happy birthday to Evil and Shadow! (Shadow, I got something for you, give it to you online) Those two are amazing girls, go send them some love or else.. haha.Enjoy the music and the weather yall! Not comming to school on May 1st!! I' m sure you all heard of the boycott, yeah I'm in it.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Hey..nothing really big to report..I'm not very happy with my theme, I'll make the picture bigger though or something..I really don't know what else to say the usual, going to school, chatting with the friends. Also I was VERY hyper last night..donno why but I was because..LadyMalik(Sara) is going to Otakon..and I am too..isn't it awesome! Nothing really..so its just a little update and..oh yeah! The story..

Well here's a preview! haha

  • Mercedes almost dies
  • Alot of people show up
  • Rangiku is caught
  • We meet a big villan!

    So there..I'll type more today and continue...sorry for those who are waiting like you mister..yeah you. Anyway I'll leave you all with a picture..we did..well my sister did of my family..its hilarious and from the left is Grecia (the artist), Daniel, Me, Pops, Griz and her boyfriend Ricardo..the things we are is ..what we are right now...and noo..I'm not fat.. @_@

    Yes its supposed to be hilarious


    we forgot Ricardo!, add that next to Griz. So bascially..Grecia's the weird, my brother the smarty pants all dressed nicely..and the light bulb..funny. Me..with my Japan shirt..almost everyone at home knows it and my iPod in my hand..yeah..and my legs..that is an insult! I'm not THAT fat!! *cries* And my dad..a big apple..he doesn't look like that.. Just Grecia's revenge. Griz..the big preppy girl..haha she's a love. Also notice the strawberry..in spanish it's called "Fresa" and in spanish we call the preps Fresa..get it? And finally Ricardo..his hair is a funny thing, shirt and shorts..the prep guy.

    And Shadow if you read this..please tell me if you have read D.N. Angel manga and like Cats..yeah..I'm sending you a 'Vicky's Birthday Package'...

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  • Saturday, April 22, 2006

    Hello..as you can see..new theme and yeah. First of all, before the long post (sorry -_-;;) I have to announce that I am falling for Trinity Blood, damn you Hinaru! (shakes fist) Check it out..its awesome and you'll love Abel..I do. I'm home right now..missed the SAT practice cause I didn't study and I'm an ass. Anyway this theme is pretty simple..nothing much. The chick is from the anime Eureka 7 which just aired recently last Saturday, a very good show. So today is airs again..going to see it again haha. I didn't do much today but yesterday was fun. First period was boring..I kept falling asleep and I think its because I was up late chatting with Aldo..the one in school. Yess we talk on msn and it's AWESOME. Back in the old times yo and I'm loving it. He's so funny and sweet but anyway. Second period was fun enough, I had to do my presentation about my project with my other friends. I was chikening out..for just presenting. I get VERY shy when I'm in front of people and have to present or something close to that. But it wasn't bad at all, stupid me.

    Then after that we just watched other presentations while I just continued writing more of the story. For those who asked me about it last post, I took it off because I haven't typed more..and I apologize for that but I'll put it back up whenever I can, theres moooreee. So anyway I went down to lunch and just..was in line and ate..the usual. I headed to fourth period and it was fun. Since its a spanish class of course the people there are spanish, I have the honors. So anyway we were assigned into three and I was with Nancy and Stephanie..not really friends with them but their cool. Anyway I did my work while Nancy and Stephanie just wanted to copy off of me..hell to the no! I moved over to KAren and was just talking to her. Then comes Uriel (my mexican buddy) and we just talked about random crap.

    That classed ended and I headed to Gym. The best part of the day, Monica and Vicky aren't in gym anymore they have health so me and Adrielle are allone. But we have Ernie!! A total baby, he's soooo funny and is vERY random. But Colin was there..I hate him. He's so perverted and annoying so it ruined our track walking. Plus he has a camera and started taking pictures of me and Adrielle's asses. I had sweats on so I was safe but it was annoying. I got my camera and made Adrielle cover her face from me taking pictures of her. She hates getting pictures taken even though shes pretty. Anyway practically the whole time she had her face covered. Ernie had his cellphone too but hid the camera and said that he was playing a game so Adrielle dropped her guard and then I quietly went over to his side and saw that he was on camera mode. It was hilarious, just us four, randomly talking dirty, on the track and just..being retarded. It was so much fun. And then we headed home and I just chilled and talked to Aldo some more..yess =D Anyway sorry for the long post, today I won't be doing much but going to my aunt Isabella's house..I hate it there..I'd rather go to somewhere else than there..

    So for the viewing pleasure..here are some pictures I snapped..

