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Friday, September 29, 2006

current mood: Good
Current Song: Undo by Minoru

How is everyone? I am good! I am just all BORED!!! But I can't wait for the pep rally today this afternoon! I got a sub in 2nd today! So I have to be very careful about being on the internet! ^.^; So what is everyone up to? I am just sitting here! I am listening to Minoru! They are a good band! ^.^ Now I am listening to Gazette! ^.^ Me loves Gazette! ^.^

What are your top favorite Jrock bands?

Mine are:
1.)Dir En Grey...wasn't hard to figure out! lol
2.)Malice Mizer
3.)An Cafe
4.)Alice Nine
8.)TM Revolution
9.)X Japan
10.) Panic Chanel!

Gah! I love this song! it's Zakurogata no Yuuursu by Gazette! ^.^ Reita is hot! But not as hot as Kyo! KYO KYO KYO KYO!!! I love Kyo! He's smexy! Well I am going to go! Bye everyone!! ^.^


FOR haloween I am going to be Mana! ^.^ I can't wait for you all to see me like Mana! ^.^ that is if I can get Plank to take a picture of me!

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