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Saturday, June 25, 2005

First of all, Narutoman, if you have stayed five minutes longer at saturday, you would've noticed that I was on too. Damn you..... *sighs* Im gonna die here....
Now.... I decided to put more pictures of my best friend up ^^ She wants that all of you will see how she looks (I told you, shes maniac, didnt I?)

Thats her. Aint she pretty? And aint she SO skinny? She says shes fat. Well if SHES fat, then what the hell am I!?

Look! Look! Im a godmother!! ^___^ Thats my best friends dog! Her name is Tina! Aint she cute?! I just love her! ^^

Shes drinking coffee.... Who the hell took this....?

Oh yeah, her name is Nadja, by the way, faivorite name is Tweety ^^; No, shes not russian....

Bored? ME?? Noooo just having fun with messing with her. *laughs manically* I found a meaning for my life!!!

Well, I got nothing more to say, 'cept..... I LOVE this guys!!! ^___^ I usually hate blonds (I am really one -_-;; Yeah just dyed my hair. For a year now.) But here comes my faivorite blond!!

Thaaaats right!! Quatre raberba winner!!! YAY!!!

Well. Thats all for today. See you later guys, be well!

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Friday, June 24, 2005


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So thats the reason then...? Oh well.... I am lonely cant do nothin bout it....
You know guys, I just realized one thing: My first real friend out here was Amerill. Amerill, you rule!! Thank U! ^.~

Oh well....
We watched Pokemon last night with my best friend X_X It was terrible! I got traumas! Why does she do this to me!? Maniac! Maniac!!
Eh well. I got nothing to say. 'cept Im gonna put one model up someday. Its from my new manga. Name is Nasha. Ha ha ha. Okay I just know what to say anymore.... I wanna draw!!!

I just found this from Google when we were searching pictures with Margaret Weis's name. And We sound this. I just thought that the red moon, Lunitari, looked so cool ^.^
Yeah, its from Dragonlance.

Hey, check this picture
It may take a while to load but its cool. and yeah its Gandalf.

Well now. Im gonna go now so you guys have a fun day. B'bye!

Oh yeah, if you didnt saw my friends pic at yeasterdays post, check it now!

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hey hey hey!
We were at the city today ^^ Fun. It was just me and my best friend. Fun (again....) Well, my best friend wanted me to show ya how she looks alike, so....

^^; Thats her in Florida. Yay, Miami.... Im so JEALOUS, why she goes to America, when I want freedom!? Why me!? WHY!?
Actually, she has been there already 3 times. Think aboute it, its so unfair!! I want to go to Miami too! Well not excactly there but somewhere in America anyways. *sigh* Life is unfair.

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Well..... I gess thats all for today. 'Cept I just noticed that Ragnarök has been translated in Finnish too. Thats fun ^^ Heh. Well. Have a nice day guys.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Well. At least Im not depressed.
*yawn* I wanna get hell out of here. I told my mom that I dont like Juho anymore. And this one time, she was nice. She tried to help me to find some good reason to leave him. I already got one.
Every each of you knows I hate myself, right? And you know I hate Juho the same time I like him, right? I got a reason. Juho is just like me. I dont think theres anything that we are different in. But, as I hater myself, I hate him too. I dont want another me standing there by my side, reminding me of what I am. We even look the same.
Second: Hes SO selfish. Everytime hes depressed, I try to do my best to cheer him up so he wouldnt feel bad. But when Im depressed all he says is "Dont be so negative". Next day, he askes "Well, how do you feel today" That just so pisses me off.


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*sigh* If Im gonna break up with Juho, I think that my new boyfriend could be Joni..... .... .... *thinks*.... .... .... No way no more guys. Im gonna stay single 'till Im sure I have found a soulmate. Tho Im already thinkin' aboute someone.... *grin* Tee hee hee what!? ^___^ Well I dont think hes a soulmate. Just nice. Kind. Fun. I could almost say perfect.
But you know one thing thats weird? The guy I cried for.... I loved him more than Christian, and it took like 3 years to get over him. But.... I cried only one night for that damn asshole, and now I have totally forgotted him. Im ready to move on someone else. Im free, guys, come and get me ^___~ Ahhh I will never get bored at boys.

"Ah, boy my lollipop...." as my classmate Sara always uses to sing.

Well, guys, I gotta go. If someone hasnt seen my pictures allready, check 'em from my last posts, and if you havent checked my fanart, PLEASE do it now, Oke? Thank you ^______^ You made Sakura-Chan (Or Jojo) really happy! Arigato, see ya, b'bye, good night etc.

Viva la Difference!!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Again I broke someones heart.... This Joni guy..... I maybe have talked aboute him before, I called him a cutie. Eyeglasses, black hair, 15 years old.... Well. He saw me with Juho, and mom told me that he was depressed the whole weekend. *sigh* Why this happens to me!?

Okay well check the last post too. its not so long. PLEASE!?

