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Sunday, October 14, 2007

   ah jeez...yesterday was fun


At Scary Acres, I got put in the graveyard because we were reaally short on people because of homecoming. So, yeah...now that may be my permanent spot! The place I am in there is sooooo easy! Well...sept for the screaming part...because I half way lost my voice. XD but yeah...I hide by the wall and my dress blends in with the wall curtain thingys...then I pop out and sscream! yay! XD

Well, at on point in the night, we had a freakeshly long line! We closed 2 of the attractions because they were too muddy, so, only the two houses were open. So, we did a freeflow in the castle. That means...there was one big line of people going thru the castle. o.0 that...was hard...but I guess, if we can pull that off, we can do anything! XD

I started singing "I have a lovely bunch of coconuts"and this guy AJ, who I was working with was like..."What are you doing?" so I told him, "I'm singing...go away!" yeah...and he made this girl fall down by just saying boo! It was hilarious!

And I made a girl fall down twice before she left my area. I love the graveyard! XD I didn't think I was ever going to say that but...oh well. :P

Then my fwend came thru! and I flipped her off without knowing there was another group behind her. XD

So, anyway...I got my wig for my cosplay!! yay! I had the hardest time getting it to fit! my heads too big or something... but, I sat theer for a long while and I got it on right. So, yay... Sept, the only bad thing is, theres a couple parts where the hair is parted that, there is none so, you can see some of the elastic from the cap and my hair. So...I have to figure out how to fix that, or mask it somehow... But atleast I'm almost all set now! :3

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Monday, October 8, 2007

my back hurts....


I've been slumping all day so, my back hurts. I'm just waaay too tired to keep my head up!

So, my mom bought me the wig for my cosplay the other day. I think it was like...thursday or something like that. So, it should be here in the next two weeks! yay! This means I'm almost completly done for my costume. I just need to make my gloves and fix my shoe...

I sooo need to bring my video camera to scary acres. Last night was hilarious! We found a maniquine head...thing...and this one guy Cooper, was putting it thru the fence and was like, "Look at the sassy face!" in a nepolion dynamite voice to the groups. XD And he was like, throwing it and kicking it. And then...Collin blacked out. Like...he said one minute, he was standing up, then something hit him and then he woke up on the ground. Not that thats really funny but boy, we could not stop laughing! We couldn't figure out what hit him.

I have to retake a chemistry test tomorrow after school. I got a 59% on the test last week. Eek! Not good... So, I have to finish the 4 page review packet tonight and do a entire book report with a poster...all for tomorrow. gah! I'm going to be up forever tonight! :P

Then this thursday I'm going in for a extra credit session for my chemistry class because, I have a feeling that even with this test retake, I'm gunna have a bad grade for the end of the quarter. :/


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Thursday, October 4, 2007

   happy happy happy...


So, for my gym class, we didn't have to dress out for this weeks classes and we still don't next week! So, no running! yay! We're working on out mid-quarter project things. I did mine on asthma because I didn't know what else to do. haha. But I'm done now. weeee...

When I get home from school, my mom is going to order my wig for my cosplay! yay!

Last night at Scary Acres, I got to be in the forest. It was kinda weird but, fun i guess. Like, I got there and one of the managers were like, "Do you want to work in the forest tonight Erin?" so...I did. And I got to be a werewolf! XD I had a huge ol' mask on and everything! haha! I don't think I did very well, even though the managers told me I did. I liked being out there though. It was nice for a change. Even though my legs hurt so bad when I got home because I'm not used to standing all night! XD

But yeah...I don't know what I'm doing tonight. They said they might put me in the forest again so, that'd be cool. Even though, again, I kinda suck at what I'm supposed to do there. XD

Yeah...so...thats it...I guess...bye byes!

oh...by the way, did anyone notice the little cat up in the left hand corner of my page...thingy? it's pretty awsome...! XD

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

   Bum bum bum...


I felt I should update so...I am.

I went to Hobby Lobby last night to go get some construction paper for my chemistry project. I seriously need to work on that because, it's due friday and I haven't even started on it. Oh noes...

