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Tuesday, September 18, 2007



I didn't log myself out of this computer last week here in my graphics class. XD hah...oopsie-daisy...

Hmm...so...really, nothing much has gone on. I hung out with Terra last night and stuff. That was fun! And every time we got we were craking jokes on crap that has happened resently. yeah...it was nice to laugh a bit!

Today an gym, we were outside and then it started raining so we had to like...run inside. I just kinda walked because I didn't want to run anymore. XD I was too tired.

Sooooo...I have to talk to my mom about going to the store and getting stuff for Scary Acres and getting me shoes for my orchestra outfit. Because they keep freaking changing it every year so I can't wear the shoes that I had from last year because they have no backs. Nehhhh...I hate how things change and you have to spend more money on the new things!

And yes...my brother is freakin' psycotic! He needs like...chill pills or something. XD

Hmm...I guess, thats it. Nothing at all exciting happened today. :P

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Monday, September 17, 2007



Today, school went kinda fast. It wasn't very exciting. Just same old boring crap. haha!

My mom went to the doctor's office a while ago. Shes been sick for a while now. I think the reason that she hasn't gone till now is because we really don't have money for doctor visits and more medication for her, if she needs any. Seriously, it sucks major to be freaking poor! haha...Hopefully my dad gets paid soon though so, we can pay for those bills.

After my mom gets home though, if she feels up to it, we're probably going to go to the Dollar Store and find me some puke. ...Okay, so, for Scary Acres, I need to find something that I can spit up for my spot. So, we're probably going to get a couple things of different flavored green pudding and baby food and see what I like best. haha...considering, I'll have to be spit it up for the next month and a half. XD

Hmm...So, my brother totally freaked out friday night. My neighboor and my mom were drunk so, they were all messing around, and my brother and his freinds all had their air-soft guns. So, my neighboor decideds to just go up and pretend to steal my brother's gun. And my brother seriously freaked out. He started punching her and kicking her and like, slamming the gun into her head. He even hit my mom when she came over. So, I went over there, grabbed him by the back of the neck and pushed him off her. He decided to like, totally punch me in the chest so, I punched him back in the face. Then he threw his hat at my head so, I had like little red dots around my eye for the next two days. So, I kept hitting him till he decied to walk away because by then, I was pissed.

Eventually, I got totally fed up with his attitude after my mom tried to talk to him and he kept walking away and cussing at her. So, I told him, "you know, grow the fuck up. You do not hit an adult. It doesn't matter if they act childish to you or not. You don't fucking hit an adult. And you don't walk away from your mother and call her a bitch." and yada yada...I was pretty pissed at him.

And then later that night her decided everything was all hunkey-dory and acted like nothing happened. ...so yeah...

I felt a little better because I took my mom and neighboor to McDonalds, meaning I got to get away from my brother. Sept you know, they were both drunk so like...they would not shut up. D: It was very annoying. haha!

So...I'm going to go. Probably work on my story or something. Hope everyone has a good rest of the day!

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Friday, September 14, 2007

   It's cold again today...


Yesterday night, I went back up to Scary Acres to work for a while. I vacuumed the while prop room; It's just a trailer so, it wasn't that bad. But, I scared the crap out of my self when I was in the back vacuuming the costume room. I turned around really quick after vacuuming a corner and, there was this huge like, pig mask thingy with huge teeth and covered in fake blood. I didn't know that we had it and it scared me. Haha!

Then I swept a couple things and then went to go help this guy named Dave build a fence. Actually, we were just putting wooden fence sheets that had been taken down from other places and putting them on both sides of a chain link fence. This other guy, Bobby, was working on it earlier and then left before he got it done. It was retarded because, he only covered on side of the chain link fence and only did it on the flat ground. Dave and me got a part of it the fence done and it was getting dark. So Dave radio-ed to Chach and was like, "Well, we got part of it done but, I'm done for the night because it's getting dark and crap and I don't like working in the dark."

Buuuuttt....Chach said that Don (thats the owner by the way) would flip if we didn't get it done that night.

So, after a tiny break, we finished all the way up to where the hill part of the fence began. Well, thats where we were when I had to go home cuz it was already 10pm.

And it was sooooo cold last night. About 58 degrees the radio said. Ahhh... I'm bringing gloves and a benie tonight!

