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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Welcome to Silver Dragon's MyOtaku

Welcome to me site! Please sign my guest book and leave a comment. Just a few rules I wish you to fallow.
1. Don't talk shit about me or me friends.
2. Don't add me as a friend and never come back, you will be deleted.
3. If there is something you don't like about what I say then pleas just don't read it.

That's all enjoy your stay


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Here I am staying out of it not talking bout it not starting shit with it or about it. but I was dragged into it, Iím not saying I wouldnít have stepped into it because I would have, I just would have kept more distance between me and it, but nope I was pulled head first into it over the most stupid shit.

And u know all this time I stayed away didnít go and look into ur life. I listened to what others said first then gave my piece but never before. so all in all even if I was on the out side, witch Iím not, thanks to the shit u decided to pull. I would never say that I regret hating u. I said this right after it was all said, *leave me the fuck alone, donít talk to me about me or around me, and we'll be good* I call no truce because Iím not giving in. u fucking fucked that up when u pulled and said all that shit. I was ok in the start. If u could have just walked away like an adult like we did every thing would have been good. But no u didnít u acted like a little kid and went around doing stupid shit like always

***so again I say, just stop talking to me stop saying all kinds of shit to get attention and to make it out like I'm trying to fuck Ur life up. I havenít talked to u in months so I donít see where the hell all this shit about my wanting to do shit to u came from, but come now grow up!***

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