    Thats Adrielle..obviously not wanting to snap a picture..she looks like Samara..the girl from the ring.

    Theres the whole gang.. from left its Adrielle, Ernie and *cough* Colin

    This expersion is from pintching his nipples..it wasn't me..I took the picture. He's a cutie funny-random boy

    I didn't include Adrielle here because..she wouldn't let me but here Ernie is trying to take her hands off her face..

    Tysion here..I love her..shes a tomboy sometimes and wears ANYTHING that..girls who are preps wouldn't wear. Basically she doesn't care what people say about her. *thumbs up*

    This is a glimpse of Adrielle..got it on her myspace..lol Shes a pretty azn

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    Thursday, April 20, 2006

    Like I had said..yesterday was a day to just..ramble and rant, I'm doing better. This day was more brighter, alot. I woke up feeling better to just find my pants..spilled with lotion..don't know why so don't wonder and it was too wet for it to dry..yes I'm retarded. So anyway it took a good long time to find out what I was going to wear usually I dont make a fuss because..I don't like too. But today..I don't know why but I just did. So anyway without putting on the tight shirts that is the mijority because I look very fat in it..seriously. So anyway I left for school, listening to an anime podcast, not to mention its freaks who love, review, rant and..just talk about anime. It was very funny..their so funny and well at the bustop the chick who I mostly stand with looked at me like I was some crazy person.

    I arrived at school and it was an Odd day where we have our 3,5,7 classes..I hate odd days. I have Art, History and Math. Math is a pain in the ass for me..I'm so slow in it..I am and I'm stupid. But anyway, art was boring cause the people are boing and so are the assignments..we just do ..cutting paper and gluing. No paint, clay all that fun crap. After that I headed to lunch with the crew, saw Ronny who by the way cut his hair and looks..horrible. I ate and was just ..spending some time alone which is usally 'thinking' time. After that I headed to Histroy, that class is VERY boring too..I wanted to sleep. Didn't do much either. Then the fun began in Math which usually isn't normal. The thing is we have some funny crack people in that class, their jsut class clowns. Our teacher still being in the 90's listens to music while we work and he has some disco tunes..and then Evertte, one funny guy took the advantage of him because he was out making some copies. Evertte got in front of the class where I am and started shaking what he got and started to strip, it was hilarious and made everyone laugh.

    Then later Micheal another guy was making fun of Ramela, a girl in the class by getting two papers and making them into balls and putted them in his shirt. He even went up to our teacher who just stared at him like he lost his mind..it was hilarious. "Take them off, you don't have boobs" the teacher said. "Don't make fun of my sexuality" he said in a high pich voice, it was hilarious. Then Andrew started dancing..waving his hands like some lunatic..it was a fun class indeed. The day was mostly fine..nothing too bad really, like a little bear says "It can't rain forever". So anyway, i'm here at my cousins house, listening to Rammstein, check em out..their blood awesome. Anyway, thank you all for the comments especially Caprice and LadyMalik, you both rock.

    Also, I am happy to say that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have a baby girl: Suri..I am greatly happy for them, I love Tom and also Katie (she did wonderful in Batman Begins) I am jumping with joy..

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    Wednesday, April 19, 2006

    Things just suck..they really do. Today was probably the worst days of the month. The day started off alright, woke up late and got ready but with the yelling my mom was doing, it didn't help me much. Just after that while in the car, traffic caught us and I was almost thirty minutes late..this pissed me off alot and It's not my moms fault or anyones..probably some accident that was making me late. I've already been late to school more than three times and what happens if you're late again? You loose credit.

    I got to school and didn't make it..and I'm not sure if what to say. But anyway first period was alright, it's lonely there cause my friend is across the room. Then comes around this guy whom I really don't like and pisses me off most of the damn time I'm in that classroom. He will hit a girl, and here..if you don't know it's..very rude. So with that he comes around and just smacks me in the head with his binder. I mean what the bloodly hell? Why is he going to do some lame crap like that..and the hit was hard. I got up and told him to step down because I really ..didn't want to deal with all that.. And the teacher?! She told him to go sit down, knowing that he had hit me and that really pissed me off. Already cursing beneath my breath, it sucked so bad.

    Then during second period a friend of mine got rejected by the boy of her dreams, she's even more than me with these love things. But it gets you thinking..why won't a guy like this girl because..she's awesome and caring..and it was sad to see her. I've been there before, more than three times. After that she cried and well I'm a big pussy when I get stuck at these things. I don't know what to tell her, how to comfort her. The teacher whom I love so much because HE DOES care, send us to the nurse. She wasn't feeling to well after that and headed home. Then lunch..I almost didn't eat anything and just when I thought things were getting lighten up my friend Karen was talking to me about evolution, we both agree on that. I'm not really..into the Adam and Eve thing so with that, this Deanna (who still wanders around whom I hate) buts in and starts lecturing us.

