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Friday, July 7, 2006

Happy late 4th of July
hey guys sorry i was not on on the 4th to wish you a happy... sigh so yeah so happy late 4TH of July, hope your all having agood ones and happy stuff, im was cool i was with my gramps and her girl friend at the barn where she keep her LOVELY LOOKING 3 year old ^_^, got to be the first to canter him and to walk him over very small cross rail ^^, and i have come to the conclushon that i like working with young horses and that riding with out some one making you ride is enjoyable , i had a blast and made a friend and sadly her names not coming to be sigh... wel yeah so i hade a great week end and cooling off from what was happing at homes, hope every one is doing great i will get som epic up soon ohk bye bye *skips out hmmming random thing*
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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

about to give up .... & poem...
Hey guys, i hthink i have about taken all i can take, my minde hurts and every time i heres the word or name STAR, i want to yell screma and then i seem to just cry.. my best friend in the world has finoly been taking from me and im bord out of my mind, like this horse has had me push over the deprshns i have yearly and shit, and now because my gram dont trus me or something shes selling star and its eating me because it was like my horse and one of the only resosn i had to get out of the hospital, *sighs* but for some reson because i dont have money i cant have her and its not fair, and the person whos taking her from me.. oooh how i want to hurt them because i see them now as back stabing ppl, who gose and steel some ones bestfrind with money and its like a 40 year old lady for crying out loud, ITS STUPID, so i guess you all get to deall with me and my mental brakes i having, *sisghs* i will post last pics i have of star up for the very last time because i want to show you all MY Fallon Star, because shes my hero and best friend and well i love her so much that i hate her yeha so heres a poem for you all *shrugs* like it hate ... ok have good ones i got to go whipe me eyes cuz i cant stop crying.... i hate crying too.. *shrugs , drops poem to yous and walks out*

oh the pics the first winnter i had her because its the best one i have...

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oh poems called : The Madder I Get Sitting Here

Sitting here I go madder and madder
Wanting to bleed dry
Because this pain is eating at me
Every time I look at the people that new you and me

I want to kill the world
I want to hold you as mine
I want you to be all mine
Because you make me breath

With out you here
I going mad
Time passes me by
Where I wan to just kill me self

I want you to go away faster
Because Iím slowly snapping
Why could you not be mine?
Is it something I did?

I want to keep you here
I want to come home and see you

I want to scream
So sick of crying
I shake with madness
Because I could not keep you as mine

I want to walk away with it out hurt and pain
But it eats me
So all I have is time till I brake
And Iím waiting for you

Praying your still mine
I want to close my eyes
Because youíre my best friend

I would bleed dry
Just to keep you as mine
I would kill any one
To keep it you and me

Sitting here waiting for time to take me away
Nothing will ever happen
Because something went wrong

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Escapeing Tears

Sitting under this old tree
My tears seem to escape me
I am trying so hard to be strong for you
But Iím slipping more and more

I tell myself that I hate you
Because Iím losing you

I cry in the shadows
Tears hidden behind my hat
I will be strong
I love you

More then the world will ever know
I will all ways remember you
All ways there
Deep in my heart

You give me wings
No other could do what you have
And I donít want to let go so
I say I hate you
Because I love you

So much that it hurts
That it eats me alive

I walk alone again
Lost and confused
With out you there by me

Sitting under this old tree
My tears seem to escape me

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

umm 7 wallpapers 4 of them liek the same with little differences because i could not make my mind up which one iliked better, so yeah, hope you like them yeah ok off to bed its liek hmm 12:46 am and im geting tierds *toss little partie* hmm poems will be posted later to day i have like 2 that i some what like so yeah ok nigh tnight alls or umm moringnight nightmoreing you can pick lol ok bye bye *shifts in to wolf and padds off*

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Friday, June 23, 2006

New toy ^^
Hi ppls... ok som i am barrowing my friends drawing pad thing and im haveing so muhch fun with it. and because i have had Star Sold on me i took her pics from the barn and drew her head and sholder.... Yeah so here it is with out color .. im still working on colorign it in back psp is being Gay and i keep hmm .. coloring out of lines hmm Lol ^_^ like scribling on the wall. ohk so yeah heres my some what master pice. hopes you ppls like it yeah when i got it finished i might put it fan art as soemthing.. *shrugs* ohk hope Every thing is good with you and i will be woring on a few greetigns and a wallpaper or two. have to fined a topic or anime to do, ok be for i go one any more heres the pic and im off to work o nother stuffs .. *walks out with ear phones in*

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

what should i do
what should i do?? hmmm greetings... wallpapers... or randome pics ... poem??? hmmm i dotn know what do you all think? i know im going to get some pics of the buddy dog as soon as i have some good ones. but i need some other idears and do we think i need to change the color scheem hmmm, yeha so hope alls good with you guys and your having a good summer or winter depening where you are. ok i see you all around laters
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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dog Show today
ok so i have been up sine umm 5 this moring getign ready for the show, a friend i made at my handling class called and asked if i could put her Toller dog in the ing nd i said yes because shehad a pup with temp of 105... so i did that and this is my 2 time ever seeing the dog and i got a first ^_^, then i have t go home and swich with Darcey and i got a first with her. Also i had one of the top springer breeders walk up to me and talk to me and @_@ then i have one of the Top Groomers in the contury come up to me and comement on how good of a gromming job i did.. and the Tollers mum got called on how well i did showing her and now i have 2 first place ribbones, still in shock and a gole along with 20$. so yeah to day was a god day from me...

hope every thing is going good for you all, ^_^

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

yeah ....
ohk so i been with out sleep for 24 hours and stil lcant sleep, i have cleaned thehouse and watched tv, played on the computer and other stuff, ok its like 8:41 am and no ones a wake so i stole my brothers prize plastic poler bear and stuck him o nmy mums 22 year old Vw rabbit convirtible... heres pics of the bear... on the car.. yeah i have to much ime on my hands right now... hehe dont you just love the poler bear in june ?? hehehe ok off to be odder if thats possable have good ones

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i was bord and playing around on psp.. yeah hope all is good with every one

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Thursday, June 8, 2006

titel: Rain tears

Rain drops falling to the ground like tears
Secrets kept from you
Blue eyes showing only lies

Gardens hidden in the fog
Where the child of sun sleeps

In the garden with wild flowers of all kinds
Their scents filling the air of the night
With the crying child

Tears from the clouds above stain the earth cheek
Living in the night of a world
Lost all alone in the garden of secrets

When you cry for help the only things that here you
Can only sing you to sleep
Like a swift river

They will come ones the find out
That you are the child of rain
As the raindrops fall

Come little secret child
Let you tears from the heavens fall
Bring life to thee flowers
Of the garden that has kept you hidden

Rain drops falling like the tears to the ground
With the secret of you
And your garden

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