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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

floppy puppie
i was bord and colored it in, my frined drwe it and well i just colored it ooo aww *shruges ok bye bye

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

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im like as excited as a little kid at chrismess, ok well next year will be my turn with a toller. ohk so im off to bed, tc everyone

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ello.. i think... *blinks*
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ok so school is driving me
nuts and id boring but at
times better then being at
home and i sort of wish i
was at bording school that
why i could not get destrated from school work and mighthave better grades, im working so
hard in one class that im
getting an F... im notgetin
the point of tryin if i am failing any ways... *sigh*
but at leat i a have one
class that i like, Creative writing... lost a fun...
heres something i wrote for it the other day....

Fear or Bliss

I have to remember to breath and keep my eyes open. I have to be looking planning or we both are going to get hurt. I donít think this jump is 3Ē. I believe itís grown, since I walked the course. Am I scared my hearts in my throat. No this is not fear this is me with winds, focused and happy to be able to move with the wind in my face and my mare under me. Both of us as one, thinking and acting as one, if I fall or slow she falls and slows. My skin molding in to hers and hers in to mine, the feeling of her muses bunching and letting go with ever stride. The push with her hind legs and tuck up of the front as our wings extend us over the jump and fold up as we hit the earth with a thundering sound. Just got keep breathing, looking and planning, donít forget to let the smile slip. This will end all to fast. I can see the finish flags. now this is bliss.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Foal Lost...
Willam died to day from so
far unknow causes, hed be
the little foal in the pics below, i have come to the conclushion that i am not to every think of a foal as something i will have,
everytime i get excited of
a foal it ends up dead, 2005
my gramps Tb mare had a miss carage...

i give by blessings and hopes to willams owner and that her kids in some light fnde something to be happy about in weeks to come,

Willam: Nove 23, 2006-Jan 26, 2007

May the goddies of the wind hear my calls and give thee Laved wings to drift and fly apone in happer fields of green,

may the stars call to you so that you may not be lost, and that you may have a home of the other plain

may the goddies of wind keep you safe till your next turn in the wheel,

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

i call him Brat boy because thats what he is but hes sooo Dam cute too lol.. Love of my life right here eveyrone.... Lol and i will get pic of the older Boys Rams up.... sadly no jumping with him but loving the work out and mind games he gives, hes my 17'2 Tb gelding, .. hmmm Dark Bay xtrack horse *crys* will have pics of him as soon as possable .......... DEAL with it.. LOL

Born: Nov,23,06
in pic is eather few hours old or 1 day at most... i dont rembers X_X

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Poems and stuffs and omg i dont know
they are a note to say im still here and stil lwriting and im still hoping you all enjoy them, for they both have different meaning to the time in my life and i find them a little misty, they are just notes to the fact that i can write and still make my slef smile after the poem is done even if they are of death , love, plots, or madness, they are like a paintitng in my eyes, so yeah any wyas i will shut up and here are the 2 newst ones enjoy *waves* oh yeah Hope all is grnd with the ppls of the world and if not try to smile theres got to be soemthing out there worth smiling about ^_^ ok bye bye *waves and then poofs*

Name: I can Still See You...

I can shut my eyes and all most see it all
The soft touch of your shinning coat
The glow in your eyes as I played games of tag and chase with you
You and me one once again

But I open to tears
Falling rolling down
In to the cold rain
Safely hidden away

Come my love,
My pride
My life
Be mine once again
And them taking you be a dram

I want you
To the point of it madding
And here I sit crying to my self
Alone in the dark

But when I close my eyes
I can all most see you with me once again
But I open to more tears and a sorrow deeper


Name: Snow Lilly

Little snow Lilly
I watch you sitting on the pond of dreams
You purple and blues
With little frostings

Do you know how your beauty draws me?
The sight of your soft pelts

In the world of men
You are death
Something to be afraid of

In the cool night
I know you come to life
I see you dancing in the stars lights

Come to me and brink me sleep and rest
For pain so much
I canít take it more
And I ask
Snow Lilly
Please bring me to a resting sleep

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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Testriffic IQ test

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

random little rant ....maybe
i hate being tierd and not being able to sleep, i hate how you ask ppl to leave you alone so you can like for get them or a paine the caused but not they just keep comin back every chanse they get.


i love how im messin upp on typin right now, i love how my mum wanted to kill my on xmis, because i got a mp3 player and looked at her and asked why not Socks and or Pjs, lol like on of them master card cumarshals things, ^_^ i love how cats sometimes act on cat nip and how the kitten is scared of the tree.

lol ok there my likes and hates for the holiday season LOL

Hope All are happy and helthy and are enjoying them selfs this winnter season, if not come on now get with the program or just join my odd little missfit club members are all ways welcom lol, ok have a great one and Smile once a day because theres all ways somehting funny happin even if you dont see it. *waves and poofs*

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

the 15th .. my 17th b day
my b day was on the 15th ^_^, oddly i had fun.. when t to school and then had cake.. icecreamcake and played vido games with my brther and friends of the famliy for like 5 hours. got new socks, a Sweeet new hoodie new shirt and a cool long sleaves shirt .. all of the stuff is wolf / dog stuff its really cool amd my brother gave me a book and god a lot of cool cards from ppl too so all in all it was a good day to be 17 lol, hope all is gooin well wiht oyu ppls tc
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Saturday, December 9, 2006

card and just sayin Hi
hope all is well with everyone heres a Card for holidays.. if u loo klose enough there are Hell Cows in the pic/card they are from D2 the computer game.. i was bord and too ka screen shot.. well hope you enjoy. bye bye

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