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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Poems and stuffs and omg i dont know
they are a note to say im still here and stil lwriting and im still hoping you all enjoy them, for they both have different meaning to the time in my life and i find them a little misty, they are just notes to the fact that i can write and still make my slef smile after the poem is done even if they are of death , love, plots, or madness, they are like a paintitng in my eyes, so yeah any wyas i will shut up and here are the 2 newst ones enjoy *waves* oh yeah Hope all is grnd with the ppls of the world and if not try to smile theres got to be soemthing out there worth smiling about ^_^ ok bye bye *waves and then poofs*

Name: I can Still See You...

I can shut my eyes and all most see it all
The soft touch of your shinning coat
The glow in your eyes as I played games of tag and chase with you
You and me one once again

But I open to tears
Falling rolling down
In to the cold rain
Safely hidden away

Come my love,
My pride
My life
Be mine once again
And them taking you be a dram

I want you
To the point of it madding
And here I sit crying to my self
Alone in the dark

But when I close my eyes
I can all most see you with me once again
But I open to more tears and a sorrow deeper


Name: Snow Lilly

Little snow Lilly
I watch you sitting on the pond of dreams
You purple and blues
With little frostings

Do you know how your beauty draws me?
The sight of your soft pelts

In the world of men
You are death
Something to be afraid of

In the cool night
I know you come to life
I see you dancing in the stars lights

Come to me and brink me sleep and rest
For pain so much
I canít take it more
And I ask
Snow Lilly
Please bring me to a resting sleep

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