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Sunday, November 26, 2006

This weekends dog show
i had Dog show on Saterday and Sunday / 25-26, i showed Poke a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, he is 18 months old. i have put all his points on him and this weekend i have mannaged to put a tola of 8 points on..... had a very good week end so from the 7 points + 1 point from first show we have a toal of 8 out of 15 only 7 points to go till hes a champion... hope all is good with everyone eles. if not hope it gets better

this weekend we took

4 point major = Saterday 11/25/06
first in open dog
best of winners

3 point major = Sunday 11/26/06
first in open dog
best or winners
best of Oppiset sex

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiven to all
sorry to everyoone i hav enot been updating like i have in the past.. been really busie with shool and dog shows and all that stuff. my grades are all most in the B range.. just have one more to bring up. ^_^ im getting to ride again ^^. and i finnished my first Champion at the Moheagen Sun Akc challange. ^^ well hope all is well with you, and if not hope it willg get better i will try to post more and stop by others sites. see you all around, bye bye

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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

happy halloween
hope every ones halloween to be good and safe, fun and *shruges* something,

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

what would sasuke and itachi do to you? by uchihababy
Itachi or sasuke
you see itachi what does he say*goes to find kisame*
you see sasukeyour.....kinda cute
would you survive the encounteryes
how much they like you

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Trinity Blood Character Generator (for girls) with pics! by cthulhuschild
Date of Birth
favorite Trinity Blood character
You wouldbe a vampire disguised as a nun
How evil you truly are
You woud look like this

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

hey all im sorry i sort of vanished. did not mean to i just been really bussie well heres a new poem was writen after a fight me and my mum got in... sigh i hope to post more laters ok hope all is well with every one and if not that it gets better, ok laters and enjoy. *waves*

Tital: Wondering if u know

In the night
I wonder what would happen
If I ran away from this place
If I cut all my ties
Watched the bridge burn

I try
And all u see is the falling
Never really caring
Stop living like the others
Ur will never make it here if you live like this

Iím lost in the wind watching
Sick of how you treat me
Like I donít count
Like youíre so much more

As the rain falls
I pray
That you will wake up before itís to late
And see whatís happing
To the world around you

In the night
I wonder where you are
And why you cant see me shine

In the rain of the night
I send out a pray for you
So that you have some hope later

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Blue rose
hey all i was bord and was playing around with a pic of a rose and heres what i did to it, i think its pritty cool sigh cant wait for tomarrow its friday ^^ means sleep after school, *smiles* ok hope alls good with you guys, i talk to you all laters bye byes, *padds off in ot mist*

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Poem
hey hope every one is in good helth and things are going good for them. well here is my mind leting words fall out again, sorrry i not been aortund for a bit, i been working my nut off in school and im runing with an A in math that i know of so far. i find out my other grades in a few day so i let you all know... ok well here the poem hope you all like it ttl

Name: You

Lost in this world
Thinking of you ever day I look up at the sky
Wondering if youíre ok

My dreams rush in my head as I sleep
Safe in my bed of covers
Your picture by my bed
Makes me dream of you

The season change
I hear people talk and I just keep walking on
No wanting to listen to them
Because no one here knows

The way your eyes have a shine in them
The way I can see you
When my eyes are closed
When my hart stops a minuet when I see you

I feel so lost in this world
With out you there
To make me feel like some thing even with your Hi

No one here knows
How much I love you
With out having to think

Youíre in my dreams
Youíre on the winds
As I close my eyes
And whisper your

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Monday, September 4, 2006

bord and pics
ohk i was bord over the weekend so here are some new pices i have been working on 2 wolfie picss ^^ ok well hope ur week end was a good ones see you all around. byebye *waves and poofs i nto minst*

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Friday, September 1, 2006

Wall papers for all ^^
hey i was bord and have umm 3 new wall papers up, yeha no school to day and im bord to death, read a 48 chapers book i got 2 days ago and started to day im on chaper 35 *roles eyes* and sadly the libary is closed on saterdays if they still running by the summer hours, which i dont know if they are or not *sighs and drops head* i hate being bord its annoying i would rather be working in school, so yeha any ways New wallpapers are up and more will probloly be put up and maybe a poem or two when i get backi n to the writing mode, ok i moff to bed see you around bye byes, hopes all good with you peoples
*smiles and walks off in to the mist*

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