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Thursday, December 28, 2006

[Current Mood]: Tired
[Currently Listening to]: My Mad Typing Skills x]
[Current Time]: 4:14pm

Meep! I'm so sorry I was unable to post on Christmas [hugs] Well, I had the traditional Christmas party....and I found out the my uncle only has 9 fingers o.o;; I got money...I got American Money and Canadian (obviously) I got a total of 150...not alot but whatever :p
Now [Points to Post Title] Yup, I'm on another one of those Hiatus things xp [Laughs] I'll be gone for a few days..and I won't be able to visit anyone..Sorry.

I made the sign on my own (w00t!) Heh heh yeah, Elusive Designs is open again, I have one DIV layout up for grabs, so if your interested feel free to take it.I've been working on four others, but I didn't put it op on Elusive-Designs just yet, if you would like to preview them click on the following links:

CG-Merry Christmas| Tales of Symphonia-Sheena Fujibayashi

I didn't make a large preview of the other 2 layouts so..you can't see them now ^^;

Well I guess that's it for today.
Take Care

[EDIT]: If anyone has a button to there Otaku site, would you please give me the URL so I can put it up on the intro ^^; Thanks.

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

>>Just Another Anime Freak
[Current Mood]: Hyper
[Currently Listening to]: Mix 7-Milo
[Current Time]: 2:37pm

Konnichiwa Minna-San!
[Laughs] it seems as though I greet you in a different language everyday [Huggles] As you can tell I'm in a real good mood today, right now! [Smiles] I love you all so much [Huggles to the extreme] Oh boy, I must be really hyper right now I'm typing really fast and I'm Hugging you guys to death [Pouts then Laughs].

Soooo, how are you mon petite audacieux(euse)? [Hugs] [Laughs] Haha! Hug War >:] I'm sorry, I'm getting a little freaky right now aren’t I? Heh heh, I'm sorry. Well, as I predicted my brother and sister made a huge mess of the Ginger Bread House, it looks like the equivalent to a person gay guy walking into a building filled with anti-homosexuals, getting beat, thrown out the window and spit on (no offence to anyone who may be gay, I really love gay guys! They make such good friends to be with, you can tell them things that you wouldn't usually be able to ask your Boyfriend or whatever and get advice, they are awesome! And so resourceful ;D) So yeah, they killed it, I tried fixing it but it's helpless. I had to spread the icing over the roof top, trying not to e conceded here...but that was the best part [Sweatdrop].

Those brownies I said I would make, I made today! They were so good [Smiles] I gave some to my brother and sister for a "good job on the ginger bread house" but eh, what do you expect there just kids. Speaking about Kids, I love children I even once considered being a pre-school teacher when I grow up, but I also want to do many other things like become a fashion designer, Interior designer, Artist, Singer, Actress, Professional Chef, Voice Actor (more likely side job), Animator...so many thing to choose from [Smiles].

Ah, before I forget, I changed my theme...I made everything, from the wallpaper to the avatar everything! I really like it, it's so...trendy[Laughs] Well, the important thing is what You guys think about it I really hope you like it, it took me a long time to make all the graphics…ah yes! I decided in the end to keep Elusive-Designs, so if you have any requests feel free to ask in a e-mail of pm ^_^

I was organizing my mangas and other novels when I stumbled upon a Shojo Beat Magazine (Honestly don't know why I have one and what it's doing in my room >:] I dislike allot of Shojo Mangas :p) And there was this article about Japanese School Girl Uniforms (Sailor Fuku) they also spoke a little bit about the Boys School Uniform (Gakuran) the school uniforms are originally based off the European military uniforms.
Before donning the uniforms they wear today, school-age girls wore kimonos to school, when the principal of a women's college in Fukuoka noticed the discomfort her students felt while playing sports in there body binding kimonos (Imagine that D: ) she decided to to design a new outfit for them. She created a navy blue blouse with a modified sailor collar paired with a pleated navy blue skirt-the sailor fuku uniform worm by many to this day! Now isn't that interesting? Going to school in Kimonos I remember last year for Halloween my friend Tiffany went to school on Halloween as a Japanese Geisha is a Kimono and the whole works! it was truly stunning! x3 Anyway, I'm sorry for boring you to death with my constant babble [Huggles].

Grr...[Laughs] Sorry for the random Grr...I guess I'll go ahead and answer the questions I asked you guys yesterday, kay, here I go:

1)Favorite Amusement Park-La Ronde
2)I'd say both but I'm going ahead and choosing Mr.Nibs
3)It's in my post :D
4)I'll stay in Canada <33 or I might just go off to Paris, London, or Germany.

Well I'll let you guys go now, sorry if my post was a little bit long today ^^;

Take Care minna-san <3


[Edit] Link back to me please xD
It took me forever to make this:

oh, yes these are mr.nibs xD

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

First Christmas without...
Yes, that's right this is going to be the very First Christmas, (God, I shouldn't even call it Christmas) without snow! Now I thought I lived in Canada [Laughs] were having some really warm temperatures this year (I blame Global Warming) The Ski Slopes and having real problem with lack of snow.

