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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ello.. i think... *blinks*
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ok so school is driving me
nuts and id boring but at
times better then being at
home and i sort of wish i
was at bording school that
why i could not get destrated from school work and mighthave better grades, im working so
hard in one class that im
getting an F... im notgetin
the point of tryin if i am failing any ways... *sigh*
but at leat i a have one
class that i like, Creative writing... lost a fun...
heres something i wrote for it the other day....

Fear or Bliss

I have to remember to breath and keep my eyes open. I have to be looking planning or we both are going to get hurt. I donít think this jump is 3Ē. I believe itís grown, since I walked the course. Am I scared my hearts in my throat. No this is not fear this is me with winds, focused and happy to be able to move with the wind in my face and my mare under me. Both of us as one, thinking and acting as one, if I fall or slow she falls and slows. My skin molding in to hers and hers in to mine, the feeling of her muses bunching and letting go with ever stride. The push with her hind legs and tuck up of the front as our wings extend us over the jump and fold up as we hit the earth with a thundering sound. Just got keep breathing, looking and planning, donít forget to let the smile slip. This will end all to fast. I can see the finish flags. now this is bliss.

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