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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ohk so i think the problem is im trying to write feelings out but im not really letting them out...its like a really messy playdoe... i do like this one better tho...:

I sit here looking in to the calm waters
With the tears running down my face
I canít seem to stop
So hereís

I want to scream I hate you all
Youíre the way I am
Youíre the reason I need my mare
The reason I need my dogs
The reasons Iím still fighting agents you

Shake your heads
I know you do
I know you feel some pity
Itís there in your eyes
But thatís ohk because ill prove you wrong

I swing from this rope
Trapped with nothing to do but let go
And I fight the winds and the voices that say give up
I fight to show them that they are wrong

I just need my mare
I just need my dogs
To know itís all ohk
Because I know they donít care
As long as Iím there

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