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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Current mood: Getting on with me life!
Current Song: Juuyon Sai no Knife by Gazette!

Konnichiwa everyone! how are you all? I am okay! Um...I am just all sad...My boyfriend is being all I love you but I don't think it's going to last much longer kinda thingy! lol >.< So my eyes hurt so much from where I have been crying! Gah! Chastity came back today! She is being all Flirty with me! She kinda cheered me up! And Jeremy told me not to worry because he knows that Darrel still loves me and he'd be a foolish person to leave me! But Yeah! I am waiting on Plank to e-mail me those pictures of me Dressed up like Kyo! ^.^ Right now I am listening to Panic Chanel! They are soo awesome! Gah! I am obessed with Jrock! But it's a good obesseion! Lol! OMG I almost for got! My friend D-chan asked me out! But I don't think I'll go back out with her! I mean I just don't like her like that! ^.^' I mean I still like Chastity alot! Grr I wish I could get over her! I just got my pictures! I have 2 of them! Hold on and I'll put them up!

Here's me!

Well what do you all think? I am going to go! Sayanora!

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