    She's another religion than me and Karen so ..it was kinda unwelcomed. Telling us that we believe in something thats not even true, but that wasn't hurtful, the way she told us and she was mostly eyeing me. "You're all mindless people who believe in something that isn't there" that really pushed the last button. I got up to tell her something and I did which was telling her to fuck off and leave us alone and heres comes the part telling her I don't like her and crap but she shot back "You're a useless bitch, thats why Aldo rejected you". That really brought me down..we were aruging over religion and then this (she knows because I told her..big mistak) I hate that but it wasn't worth it right? I just got up and left the lunch room. With in the hallways, bitting my lip so hard that I started bleeding, I ran to the bathroom to wash over.

    I'm a big sensitive when it comes to this and more about religion..I'm nuteral..don't know what to believe it. Its probably true, I got my report card and I did horrible in math, I can't even keep up with what the teacer is telling me. The sibilings are telling me to do something else other than the computer, but I don't always chat and stuff. I do my work but they don't believe it. Saying I'm one selfish person..probably I am and thats why I'm useless. Then at fourth period it was annoying and I was just slient but for those who don't know, its where Aldo and his chick are also in. Smiling and all that happy things, made me feel extremely small.

    Yeah probably those other people deserve to be happy and I don't because I've done something bad, nothing agaisnt anyone. Yeslie came to me for with comfort but I really didn't want it..and I think I hurt her for it, I'm just one wack person. How can I not hurt other people when I'm myself hurt.. I'll live and will hide it all inside so I won't attract attention. Home is another problem because I get welcomed with the news of racism with immigrants..half my family here are illegal.. Thats right. My sisters can't even go to college because they don't have their papers and my dad can give it to them but he doesn't want to. He will to his other wife though.. I'm just blah right now..and really needed to rant.. Anyway I need to get off and do something.

    What a perfect day today was..really.


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    Tuesday, April 18, 2006

    Heyo! Well today is the first day of school, back from spring break. There isn't much to report but I finished Samurai Champloo!!!! And..the whole series was sicck, I love it to bits. My favorite character HAS to be Jin, yes y'all. So anyway the favorite episodes were 11,23,15 and 26. Actually..I had already seen 23..on TV on Weds and IT WAS hilarious..just I didn't know it was episode 23. Watching Jin, Mugen and Fuu play baseball..funny stuff. Then at 11..yeah it was sad but sooo sweet..I cried. 15 is no exception..at all. The ending took me by surprise..like alot. But in the end it was fun, I strongly recomend it to those who haven't seen it. So now I'll be watching more Cowboy Bebop, other than that..nothing else but going to school now..boo. Sorry I didn't get to all sites..I'll try today. Anyway gotta run, bye!

    Edit: I'm at School right now, doing my rounds, I’m in the lab with the class cause were going a project but I finished already. But anyway, school started off alright, haven’t seen Ronny and plan on not seeing him. Everyone so far likes my new hair cut and it makes me happy. But if someone doesn’t, doesn’t really matter its my hair XD Anyway like I recalled finished Samurai Champloo..go see it, it’s awesome. Bleach comes out today..tomorrow’s t he subbed, must get. I’ll be trying my very best to get back into the manga reading of Naruto, Fruits Basket and Saiyuki, I’ve heard Black Cat is good. Also Tokyo Paradise and ..something else she mentioned to me..I forgot..that’s sad.

    But anyway I'll keep trying..hope I don't get stuffed with homework again or I'll burn down this old building!

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    Monday, April 17, 2006

    Eww man..my last day of spring break, I don't want to go back to school. Especially show my self to Ronny in the halls, but its gotta happen anyway. I didn't by my gum..I need my gum to survive in school. Anyway the weekend was awesome, friday night was the gathering of the gang, very much fun. Then Saturday I didn't do much but wash my bothers car, i got my greens for that *does happy dance* The sibilings and I were about to go to the movies and see Scary Movie 4 but then we didn't and just watched one of the movies we have here. Like Hostel..yo that movie is ..VERY VERY VERY graphic, you're hella right Petie. So yeah after that I forever gave up on watching Naruto dubbed, it's just not music to my ears. I'll stick to the subbed. Anyway I didn't get to see the premier of Eureka 7 but I'll try and look where ever I can. Yo cause Johnny Yong Bosch and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn are in it..their like my favorite voice actors. I found out that Mary Elizabeth was at Otakon in 2005. And she is the voice of Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost In The Shell: SAC..and I didn't go..THAT IS THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO ME!! That sucks balls..alot. But then again I believe Kate Higgins will be around this August. Doesn't hurt. But anyway speaking of GITS I saw it on Saturday..the action has begun!! I want to see what happens, will Kuze kick Batou's ass?! I can't wait. Then Sunday came and it was a lazy one, pretty much chatted with Red the whole time. She's awesome. And today, I'll just keep it cool and do what I needed to do over break: homework. So that's it yall! Have a good monday!