This makes me Angry

I love my snow, but I guess there isn't going to be any for Christmas. It really takes away from the Holiday Spirit [Nods] Ah, well what can you do?

Well, my friends called me last night and were all going to see the re-make of the movie Black Christmas A horror film for Christmas, brilliant x] Can't wait >/\<

My parents bought this "Make it yourself Gingerbread House" for my little brother and sister to make, I have no doubt in my mind that there going to kill the house xD [Laughs]
Yes, I know what I just said sounds very mean >.<

Now a few Question for today:

1) Do you have Snow?
2) Do you like Snow? [Laughs] You don't have to answer the snow questions ^^
1) Favorite theme park?
2)Chocolate or Mr.Nibs
3)When you grow old enough what do you want to be?
4)When you grow old enough where would you live?

Well I guess that's it for today, sorry for the short post.

Take care [Hugs Tight]

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Break Begins!
Hello everyone,
Thankyou so much for your comments, 18 that's really awesome of you guys! [hugs] I won second place in Somegirl's contest! You may view my prize here.

Anyway, I finished my exam today and now it's the holidays! I can't wait for christmas, it' so close.
I'm going to my Cousins house for a Christmas party like I always do every year, we usually stay till 4 am in the morning the next day..it's crazy xD I'll be sure to write about it when the day comes. I'll be dropping off my presents for my friends at Lauren Hill on Friday, and then we'll hang out or something ^_^

I'm also going to do some last minute shopping ^^ for my parents, got my dad electronics...he's a guy so he'll be happy xD and my mother a bunch of women things like makeup...I really did not know what she wants O_O;

Well I'll try to visit everyone.

Take Care

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Studying, Winter, etc.
Salut mon petite audacieux(euse),
Thank you so much for all your comments for my previous post [Hugs] I loved reading them all, I truly did enjoy them all as I always do [Smiles] I'm taking my 30 minute break right now before I have to go study again.

My older sister on the other hand, studied her but off after school yesterday (as did I) for her Economics exam today, until midnight and so she's very tired and I'm very tired. I have no exam today so I'm using today to study, I got very little sleep and I fear I'll be so sleepy for my exam tomorrow I might mess up and misinterpret a question [Pleurer]

I started this morning at 9:00hrs and ended at 12:00hrs so my hands are going to fall off and my brain is going to explode [Laughs] enough about me, how about you guys? Is everything going well? How are you feeling today?

Well I'm sorry that I was unable to visit everyone last night, I tried my very best to visit as many people as I could but failed to visit everyone, and I am sorry [Hugs].

So far my studies are going pretty well, I've been going over my notes doing the self chapter tests in both my mathematics workbook and text book for each and every chapter that I am confident that will show up on the exam.
I'm so happy today, I woke up and it was snowing! I was so afraid before I'd end up with a brown Christmas, but it's snowing! The tree branches are topped with snow and it's just so pretty [Smiles] Snow really does get me cheery! La neige avoir une grand sourire pour moi!

Earlier this morning I was in the mood to make a Kingdom hearts AMV I hosted it on my Xanga account, you can view it here tell me what you think of it, I used the song "Breaking the Habit" by Linkin Park. I've always loved there lyrics!

I'm going to bake a batch of petit jeanette (petit gateau au chocolat) I can’t wait! I have always loved baking and cooking for that matter, so that should be fun [Smiles].

So my Exams start tomorrow, wish me luck ;D
Take Care Everyone

[EDIT]: I just can't do it, I'm closing down Elusive-Designs don't have the modivation. I guess I'll just post some of the graphics here in a post and you can take it if you want but now the credit will go to me at my Otaku address ^^; Also I haven't really written apoem in a long time, so i figured I shold start writing once again. So here it is, I didn't give it a title so if anyone can think of one leave a comment for the title,thanks.

Buttercups and Iris
Littering the ground
Golden stars and snowflakes
Falling from the sky
An over exposed heart to which relates to a Heart of Fear
Hands which hold your greatest hope descends through your most fearful thoughts
A dream which can relate to a nightmare
For who's heart is filled with fear
Whose hands are filled with hope
A constant singing in your ear
Never to far
Never to close
Just around the corner
And eyes tear
But don't be afraid
Your help is near
The hope that lies inside your hands
Concurs over fear.

-Sweet Mizuki

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hiatus No More, Elusive Designs, More

Hello my friends!
[Hugs] thank you for your comments, I'm a bad girl..I direct linked an image [Slaps self] you guys are so sweet! You understand my sentiments xD got to love you guys.

So, it just so happens that I won't be on Hiatus after all (can't stay away from you people for 5 seconds >/\< )

So the weekend is coming to a close and my exams officially start on Wednesday, the school is offering us lunch for 25 cents, verrrrry cheap eh?
But school food sucks! I'd rather go out even if it does cost alot less to eat in :p

I haven't studied that much so I'm a little worred, but it's all good (i think) I have 2 more days to study ^^; and then some I think.

