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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Current Mood: Happy
Current song: Yuri ha aoku saite by Alice nine!
Hello everyone! How are you all today? I am good! ^.^ Last night I talked to Bou-Chan on the phone even though we didn't get to talk long! T.T I still had fun! I can't wait to talk to her again! ^.^ Bou and I are becoming very close friends! YAY! I love my friends! ^.^
I am also sad today because I found out that my boyfriend is grounded for a month and I can't talk to him! T.T I want my sexymuffin!! T.T
Gah! Next week is spirit week for me and I usually don't do anything but for tuesday I am going to dress like a Jrocker! YAY! Gah! But it figures That I'd do something Jrock related right?! But My life revolves a Jrock! It keeps me sane! lol! Well I shall talk to you later!
Sayanora! ^.^

SHout out to Bou!
Call me when you get home! Can't wait to talk to you!! ^.^

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