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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Current mood: Happy!
Current Song: Syunikiss by Malice Mizer!

Konnichiwa everyone! How are you? I am good! I am just sitting here! I am dressed up like KYo! Plank said I looked soo HOT! ^.^ SHe said she is going to take a picture of me later and when she does I am going to put it on my site! YAy! ^.^ Oh and My site is part of This Kyo fan listing thingy now! Yay! I love Kyo! gah! Chastity didn't show up again today! >.< GRRRRR! Oh and My friend Kenji has a myotaku account his name is KenjiRyouke! SO if you all would be so kind as to go to his Myotaku! ^.^ Just tell him Kyoko sent ya! ^.^ Gah! I am now listening to Alice Nine! Alice Nine is awesome! Gah! Oh and I put a new band up for the JROCKFANCLUBMKS site! It's now Gazette! yaY! Well I guess that is it for today! sayanora!

I AM KYO!!! I AM KYO!!!! I AM KYO!!!!! I AM KYO!!!!!

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