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Monday, December 15, 2008

WOW who new...... or knew..... -,,-
I have turned 19 year old today, and this has been the worst morning that I have ever had and its only 4:37. I have less than 40 dollars in my bank account. Which means I donít have the 700 I need for board for my mare, or the 60 I need to enter my bitch in the shows that are in January, the closing date is 12/24/08 the last entry before the New Year. And with all this being said I have no money for charismas presents. And the end result is that I shouldnít have gone to Missouri for thanksgiving, because I didnít have the money and there is no way to gain that back. The new tiers on my car also make me want to scream because that was another 500 I did not have, but I need the new tiers because the weather on the east coast is horrible at this time in the year and baled tiers donít work well in ice and snow. My clients are not showing and I canít handle a ďrealĒ job when Iím in school. This sucks because Iím here worrying about money and what I have to pay instead of school, and I know that there is no one to help me out because this economy sucks and no one has money. This is what has had me awake since 2:45, the clock has haunted me because the money that I spent on my birthday to me movie is that amount 24.50. I hope other people are having a better time, because Iím over tiered and want to cry.

ďLife Will Not Stop Me from Death, Because There Is Nothing to Hold On To Any more...For Angles wings are made of Ashes and DreamsĒ

"Laugh even when there is nothing funny happening around you, for some where there is something worth laughing about your just not seeing it."

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