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Sunday, September 24, 2006

   KoNnIcHiWa! ^.^
Current Mood: NYappy! ^.^
Current song: Riding Shooting Star by The Pillows! ^.^

Konnichiwa! How is everyone today? I am good! But anyways! I just got to see the new FMA movie it is AWESOME! GAH! I saw Al as a human! YAY! THat movie is like the best anime movie I have seen in a while! ^.^
Today Jimmy came by! We was talking about the band! And how we was talking about holding auditions! ^.^ Oh and Legacyof we play ROCK/Metal with alittle Jrock in it! Lol! I know I don't think we can count it as Jrock but I am going to put some Japanese in it! Gah! I offend daydream about going on tour with Dir en grey! *sparkle eyes!* gah! ^.^' I am such a dork! ^.^ Oh I made a new site! IT's called Manaismyidol So if any of you could take time and swing by! ^.^ Right now I am watching FLCL! I love this show! Even though it confuses me! Lol! Gah! >.< I went to Party City! I got Vampire teeth and I got some more black nail polish and some more Black lipstick! ^.^' I don't care for black lipstick, but I need it for my Kyo Cage PV costume for Tuesday! Gah I can't wait! ^.^ KYO KYO KYO!! Gah! I am obessed aren't I? Don't anwser that! XD Gah! Well I am going to go and update my other sites! Sayanora!


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