Anyway, so, at Hobby Lobby, my mom and me were just looking at a bunch of different stuff. And I was going through the fabric and everything and, I thought it would be really cool if I were to make my cosplay costumes instead of buying them. So, I got to thinking about it. So when I get a job, and a steady pay check, (haha...) I might look into getting myself a sewing machine and try to make an easier costume that I have planned. That should be mighty interesting considering...I haven't sewn with a machine since like...7th grade. XD

Soooo...yeah...That was my update...it was very exciting...wasn't it??

Now heres some actually exciting news. (Well, for me, anyways...)

Days till my 16th Birthday: 40
Days till Nebraskon: 44

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Friday, September 28, 2007

   Grades...and more stuff.


I can check my grades on this infinite campus thing and, I just checked them. I don't think they're too bad...

Geometry - 95.08% (A)
Spanish 3 - 76.94% (C)
Honors English 10 - 85.96% (B)
Chemistry - 87.05% (B)
Orchestra - 93.09% (A)
Cross Training 1 (Gym) - 89.58% (B)
World Geography - 93.33% (A)
Foundations to visual Graphics - 100% (A)

So, the spanish looks bad but, she makes us correct our homework till we get it 100% right and I have about 5 I need to do so they arn't in the grade book yet. And the onl reason I don't have an A in gym is because I forgot to bring my gym cloths one day. XD

There is quite a bit of stuff I need to do. School, cosplay, art...everything! I need to...

-Start on a project for Chemistry (Due Oct. 5th)

-Start on a book report project in English (Due Oct. 10th-ish)

-Buy my wig for my cosplay (Before Oct. 5th for shipping and everything)

-Make the gloves for my cosplay (Need to make them before Nov. 16th)

-Fix one of my shoes because I ripped part of the sole off on accident (Before Nov. 16th)

-And work on some request thingys from here and sheezyart.

So...maybes it's not that much but hey...whatever! XD

I still have an hour left of class....noooooo...

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

   Ahhh...I need to find a partner for this project...


We supposedly need a partner for this project we're doing for my graphics class. I don't feel like asking around so I'm just waiting till the teacher assigns me someone. Hopefully it's someone that really knows what they are doing. XD I'm kinda behind in this class, imagine that! Haha, anyway, all I really have to do is go take some pictures and mess with them then turn them in. I'm supposed to have 300 points in by October 16th or so. Right now I only have 150. XD so, this 100 point project will get me up to 250 so, I shouldn't have to do that much. yay...

Today in gym I was getting all confused! Everone was talking to me about scary acres and stuff. At one point I was like, "Umm, can you guys not all talk at once?" XD I had fun talking to them though. It was kinda funny because they're faces got all surprised when I said I'd been working there since I was 11. It's fun to tell people that...

...soooo...I have some baked Lays potato chips for lunch today... I hate how the school one has diet pop and those crappy baked chips. I want cheetos soo bad but...they taste disgusting baked!!! ahhhhh....

I've had absolutly nothin exciting about to talk about this past week. :/ sorry about that...Hopefully I'll remember my camera this weekend to take to scary acres so I can show you guys some pictures.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

   Typing with fake nails = not fun!


Yeah, today after school I went with my friend to go get our nails done for homecoming. Haha...That sounds weird coming from me but, oh well I guess!

My fingers kinda hurt now. :/ I've never had fake nails before and it's difficult to type. XD And it sucks because I have orchestra first period tomorrow. oh noes....!

But yeah...my friend also bought me some cloths since I have no nice tops and what not. That took a while because I'm totally picky when it comes to dress cloths because, seriously, not a lot of things look good on me. It's true Terra so...just believe it, damn it! We finally found something but, whatever Terra deicides to wear, I'm gunna feel kinda under dressed compared to her. Oh well, I guess. :/

...I still need to get shoes... XD

So, I'm going to go take a shower...go to bed...and yeah...everyone have a nice day tomorrow and everything!

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Monday, September 24, 2007



I'm here in my graphics class again...We just go a new assignment today but, the pre-draft thing isn't due till october 5th. So, I'm not gunna start yet. And, we need to pick a partner to do the project with. oh noes...I'll just wait till my teacher assigns me someone. I don't really know anyone a whole lot in this class!