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Tee hee Tee hee Im in a happy mood ^^ OMG I cant understood whats wrong with me..... Im just hysteric right now. Maybe its cause of coffee. I dunno. ^^ Happy time happy time. Tee hee.
Well, for now Im fine. Im trying to write my new mangas again.... Just too tired -.-;;
Now, I feel like everyone hates me. At this week, I have heard already 3 times 'fuck you'. Yeah, I know, its tuesday but I have. Ah, now I know why Im so hyper. My depress is coming. Yeah, weird way to express it, I know, but everytime Im getting depressed I first am like I never were better.

Days quotes:
Just beat me if you want - I cant feel you anymore.
God is dead but ELVIS IS ALIVE!

Oke. Well. Few of you still havent seen my pic, so, I'll show you 'em again ^^

I took this today at our kitchen ^^; Funny.

Its me. Wow. I love my hair *laughs manically*

Me at the morning XD Tragic....

Mwahaha. Now you never wonder again *grin* Well. Take care peoples. Im going. SEE YA!!!!! ^__^ Have fun

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Monday, June 20, 2005

You remember the guy I was crying for the whole night...
I DONT EVEN REMEMBER HIM ANYMORE!!! ^_____^ Tee hee Im so so so happy. 'cept one thing.
You remember Loki? Well, he knows I hate him now. But, I just realized, Im not sure if I do or not. I..... Just remembered the time we met. He was so kind. Tender. And he really had feelings. Unlike everyone else I know.... He werent ashamed to cry.... And what happened. I started hearing that he had way too many others too. And everyone kept telling he cheats on me and hes an ass.... and I belived them.
Now, Im not sure if any of that shit was true. I dont know if I hate or love Loki, I just DONT KNOW! Aww..... My head is going to blow up.... And this weekend sucked anyway. Juho was sick and just kept whining how hes tummy hearted. Well try to go threw the legendary 'the time of the month' and you know what pain is *glares with flames in her eyes* I just feel so pissed. Im so glad he leaved today. He was going to leave tomorrow.... but Im happy he left already.

You know there are demons that live inside human.... at least few of you do. Well, I have found one new. But that is really the real me. Cruel me. Inside me. Her name is Catherine, girl who lived in me in 1600.... and I kinda like it. I just cant stop smiling, tho I were depressed.

Huh. Many of you doesent even know what Im talking aboute..... That doesent matter. The thing is, Im myself again. And it feels greate.... Tho this feeling inside me grows day by day..... Its called bloodlust. Hmm. The more peoples keep making me feel angry, sad, depressed.... the more I feel it. And for this long, I have been keeping it down with drtawing and writing. Hmm.

Wekoronshei, Thank you very much. Your right. Im not that weak. I have found one strength in me. Catherine. Im the real me now.

Peoples.... Dont even try to understood. Well, Im back and Im pretty fine. Well. Gotta go. See you later.

Take care.

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Friday, June 17, 2005


First of all, check my fanart if you havent already. *bow* Thank you. And your welcome Amerill. Always want to remember sucha good friend as you are *smile*
Well. We're gonna soon leave to pick my boyfriend. Hes coming with Taxi but it doesent come all way here so..... I so wish he wouldnt come.

Well. If you guys havent seen how I look inthe morning, check the post before this (warning: May cause traumas XD) It really is traumatic..... Friend of mine once took it at my room. X) Im gonne kill 'im. (Yeah he IS justa friend, Hes my ex boyfriends best friend so..... Thats it)

Well. I anyways gotta go now. I see you guys monday or tuesday, I dunno. Bye, have fun, miss ya all, and hey Telk27, whats your older bros name by the way? =^^= Why do I ask? Just curious. AH HAH HAH HAH HAH!!! *Cough cough* Im fine. Well see ya.

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

So, I were at my friends place.

Hangin at the city really cheered me up. Talking aboute things together really helps. She has been bitchy these days, but sher was nice this time. and its because Juho wasn't with us. Thank god he wasnt.
So anyways..... If you havent checked my new fanart yet, please do it now. As I let you know, Its for my good, VERY good friend Amerill who just had birthday. Happy birthday, again.
Now, I have to show you a horrible picture.

XDD *laughs insanely* Thats how I look inthe morning. Be afaraid!!


Gosh I havent eated anything at my best friends ;__; Im starwing.... Yummie, eggs ^^ Okay so. Im going to eat, and Im not on in the weekend. My guyfriends here, if you dont remember (God I hate that asshole....) So. Have a nice weekend.

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Yeeah. I kick ass.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

   Fun fun fun
We were at the city and... Well. Im happy. Nothing much to tell. Well, I slept like 3 hours last night, because I went to sleep too late. Yeeeah I were tired till I got those 5 energy drinks. ^___^ Hee hee Im somehow enertic right now. You may not see it but I am *nod nod* Yeah I am!
Now: I submitted one new fanart. Its for Amerill, he had birthday on 11th of this month. So, happy birthday.
So. I got nothing much to say anymore. Just have fun, and if you remember, I wont be on at weekend. Juho is still coming by. *sigh* Damn. Well.

Have a NICE day ^__^

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Well thats true....

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