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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Current Mood: Pissed
Current Song: Cube by Dir En Grey

Konnichwia! How is everyone! Thanks for the comments! I am soo pissed right now! My friend Traci likes Hairboy, okay and I am fine with that, But Then Chastity told me that He's going to ask her out and then Fuck her and then LEAVE her! >.< I told her about it and said that I was just saying that because I hate him! Which I do! But I told her that I known him way longer then she has and I know how her thinks! >.< Grrrr!!! I am pissed! GRRR!!!! Well She'll just have to find out the hard way! >.< GRR!! Gah! I am pissed! GrRR! But anways! I am boredd. Sorry I didn't write much on my posts! >.< I didn't have much time! OMG! Chastity's acting like she use to. She said that she still loves me and that if darrel and I were to leave each other that she would go back out with me! Well I guess I'll never get to date her again! Because I am going to be with darrel for ever! Well g2g! Bye bye Sayanora! Ashiteru yo!


A kiss from Hide!

News about Diru

2,200 goths showed up for a show by the Japanese cosplayer band Dir en grey in LA, despite the fact that the band has never released a CD in the US, sings in Japanese, and has no US airplay. The fans organized elaborate, synchronized stunts via LiveJournal, and sang along phonetically with the words. “Half the songs, I don’t know what I’m saying,” admits Joy, one of the diehards.

Haha, ain’t that the truth. I often just mouth along phonetically with the Japanese music I have. There’s a lot of kids in Harajuku that cosplay their favourite Visual Kei bands -

There’s quite a lot of Japanese bands releasing albums in the States now. No love for Australia! This article was slightly incorrect as Dir en grey (yes, the lower case letters are deliberate) released their first U.S. album in May, about 3 months before the tour.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Konnichwia! I don't have much time to update! Grr! but anyways! Hope you all have a good day! But I got this picture that Plank E-mailed me! >.<

Gah! That's Chastity kissing me! Gah! >.< Grr!

Well I don't have much time to update because we have a wrestling match! So I g2g! Bye bye!

Well g2g! BYe Bye!

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Current mood: Good!
Current Song: C by dir en grey

Konnichiwa! How is everyone today! ^.^ But anyways! I am bored! School is boring! lol! Oh thanks for all the complements on the site! It's all thanks to Lemurturtle! ^.^ But anyways! I figured since I loved this layout and the one that ADJ made me, That I'd turn almost all my sites like that! ^.^ But anyways! I love Jrock! lol! School is boring! ....Wait didn't I already say that?!?! O.O...Lol! Gah! I got my report card! I have 3 F's and a D! >.< GRRR! I won't be telling my mom! She'll take away my Jrock! I can't live with out my Jrock! OMG! I had 2 walls covered in Jrock pictures...and my mom got pissed off that my room wasn't clean the way she liked it...and she made me take them down! She said either I take them down or she does! And if she did...I'd never see them agaiN!!!!! T.T Gah! I miss my pictures! >.< grr! Well I am going to go! Here is some music for you all!

Well I g2g! Sayanora! Ashiteru yo!

a quiz for you!

Kyoko --


A steamy steamy shower

'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at QuizUniverse.com

Using your mouth

Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mouth. You are incredibly sensual, a great kisser and a seductive lover. You drive all of your partners crazy with your mouth.

Take this quiz at QuizUniverse.com

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Current Mood: Good!
Current Song: Kodou by Dir En Grey
Konnichiwa How is everyone? I am good! ^.^ I am soooo sorrry I haven't updated! I can only update at school and at the libary! ^.^' Grr..I don't have internet at my house anymore! >.< Grr! So how was everyones ThanksGiving? Mine was okay....until I got into a fight with my cousin! >.< He was saying shit about Kyo! >.< How dare him! I buested his nose! Then I got into trouble! But it was all worth it! Heehee! ^.^ Friday I stayed home and cleaned and then I went to the mall and I got The movie Party Monster! ^.^ Marilyn Manson is in that movie! ^.^ Then Saturday...Darrel came over and I had some Fun! ^.^ I love Darrel! ^.^ The Sunday all day I played FFX! ^.^ It's sooo much fun! ^.^ lol!

Message to Lemurturtle:

Well I g2g~ Ashiteru yo! Sayanora!


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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Current Mood: good! ^.^

Current Song:

Konnichiwa everyone! How are you all! I have a half day today! So I don't have much time to play on the internet! ^.^' I am Listening to Blood! ^.^ They are okay...they sound very pretty! But I still love my DIRU more! ^.^ Gah! lol!^.^ Now I am listening to Golden Wing by An Cafe! ^.^ That's my favorite an cafe song! ^.^ Lalalalalala! ^.^ I LOVE DARREL! I had this random Chick come and ask me out...she said " Um...Jessica, I really like you...I think your very pretty...will you go out with me?" I said" O.O .....Um.....No....Sorry....But I don't know you!" lol! Gah! Now I am listening to Saku...^.^ But I try to avoid listening to it! I made out with Chastity while listening to this song! >.< Grr! She just has to mess up a great song! >.< Grr! I love Saku! >.< GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Oh well I am going to listen to it anyways! GAH! KYO!!!!!! ^.^ Well I am going to ! Bye bye! ^.^

Ashiteru yo!