So, last night at Scary Acres, was media night. They wanted me there at 2:30 in the afternoon to get "special" makeup done. So, I got there, hung around for a bit because my makeup is generally really easy. Then, I got my costume on and my latex cut thingys done on my face. Then I went and picked up trash and swept and oh...my god...it was soooo hot outside! Like, almost 90 degrees! It was crazy. So, by the time I got done with my chore thingys, I was sweating most of my latex off. Scott, one of the make up artists, was pissed at me but, oh well.

I had a pretty difficult night before we opened. But of course, I'm just over reacting and accusing people of stuff they didn't do. ...Anyway, after we opened, I was okay. I switched back to spitting up the pear apple sauce. And yeah, if you dunno what I'm talking about, I work in the exorcist room at a haunted house! The apple sauce tastes waaaayyy better then the baby oatmeal that I had saturday. D:

But the last couple nights, I've been working with these two girls that are best friends. They both are super nice! I think their names are Megan and Kristen. Kristen worked by me Saturday night, and Megan worked by me last night. Kristen talks more though. haha! I know a lot of people there don't like Kristen though. Just because this guy, Chach, gave her jobs that were going to be assigned to different people (like painting and stuff) and hangs around her a lot more. But seriously...he's 20 years old and single...He's gunna want to try something, yeah? haha.

Both of them are majorly surprised that I'm 15 and this is my 5th year at Scary Acres. It was fun to watch their faces. XD

Hmm...so, yeah...I still have an hour left of class! noooooo...

I have to talk to my friend about this whole homecoming thing saturday. ...yes terra...that means you...! I still need a shirt. ... XD I have no nice shirts! and I need to have my mom take me to payless for shoes for that and my orchestra outfit....gahhh...confusing I tell you!

Have a nice day everyone! :3

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

   Sweee....so tired....


Scary Acres was...fun last night, I guess. Other then the fact that I was spitting up baby oatmeal all night. I don't know how people feed their kids that! It's totally disgusting! No wonder babies throw it back up. I kinda quit spitting it up though after break because I just couldn't do it anymore. D:

So, I have to go back out there today around 2:30 because it's like...media night or something. Like, I guess theres going to be tv stations and everything out there! So, I have to get there early to get my makeup done well and stuff.

I got to drive a golf cart for the first time last night... haha! I've never been able to drive one of those there. But they were all like, "Erin! Take Diane's golf cart up to the ticket booth!" so...I did. And then had to walk allllll the way back to the prop room. gah...that was annoying because the slippers I had on were very thin and I had to walk on rocks.

My mom took a couple pictures of me last night but, they arn't really good because I smeared most of the makeup and stuff. And I look totally ticked off because my brother said he was comming thru but never did. ...I was going to like...jump on him or something.

So yeah...I should go take a shower...and stuff. I'll try to remember to bring my camera tonight so I can take pictures of everyone.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

   I am sooo excited!


Scary Acres opens tonight! I can't wait till school gets out and I can go down there!

Well, actually...I'll probably have to paint some more because we didn't totally finish painting the front fence. They wanted, "The Ultimate haunted Attraction" painted on it. Well, we only got the half of it done. We still have to outline the letters in black. And painted Guest Entrance by the entrance. D: ahhh...and the heck of it is, is that I got there around 6 and I didn't go home till about 10, 10:30. It took sooo long. :(

But, I have an excuse if they want me to go paint! I have to do my homework for tomorrow first! Haha! ...i win...

My foot still hurts from falling down the stairs the other day. -_- I have an ace bandage on it right now. It's gunna hurt bad tonight I can tell, cuz I have to kneel on the bed and stuff for my spot. Ahhhh...oh well. I'll bring some advil or something. XD

I'm going to bring my camera tonight. I don't think I'll get a lot of picture though. Oh well. Eventually, for the end of the season party, I'm going to put together a slide show of the pictures I take of everyone and let it play throughout the party. I have to run it past the managers first though because they're all like, "YOU CAN'T TAKE PICTURES!!! NAHHHHH!!!"

...so yeah...pictures maybe, tomorrow or this weekend. yay...

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