    No story..sorry If I get time I'll post it up.

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    Saturday, April 15, 2006

    Okay, the new layout is up, hope you like it and for those who are liking it, thanks. Anyway yesterday was awesome, probably the best day of my spring break. I went to Baltimore with the popz and we went and actually it wasnt for immigrant documents but my dad was becoming a U.S. citizen, No he's been here for 23 years. So anyway we parked up and went to this coffee story to buy us some breakfast. I did get to see the Baltimore Convention Center..which is where Otakon will take place, I can't wait. I still need to book some rooms.. So we got our coffee and muffins and walked around. That place is pretty! Many tall buildings..and all I started at was BCC haha, but anyway. We walked to the building but before sat down and stuffed ourselves, while watching guys cleaning the buildings windows. It was fun. So then we headed inside into the waiting room. It was kinda full but it was entertaining.

    There was this man who had his news papers on the seat next to him. On the other side was this old man who was..somewhat bored. He got up and walked over and got a bit of the newspaper..without knowing that it belonged to the man. It was so cute and the old mans daughter told him that it was that mans..she was giggling, I was too. It was cute and then were was this dude who from leaning on his chair too much, fell. That was hilarous. So then around 11 everyone went into this room and they got their certificate and things..it was cool. Then after I, Griz and her boyfriend Ricardo and my dad went to this mexican resturant. While I had my PSP, my dad took it and watched Transporter 2 and well I couldn't help it. He didn't even pay much attention when our waiter asked us if we were ready. I basically was his mother, hitting him so he can pay attention. We ate and just talked it was mostly me, Griz and Ricardo cause my dad was eating and watching the movie. I told Griz what had happened and told her about Otakon at BCC, she was interested in going..I thought she was lying but she did seem interested. That made me happy.. After that we went home and then went out again for the hair salon. We arrived and just told her what I wanted. I did want the layers to be long but..they weren't.

    She cut it like not even past my shoulders..I didn't like that. But the layers are awesome, I like it over all. Then after that while Griz and Ricardo left for the mall, me and Grecia went home. Then after that, my father picked me, Grecia and Daniel to go to church. On the way we picked up a guy who I think is gay, but he's a cutie. So after that, we picked up our cousin and Griz plus Ricardo. I guess you can say that the van was packed. Then we got there, did our thing and left. While dropping off people me Grecia, Griz and Ricardo were home. Dad and Daniel were going to this..after church thing. My grandma was sleeping and Grecia got ready, my mom wasnt home so I took the laptop to her room and chatted. It was a..pretty busy night. Today, I'll be cleaning the room, washing brothers car and be getting greens. Going to see Scary Movie 4 too. I'll try my best to visit you all and for Chibi-san, welcome back dear.

    Alrighty then, Part Eight is up but short, need to type more! Now with a few more facts

  • Listen to iPod every night as a sleeping pill
  • When drunk (two times, swear!) I get very funny and make corny jokes.
  • Read fan fictions of all..ALL! *grins*

    And I believe that I have some pictures to show you..

    So..you like? XD



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    Friday, April 14, 2006

    Oh boy..I had little sleep last night because of the heat. The weather is so beautiful but its hot and we still aren't going to use the air thing. But I'll live..I hope I won't get fried now.. Anyway I wanted to see Samurai Champloo late at night since I wasn't even sleeping but the parent's room is across from mine..sad isnt it. I did get to see episodes 1-19 this week, I'm on a roll and I'm attached. I love these series, Sahki-san, you were right about it ^_~ By the way..I haven't seen her around..

    Well today, for the morning I'll be heading to Baltimore and do some buisness with my dad about his immigrantion papers..think he's gonna get documents, donno. Last night was watching the Discovery channel and thats one heck of a channel. Tells you about what might happen, space, weather. I'll be watching it more now.. After this I'll be going to the hair salon and get my hair cut ^___^ Layers though so, pictures later! Anyway gotta run, I'll try to visit later. Have a good friday!

    I'll do this until I'm out of ideas..

    Three Facts 'bout Me

  • Still sleep with a stuffed animal: Barney
  • Hate waiting on a red light
  • Don't have table manners, the elbows are on the table!



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