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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ohk so i think the problem is im trying to write feelings out but im not really letting them out...its like a really messy playdoe... i do like this one better tho...:

I sit here looking in to the calm waters
With the tears running down my face
I can’t seem to stop
So here’s

I want to scream I hate you all
You’re the way I am
You’re the reason I need my mare
The reason I need my dogs
The reasons I’m still fighting agents you

Shake your heads
I know you do
I know you feel some pity
It’s there in your eyes
But that’s ohk because ill prove you wrong

I swing from this rope
Trapped with nothing to do but let go
And I fight the winds and the voices that say give up
I fight to show them that they are wrong

I just need my mare
I just need my dogs
To know it’s all ohk
Because I know they don’t care
As long as I’m there

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Not likeing the stuff thats poping...more leakin out of my brain..... but oh well:

I dance in the morning light
I dance in the night light
I dance the dance of souls

Run and see the world as the new light washes over it
Slip silently through the forest and see the night life
Shut your eyes and listen to the voices of long ago

Dance with me in the night
As the monsters of night mares come out
Pray to the gods that they leave you be
For they live and feed in the night shadows
Like the people of the light
There’s a people of the night

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I was reading my newst book at the table and i cant seem to read when im not leaning on handed on my leg and flipping the pages with the other hand, hmm... i can sit on the side of the tub and read all day... but cant seem to do it laying down or sitting stight up.. its weird...one of them weird things u notice when ur really really bord
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There are times that life makes me want to scream and cry becuase it never gose the way i need or want it to, There seems to always be this big hick up in the road... The things im doing in 10... 1. Finnish my BC, 2. Get Hips and other tests done on my BC, 3.Breed my mare, 4. Finnish School. 5. Work somehting out so i can see my b/f a little more, 6. Get to the point i can stand on my own 2 feet, 7. Show my mare in a few jumpper shows, 8. Show with Julie Lacey-Black again.....
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Poem
Walking in to the light

I see it all so clearly…
My dress is crimson red, the buttons are a stunning gold

I can feel it…
The sway of the silk around me, as I twirl around and around

I can hear all so clearly…
There is a song playing with a waltzing tune,

I can almost touch it…
The laughter is like a bubbling function of the purest of wines

I wish you could see this place…
I’m dancing with my crimson dress in the silver moonlight

I see that you could be here with me…
I can see it all so clearly… Like a dream
I can feel it…Like your warm hand
I can hear it all so clearly… like the worlds you first spoke to me
I can almost touch… Like when we kiss
When I’m with you…But I’m never fully there, for I’m drifting in this place. . .

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Monday, December 15, 2008

WOW who new...... or knew..... -,,-
I have turned 19 year old today, and this has been the worst morning that I have ever had and its only 4:37. I have less than 40 dollars in my bank account. Which means I don’t have the 700 I need for board for my mare, or the 60 I need to enter my bitch in the shows that are in January, the closing date is 12/24/08 the last entry before the New Year. And with all this being said I have no money for charismas presents. And the end result is that I shouldn’t have gone to Missouri for thanksgiving, because I didn’t have the money and there is no way to gain that back. The new tiers on my car also make me want to scream because that was another 500 I did not have, but I need the new tiers because the weather on the east coast is horrible at this time in the year and baled tiers don’t work well in ice and snow. My clients are not showing and I can’t handle a “real” job when I’m in school. This sucks because I’m here worrying about money and what I have to pay instead of school, and I know that there is no one to help me out because this economy sucks and no one has money. This is what has had me awake since 2:45, the clock has haunted me because the money that I spent on my birthday to me movie is that amount 24.50. I hope other people are having a better time, because I’m over tiered and want to cry.

“Life Will Not Stop Me from Death, Because There Is Nothing to Hold On To Any more...For Angles wings are made of Ashes and Dreams”

"Laugh even when there is nothing funny happening around you, for some where there is something worth laughing about your just not seeing it."

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Good news
i got in to westminster dog show this year, and i made honer roll 0.0 , i never done that be for, and thats alll i cna think of thats good right now, hope all is good for you.
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Friday, January 11, 2008

R.I.P Papa
I had my mum come to school to day to tell me that my Papa died this moring, 1/11/08, I am just saying im sickof the death and loss i have gone through this year, and that im sick of missing people and things that are un replaceable... May all your family be in good health, blessed be

Pic: was taking the week of my Border Collie nashnales in Mo, 10/20/07

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

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Happy and Marry
happy holidays and mary new year. i hope the holidays were good to everyone and i hope the new year brings joy and good foution to all... all just saying hi and doing a quick catchup, have a good ones tc.
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