Anyway, now that I got myself all worried and everything...lets talk about my graphic site no?
It's called Elusive-Designs the site is a little incomplete so I'm here asking for donations ^^; [Sad] if you don't want to thats fine as well.

But just take a look okies ^^; thankyou [Hugs]

So, i've visited Mizuho over the weekend and it's changed so much D: it's not a bad thing but I really miss the way it was in 2005...but what can you do?

Well I have to go now.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Apologies, Crazy Exam, Hiatus Again?!
Hello my smart cookies
*hugs* How is everyone? I hope everyone is doing well *nods* Well fist off I'd like to apologize to everyone about my other post, it was a cheap and pointless post, I didn't have anything to say so I posted this flash video I found on deviantart.

Well, I'd also like to apologize for the lack of visiting that I've been doing so far ^^; I find it very hard to visit people now, and I'm really sorry.

Which brings me to my next topic, because of this I'll be on hiatus ^^; Clicky I'd just hate to have you take the time to visit me and I don't do the same, so if I don't visit i don't update!

Now, Today must of been one of the most weirdest out of place exams I've had so far in the year. We came back from lunch and got settled into third period. Every english class is time to do our Mid term English exam.
So everyone was quiet and all of a sudden the sky gets dark and begins to rain, everyone is busy at work when we hear a flash of lightning and all the girls scream (I do NOT admit to screaming x3) it was hilarious. The guys were laughing at us everyone was holding each other, I feel like such a wuss x3 *laughs* The girls in my class were talking about stereotypical events that would take place at school, it was funny ^^

Well other than that, when I finished school I ran into my old friends Cindy and Sheena ^^ I was so happy to see them, it's always good to see old friends.

Well anyway, I have nothing else to bore you with *hugs* very sorry.

Take Care

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lets Learn..the stupid way

RIBOSOMES LOL by ~FooDude on deviantART

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Exam Prep, Christmas in 12 Days, Back as Friends

Hello everyone,
Thankyou very much for all you comments! *Huggles*
Well I got home early today (every Wednesday is a half day)I was really famished and hungry because there was no break time at all, we went through all periods without a break.
I had Physical Education last, and it was a free class because it was the last time our teacher would see us before exams...which start very soon (and I thank you all for your support) and I chose to play badminton with some random person x3

Okay, anyway I got home and slept in until right now [Laughs]
I kind of died O_O and skipped dinner it was left cold [Sigh]

So, in case you haven't noticed...Christmas is in 12 days! I can't wait! But it makes me really sad...all the snow kind of melted away [Sad]
I really wanted a traditional White Christmas.

http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/9684/130ig0.jpgOkay, remember my "bf" okay, he e-mailed me a really long apology letter...and now were friends again ^^; I'll keep an eye out on him I don't want something like this to happen again.

So..um...I have nothing else to say.
Take Care

[EDIT]: Thankyou FallenAngel101

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Winter Layout, Exams, Shopping

Hello my Dears,
Thank you all very much for your comments the other day, [Hugs]. As you 'may' have already notice d I have changed my layout! To a new winter like theme, my personal thoughts on this theme are positive (ugh! What was that? Can it be that my English is going down the drain?!)I really like it.

But enough about what I think, what do you think? Do you like it? Hope so!

Anyway, I had no school today.
But I'll be heading off to school first thing tomorrow, Well I went Christmas shopping with my older sister. I was looking for gifts for a close group of friends and my siblings, I bought my friends Cynthia from LaurenHill Air gear Part 2 Box set and a School Rumble Manga (Volume 1) I got both Rebecca,Lyndsay and Massiel a bunch of clothes ^^ I really hope they like them. Cynthia is the only one out of all of my friends who enjoys anime O_O can you believe it? Not even Naruto BELIEVES IT lol.

I got my brother some Poekmon and Yugi-Oh (hop I spelt that right ^^;) stuff, he's really into that. And I got my sister Dora the explorer.

So now I am broke [Sigh] And I'm not even done with Christmas Shopping, I have to wait till I get my allowance next week.

Anyway, with the English exam already started I must study for each and every test up coming...I think i promised to post up my exam scedual? Well here it is:

Monday-December 18th
Regular School Day

Tuesday-December 19th

Wednesday-December 20th
8:30-11:30-Math (Booklet 1)

Thursday-December 21st
8:30-11:30-Math (Booklet 2)

Friday is a Christmas Concert

Monday-January 15
13:00-15:00-Math (Booklet 4)

Teusday-January 16th
09:00-12:00-Math (Booklet 5) and I'm done [Deep Sigh of Relief]

Well I'll try to visit everyone today.
Take care
-Sweet Mizuki

[EDIT]: I decided to post all the cards my wonderful friends sent to me ^^ thank you all!

Card from My Slowdance
Card from E.n.D.l.E.s.S

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