Gym was awsome; for a change. It was nice and cold so, I wore my hoodie and I wasn't even sweating by the end of running the track! Yay! XD

Sooo....I'm waiting for my files to un zip and stuff for my graphics class...It says I have 2,023,406,814 hours left. ...No joke dude. I should have resized it before I sent it to myself thru email. Hahaha.....oops. :P Guess I have an excuse as to why I'm not doing anything! XD oh...lookie that...it's done... what the hell... XD

I'm going up to Scary Acres for rehersal saturday. I'll probably have my makeup and stuff on when I get home so, I'll put a picture up of my beautiful face... XD I'm in the exocist room by the way...with makeup like regan in the movie and spitting up tapioca pudding!! ...hahaha...

So...thats it I guess...just random...boring crap... haha..

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

   Today has been super boring...


Yeah, so far today has been reaaaalllllyyy boring. Orchestra took forever to get over. But, it was fun, I guess. I'm excited though because we get to play In the Hall Of the Mountain King this year at out halloween concert. I love that song! It is so fun to play! We're also playing the theme from the Addams Family. So, thats kinda exciting and stuff.

Gym, ugh...was plain killer! We had to do our mile run. But thankfully, it was cool outside so it didn't totally suck. I got 9 minutes and 37 seconds. :P Last year I got 9:32. ooooh well. I suck at running. XD After we ran, we went inside and had to do our sit up test!! I thought we couldn only do one test per day but nooooooo... But, atleast I finished all 75 of them! The sit up test is the only test that I can pass with flying colors when it comes to the fitness tests in gym.

Geography was boring. Thats all there is to say. Haha! 'Sept, my teacher was talking about his sister-in-law and how she has a little bit darker skin then white because of her background and everytime she goes to the airport, they take her aside and search all her stuff. Just because she has darker colored skin then white people. Freakin' retarded if you ask me.

And now, I'm in my graphics class. :P

I drew a bunch of pictures yesterday durning school but, I haven't uploaded them here. They're on my sheezyart and deviantart if you wanna go look at them. they're all naruto ones though...because I couldn't think of anything original to draw. :P

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Monday, September 10, 2007



I'm in my graphics class right now. I actually know what I'm supposed to be doing but, I can't do anything right now because I don't have the picture I need. I thought I emailed myself the picture I took that I was going to use for my project but, I went to go get it a couple minutes ago and, it's not there. So I can't do anything right now. :/

And it's freezing in this room! It's way cold outside like, 58-ish and raining so, this room's cold. But, atleast it's no hot, I guess. I hate hot weather.

My mom said she was going to call someone today about getting me a school permit so I can drive to school. She's been saying that for the past week now so, hopefully, she does it today. But, shes been way sick lately. So I guess I can't be too mad at her about it. She needs to go to the doctor because it's not a cold cuz shes been taking cold medicine for about a week now. But, she won't go!

Hmm...well, thats about it for today I guess. Nothing to exciting because I lead a boring life. haha!

Oh! I'm having a hard time thinking about anything to draw so, can any of you give me ideas? Or, I can draw your characters if you want! I asked the same thing on deviantart and sheezyart but, only one person asked me to draw something. haha. So, hopefully you guys give me something to draw! Cuz I'm all out of ideas!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007



I just got my Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 game in the mail... >.> Yesh, I'm a nerd.

Anyways...I stayed home from school today cuz I feel like crap. D: Atleast today was my easy day so, I shouldn't have much homework for my classes.

I spent the whole day on cosplay.com and searching for a Temari wig. I've decided that, if I cut my hair like I was going to, it won't grow to be long enough for my Deidara cosplay next year. :/ So, I am in the midst of trying to find a wig. Cosplaymagic.com has one but, it's sucks. And Katie Bair has one on her website but, she wants $408 for it! D: Someone over at cosplay.com directed me towards on on ebay for like, $60 and it looks okay.

But, if anyone else has any suggestions about places that sell good wigs, can ya tell me??

So...I should get off now and do my homework for tomorrow... :/

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Monday, September 3, 2007



I'm sick...again. My allergies were acting up yesterday so, I took those pills. But then, around 1am, I got in a fight with my mom so, I was crying and stuff. Then my mom made me take something for a cold cuz I was coughing all night before that. So, I took that, went downstairs to go to bed, cried my self to sleep. :/

I woke up around 9 this morning and I feel like crap. I feel soooo out of it. My nose is half way stuffed up, and my throat feels bad. ahhh...I hate having colds and allergies at the same time!