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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

current mood: good
current song: C by dir en grey

Konnichwia! How are you all today? I am good! ^.^We got a new student yesturday! ^.^ Her name is CiCi and she is from Italy! O.O Wow! OH and she loves and anime and likes JRock! ^.^ She said her favorite band is Blood...I have never heard of them! >.< Grr! So after I am done posting...I am going to go to Radioblogclub.com and look for them! Oh and could anyone tell me where to find some music from 12012! I can't find them on Radioblogclub and youtube is blocked! >.< Grr! Oh and everyone needs to go look at my site Jrockislove! I put a new layout on it! Lemurturtle has been helping me out with it!

Thanks sooooo much Lemurturtle

!! Well I am going to go! bye bye! Sayanora! ^.^ Ashiteru yo!

~Kyoko ^.^

Some random lyrics!

Words: Kyo & Music: Dir en grey

brainwash makes us sing a sorrowful song
people in waves, they sing along
for the country to prosper for the country to prosper
it's the country's song it's a bomb that's just covered up

freedom love riot power
whores and prostitutes
city of illicit sales politics
poverty dictatorship nuclear

is there such thing as freedom inside us? other then victory the result is destruction
being supervised + the result equals despair
for the country to prosper for the country to prosper it's the country's song
it's ti that's just covered up

spark subliminal vision
l&p love and peace is vanished
it's a city of destruction, and it's called freedom

beautiful fireworks light the night as children smile with joy.

cheering voiced all around
execute firearm penetrates inside one two in the cranium one two three
sounds of firearm swirl like the whirlwind as it strike the ears
the prison guard jumps and screams in laughter
people's emotions swirl in a whirlwind
rebellion felony shoot away one two children one two three
cleanse away people scream
awakening awakening awakening awakening

spark and spark

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Current mOoD: Good!
Current Song: Rasen Kairou by Aile!

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I am good! I feel reviled to day! I wore a shirt that showed ALOT of cleveage and Koty and Jeremy and ALOT of other guys kept staring at me! I changed shirts though because it go tooooooooooo creepy when my teacher was staring! >.< Gah! I am soo bored! I love Darrel! ^.^ My Aunt Kay came in to town this weekend! ^.^ She's awesome! Lol! But besides from that nothing else happened! I think I am finally offically over Chastity! I can look at her without wanting to cry! I can look at her with have memorys come back! I feel so much better now! Now the only person I LOVE is Darrel AND KYO!!!!! I couldn't forget KYO! ^.^ loL! Well I am going to go! ^.^

here is some music by Aile!

join the dir en grey fan club

click the flashing diru club icon!!!


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Friday, November 17, 2006

Current mood: Good!
Current song: Dead Tree by Dir En Grey


How is everyone today? I am good! ^.^ I am bored! >.< I made Chastity cry today! >.< I didn't mean too! I was playing wither her and my ring go caught on her nose ring! >.< I kept say sorry over and over! >.< I am such a cluts! >.< She told me not to worry about it! But I feel so band for doing it to her! T.T I am not really sure about what else to write about! T.T Grr! I ahete wne I am at a lose for words! >.< Grr! OMG! This dude Daniel, he tracked Dog Poo in my 1st period class today! >.< SHUU! It stunk sooooooo bad! >.< Well I am going to go! Bye Bye Sayanora! Ashiteru yo!


join the dir en grey fan club

click the flashing diru club icon!!!

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Current Mood: Good!
Current song: Redemption by Dir En Grey

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I am good! I am sorry I didn't update yesturday! I didn't come to school. I was in soooooo much pain! T.T From my workout! It was sooooooooooooooo painful! But I have already lost 6 lbs.! ^.^ YAY! ^.^ Gah! But anyways! I am bored! I am reading interview with the vampire for English! ^.^ I have no complains! I love that book and the movie! I love Vampires though! ^.^ But anyways! I am bored! La La La La La La! ^.^ I am working on a new layout for my other site. ^.^ I am getting help from Addicted to Jrock and Lemurturtle! Thanks so much for all the help you guys! ^.^ But's really confuesing! ^.^ Gah! I love Kyo!


Gah! I love Kyo and his big mouth! ^.^

Well I am going to go! Love ya lotz! ^.^ Sayanora!

Asiteru yo!



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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Current Mood: Happy!
Current Song: Cage by Dir En Grey

Konnichiwa everyone! ^.^ how are you all? I am good! ^.^ But anyways....how are you all today? I am good! ^.^ I am just alittle bored! I burning me a cd right now! It's got all kinds of Jrock songs on it! ^.^ lalalalala! ^.^ I am bored! OMG!! GUESS WHAT!?!?! Tomarrow Diru's new cd comes out! I am happy! I am going to go and get it! Gah! a CONCERT AND A NEW CD! gah! I love Diru! Gah! I am bored! I love Darrel! Hmm...I don't have much to say! Oh I got devil horns in my hair right now...everyone keeps asking me how they are in my hair....well they are clip on! ^.^ But I got mad at some random person for asking and I said they are natural! lol! ^.^ Well I am going to go! I have to update some other sites! Sayanora! Ashiteru yo!

Gah I love KYO! He is soo smexy! ^.^ But who wouldn't love Kyo! ^.^


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