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Monday, August 27, 2007



My brother scared the shit out of me sunday night.

I was sitting in the living room doing my homework. And he was on the computer and whisteling. It was bugging the hell out of me. So, I asked him to stop. He did for a little while.

But, he went into the kitchen and then started whisteling again. So, I got up to go hit him and he pulls a hugh ass, sharp steak knife thing out of the knife block thing.

So...I like, ran out of the kitchen. Then punched him when he put the knife away. And we were yelling at each other. I asked him why the hell he pulled out a knife and he said, "You were gunna hit me!" O.O

Yeah, cuz that makes it right.

But then, my mom came out and is like, why are you two fighting.

So I told her that I was gunna hit him but then he pulled a freakin' knife on me!

She like, freaked the hell out on me. She was all like, "Why the hell do you always have to hit him! I'm sick and fucking tired of you hitting him for no good reason!" She was getting like, really pissed off at me.

Then, she turns to my brother and says nice and calmly, "If I ever hear that you pull out a knife on her, you're going to be in trouble."

I'm sitting there like...WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?! You're more worried about me hitting him the him STABBING ME?!?!?!?!? o.0

So yeah...kinda freaked me out.

Hmm...yeah. I'm waiting for the fanfiction I've been ready to be updated. It's really good. The first naruto one I read too. Itachi X Sakura..hmm...yeah, whatever.

I have gym tomorrow. oh noes...

Well, everyone have a nice day! :D

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

   Haha sooo....


My friend Terra came over last night. We talked for like...3 hours. haha. We were laughing our asses off for the most part. And really, it wasn't that funny, but, at 12 am, anything is hilarious. XD

She also brought over her new Gaara costume. It looks sooo complicated. :O well....it is complicated but, whatever. XD

but yea....um, I think I'm going to go to Millard Days with her when she gets up. I'm just waiting for her to call. ...so...I should go and take a shower....yeah. thats what Im' gunna do.

So, bye bye. XD

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Friday, August 24, 2007



I'm reading Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. I love love that series. i love vampires.... X3

And I'm also reading a book called "Out of Focus" by like...Margerette Bittie or...someting like that. I dunno. I just picked it to read for my english class cuz it sounded interesting. And it's good so far. It's about some kids and their mom is an alcholic. :P

And right now...I'm reading a naruto fanfic... >.> cuz I have nothing better to do. XD

Um soooo...My friend and I are going to try to make those Akatsuki Pajamas I drew. X3 It's going to be sooooo cool if they turn out good!! And she had this great idea for the sleeves too! We're gunna put like, the symbols from the rings that deidara and sasori have on the bottom part of the sleeve. Like....yea. Not very big. So, that should be interesting to do. XD But yea....it's gunna be soooo cool! :3

Um...nothing really else to say. Had some problems today at school. I'm just gunna say that I've been friends with her since 6th grade and now we're not. :/

So yea...I think I might ask my orchestra teacher if I can come in after school and stuff and have her teach me how to play the cello. Cuz I want to learn. :)

I think I might be going to Millard Days this sunday with my friend Terra. It like, has a bunch of rides and crap. She was making fun of me the other day because I've never been to it and I've lived in Millard for like...9 years now. XD

So...have a nice night and weekend all!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007



Well, first of all....no one's name is high lighted in blue on my friend's list. Is that because of the spaz attack that theO had the past couple of days? Hmmmm

Anyway, I went to a baseball game last night with my friends Ema, Tori, and Tabby. We got there and were sitting in the regular seats for a couple innings. Then, Tori called her dad and it ended up that he was there too; In one of the club house things up on like, the top level. So, he brought us up there. It was sweet. :3 We were in the air conditioning and we got free food. :D

It was all well and good untill the mascots came in. O.O

One of the mascots was a lion and had a earring in so Tori, messing around was like, I like your piercing. So, the dude gave her a hug and then wouldn't let go. o.0 Then, he took her program and wrote, "Can I keep you" on it. o.0 Then he wrote on the rest of ours. He wrote "Nice Piercings" on mine, "Number on Juggalo" on tabby's (and yea....spelt that way) and then "Support everything evil" on Ema's. :/

Then the other mascot comes in (it was a peanut) and started like, spazzing out and pointing to Ema's shirt. (she had her Scary Acres shirt on) We were all like, wtf? So, finally it took the pen and wrote on ema's napkin, "I work at scary acres!" So....we were trying to figure out who it was all night...

After they left, Tori's dad took all of our programs and took them to the dude at the front desk. Then, the guy called both mascots there and told Tori's dad that, that was the second time in 2 months that that guy has been acting unapropriate like that. So, Mr. Lopez got the Lion-mascot dude fired! :D

Then, after the game, they were giving away free Sara Lee bread!! :D Tabby got 4 loafs of it! XD

So, when we got home, we all got onto our myspaces (yea....don't ask) and put in our names thing as "I got molested by a peanut!" even though....the peanut didn't do anything. It just sounded funnier then getting molested by a lion. o.0

So yea.... We got molested by a peanut and got high quality duck food! :D

But yea....it was an interesting night. And to top it off, we started watching Kingdom hospital because Tabby rented it from block buster. I only watched the first two episodes because I fell asleep. But...that is one messed up show. I was soooooo confused. :P

Well, thats it...have a nice rest of the night and...wekk of school for those who've started and stuff. :D

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

   On no..... :(


I went driving around with my friend last night. We drove around the lake/nature park thing. And she let me drive. :3 ...sept it was her sister's car and was like..."Oh crap I'm gunna wreak it!" XD