Well, yesterday, I had to go over to my grandma's because she came home from the hospital friday or saturday afternoon. We had to clean but, I felt like crap so I got to sit and just talk to my grandma all day. XD

For some reason, we started talking about what we would do if we were to win the lottery. And quietly I just kept saying that we'd get all the costumes I want. XD So, we got started talking about cosplay. I was saying how I'm gunna cosplay Deidara next year and how I need a compression shirt or something. And my grandmas like, "Well, you have boobs! Deal with it!" I'm like, nooooooooo! I want it to be accurate!!! So...that was an interesting conversation. XD

But yeaaa....Also, I told my grandma where I'm going to work this year at Scary Acres. And, shes excited! I'm going to play as Regan from The Exorcist. And I get to spit up green tapioca pudding! ....yeah. It's gunna be interested. My grandma said, "Well, I'd never think I'd see the day where my granddaughter would be playing as Regan. Get me a picture, will ya?"

Haha! It was funny. I don't know if I'm gunna be able to do that spot well. Because the girl that did it last year, was awsome at it!! ...even though they had her spitting up spagetii-o's. XD

Well...I guess thats it for today. I hope everyone has a nice day! :D

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Friday, August 31, 2007

   School...and stuff


School today was killer. I thought yesterday was friday so, I was all like, ohhhhh cool! weekend! but yeah...today was friday...obviously. -_-

And it took sooo long to get today over with. It was so boring! XP

So, for Spanish, I'm doing a little project thingy. It's a little book. I've written everything and now all I have to do is draw the pictures. I'll put it up here when I'm all done! Cuz I think the main character I came up with is sooo cute! ^^ He has cat ears....cuz I was reading Loveless before I went to that class. XD

Umm...yeah. I'm so hungry...I want Burger King. But my mom won't take me. XD


I was tagged...

1. Post these rules.
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Tags should write a journal/blog of these facts.
4. At the end of the post 8 or more people are tagged and named.
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged.

1) I start a lot of my sentences with "But, no." >.>
2) I get obsessed with things quickly.
3) I almost ran into a tree my first time backing out the car out of my drive way. And the tree...was in my neighboors yard across the street. >.>
4) I'm in chemistry....? :P
5) I only know my times tables up to 6 in memory. I blame my elementary school...lol
6) I've been in orchestra since 4th grade. Orch dork for life.
7) Sometimes I laugh at things that happended like...3 days ago because I think of them and their funny. :P
8) Ummm....I can't think of anything else to say. XP

and I tagggg....noone. XD If you wanna do, it, then do it. No? Then don't! XD

So yeah...I'm gunna go...do something. :P

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Thursday, August 30, 2007



So, I have a cold...and stuff. :P

I'm in my graphics class again. And I am so bored! XP I seriously, don't know what to do. My teachers all like, after you do your photoshop projects, move onto the research project.

o.0 I have no clue what this "research project" is. I tried looking in our syllibus we got at the begining of the year but it doesn't give any directions! gah... :(

So, tonight, I think I'm gunna hang out with m friend. Weeeee... I might use her camera to take some shots that we're supposed to take for my grpahics class. Cuz it's all spiffified and expensive looking. XD And yeah. This is her last day off of work for the next week. :O I am so glad I'm not 16 yet... XD

We all got out school pictures earlier today in homeroom. And oh...my god... I have fuzzy hair! XO noooo... I look kinda funny but, oh well. :P It's a heck of a lot better then any of my other ones, thats for sure!

So...one thing I hate about the school computers...is that I can't get on deviantArt. :( I understand the not being able to get on myspace and stuff but...deviantArt?? c'mon... Well, atleast I can still get on Sheezyart. And I love getting on sheezyart on a Mac computer! The page doesn't glitch like it does on the dell one I have at home.

So...well...I'm gunna go now...find something to do in my last hour and a half of class left. :O

Bye bye all! :D

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007



I'm here in my graphics class...and I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing right now. o.0

Anyways, as I said the other day, my friend got her Gaara costume the other day. The one she got was his first one. :D

So...she has the next 3 days off work so I'm gunna ask her if we can go take pictures with her spiffy camera. So hopefully, more cosplay pictures! :DD

Hmm...soo...gym today was really tiering. We ran soo mcuh and it was like...90 degrees out. X( I hate hot weather....

My teacher is gunna start doing a demo on cameras soon. Oooooo...so, I'm gunna log off and stuff.

Hope everone has a nice rest of the day! :D

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