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Thursday, December 28, 2006

random little rant ....maybe
i hate being tierd and not being able to sleep, i hate how you ask ppl to leave you alone so you can like for get them or a paine the caused but not they just keep comin back every chanse they get.


i love how im messin upp on typin right now, i love how my mum wanted to kill my on xmis, because i got a mp3 player and looked at her and asked why not Socks and or Pjs, lol like on of them master card cumarshals things, ^_^ i love how cats sometimes act on cat nip and how the kitten is scared of the tree.

lol ok there my likes and hates for the holiday season LOL

Hope All are happy and helthy and are enjoying them selfs this winnter season, if not come on now get with the program or just join my odd little missfit club members are all ways welcom lol, ok have a great one and Smile once a day because theres all ways somehting funny happin even if you dont see it. *waves and poofs*

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