And we went to the bookstore and walmart and gamestop...and...yea. Then we went to a park in my neighboor hood and walked around the trail cuz people were on the swings. And we talked about future cosplays. I was quite funny. She said shes gunna steal my Organization coat when I cosplay Axel from KH. All I did was laugh at her cuz I'm like, 4 or 5 inches taller then her. XD I'm like, youu'll like trip...and fall. XD

She told me that this guy at one of the gas stations around here was into Naruto. and he was talking to her about cosplayiing Kisame and she was like..."dude! You have to go with us when we do our Akatsuki group." so...hopefully...XD

And we also figured out that we pick the most expensive characters to cosplay as. XD And ones with difficult props. :P

I think friday after school or saturday afternoon I'm gunna go up to Scary Acres and she what they've done so far. And help them if they need it. So that should be interesting. :P

So, anyways...I'm leaving for school in 25 minutes. ...nooooooooo. I don't want to go. Like, a week ago, I was saying that I felt fine about school starting. Now I'm like...gah...school.... T.T

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Friday, August 10, 2007



I thought today was like...wednesday or tuesday. I didn't know it was friday. So, I start school in 4 days. :O I thought I still had like...a week. :P

Um...last night around 9, we went to WalMart to get the rest of my brother's school supplies and cloths. I now, hate walmart even more. There was serisouly, no room in the school supply aisle. I mean serisouly dude, must we get everything on your child's school list 3 days before they have to go back?? And at 9pm?? My mom was like...Well, we're buying school supplies. So I'm like, Yea, but we getting like, erasers and pencil pouches. Not fricken' everything.

Gah...and no one knows how to say "Excuse Me"! It's not that had to say sorry or excuse me. But nooooo they just feel like they can walk anywhere and then glare at me when I almost hit them with the cart. Well, douche bag, it's your fault. ...end rant about people at walmart...

But, I got pocky too! From walmart! Can you belive that?? I usually only get it from the Suncoast across town or at Aki's Oriental. But yea! Yay! Walmart has it so I don't need to go really far to get some!! :D and it's only like, 97 cents. :3 I also got like...cup ramen gallor. XD I got my chicken flavored ones cuz I like it and my brother got beef flavored(yuck...lol). And I also got on that was Cheddar Cheese flavored. It was kinda like watery mac and cheese; just with long noodles. I'm not ever gunna buy it again though. :P

So...yea...that was my walmart trip. XD

I think I might be going to a Rise Against concert this month. It just depends if my mom agrees to pay for the ticket. It's only 18 bucks but...I just spent my $20 on 2 naruto manga and a Mcflurry from McDonalds. :D So yea...hopefully hopefully...

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007



Haha. Terra and I went out and took piictures of each other in our cosplay the other day. :D It was very interesting. We went to a lake by our houses and then we went to the book store. XD That was interesting.

Some of the people working there were like...what the hell are you doing in my store?? o.0 And there was also this girl that picked up some naruto manga and then later Terra was like..."You would think, if you buy the manga and stuff...you would recognize us. I guess shes not that big of a narutard."

Okay, serisouly, it wasn't that funny but, I couldn't stop laughing. XD

Then we went to a kiddy park in my neighboorhood since it was the only park in my neightboorhood that didn't have people there. :P And yea...I have some pictures up in the cosplay section. If ya wanna see more, you can go check out my deviantart. :D

...school starts next tuesday for me. T.T But, atleast I don't have to go monday. Thats just for freshman. :D But still, I'm gunna be sooo tired tuesday because I've been staying up till like...4 every morning. :/ Guess I should start working on that. haha.

I guess thats all for now...you all have a nice day. :D

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Sunday, August 5, 2007



hah...just thought i'd share that with you guys...i found it really funny. :D

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

   So, did you hear?


About the lady down in Texas that "accidentaly" left her kids in the car when she went to go get grocieries or something? They both died from the heat. So, she took them home, bathed them, dressed them in clean cloths and put them in garbage bags and set them out on the curb for the trash guys to pick up the next morning.

And the sad thing, the kids were only 1 and 3 years old. T.T

It's so messed up. I can't belive someone would actually do that. :(

Um, so, I took some pictures of my costumes but, I dun like any of them so I'm waiting till I go with my friend Terra next week like, monday or something to go take pictures. So yea, sorry I don't have any up right now. :P

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Friday, August 3, 2007

   Orientation was today


Yup. For school. I think I looked like an idiot though in my picture but, who doesn't really? lol

Annnyway...I got my schedual also. Heres what I got...

First Semester
A Day

A1 - Geometry
A2 - Spanish 3
A3 - Honors English 10
A4 - Chemistry

B Day

B1 - Orchestra
B2 - Cross Training 1 (Gym :P)
B3 - World Geography
B4 - Foundations to Visual Graphics

Second Semester
A Day
A1 - Geometry
A2 - Spanish 3
A3 - Honors English 10
A4 - Chemistry

B Day

B1 - Orchestra
B2 - Cross Training 2 (Gym :P)
B3 - World Geography
B4 - Everyday Living

So, yea...Out school only has 4 classes a day. :D It's nice but, the classes are like, 90 minutes long. :P

I don't think I'm going to like my A Days. They're gunna be hard and I'm gunna have a bunch of homework! :( But! I have the same english teacher that I had last year for english! Yay! I liked her, she was nice and was really good at teacher.

My spanish teacher on the other hand, is a total bitch. XP I've met her like, twice last year and shes always yelling and complaining. I dunno if she teachers good or not but, hopefully she does. :/

well...i think i might go take a nap or something before I have to go back up to school at 6:30 for some thing for orchestra. :P

sooo, have a nice rest of the day all! :D

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