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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Current Mood:Okay!
Current Song: Cage By Dir En Grey!

Konnichiwa! How is everyone today? I am good! Lets see...I got to talk to Momo on the phone yesturday! I had so much fun talking to her! ^.^ She is soo sweet! Gah! We had a long conversation about Kyo! And she is the only person I know that seems to understand Kyo like me! ^.^ It makes me Happy! Like My feelings for Kyo are undescribible And It's more than a sexual attraction with me! Sadly I didn't get to talk to Bou! T.T If she called I wasn't home to anwser the phone! I went to the mall with my mom! ^.^; But yeah! I went to Hot Topics and was looking at Cure Magazine! I want to buy those Magizines sooo bad, but I can't because they are like $15.00! Oh I am now in a band! We are called F.L.Y. (forever Loving you!) And I am the lead singer! Yay! ^.^ My friend Jimmy is writting the music and I co-write! We still don't have a bass player thou! >.< Grr! Well I hope we find one soon! Oh So do you all like my new song on my site? It's Cage! YAY! Do you all like my new blog thing? I am watching "She's all that". It's a good chick flick! XD I know I can be girly...when I want to! Lol! I am starting to get tired! Well I guess I shall go! Sayanora! ^.^

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