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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Current Mood: HAPPY!
Current SOng: THe Final by Dir En Grey! ^.^

Konnichiwa! So how is everyone? I am good! ^.^ But anyways! Everything is good with me and Darrel again! He said sorry and everything! But I am worried about Chastity! She came to school today! But She is going home because she almost passed out in class! T.T Poor Chastity! Gah! I am soo sleepy! I fell asleep on the bus and in 1st today! XD! OMG I don't have internet at my house anymore! T.T I want my internet back! So I won't be able to update on weekends! >.< But I will everyday in 2nd! So Momo and Bou Call me when you get home! Gah! They both stopped calling me! I am so bored! We are taking notes in here right now! But I don't ever do them I pretty much update my site! And then I play on purevolume and talk to Kenji! ^.^ Well Guess that is all for today! Sayanora!!!!

P.S. Thanks for the comments!!!! ^.^

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