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Monday, December 11, 2006

Winter Layout, Exams, Shopping

Hello my Dears,
Thank you all very much for your comments the other day, [Hugs]. As you 'may' have already notice d I have changed my layout! To a new winter like theme, my personal thoughts on this theme are positive (ugh! What was that? Can it be that my English is going down the drain?!)I really like it.

But enough about what I think, what do you think? Do you like it? Hope so!

Anyway, I had no school today.
But I'll be heading off to school first thing tomorrow, Well I went Christmas shopping with my older sister. I was looking for gifts for a close group of friends and my siblings, I bought my friends Cynthia from LaurenHill Air gear Part 2 Box set and a School Rumble Manga (Volume 1) I got both Rebecca,Lyndsay and Massiel a bunch of clothes ^^ I really hope they like them. Cynthia is the only one out of all of my friends who enjoys anime O_O can you believe it? Not even Naruto BELIEVES IT lol.

I got my brother some Poekmon and Yugi-Oh (hop I spelt that right ^^;) stuff, he's really into that. And I got my sister Dora the explorer.

So now I am broke [Sigh] And I'm not even done with Christmas Shopping, I have to wait till I get my allowance next week.

Anyway, with the English exam already started I must study for each and every test up coming...I think i promised to post up my exam scedual? Well here it is:

Monday-December 18th
Regular School Day

Tuesday-December 19th

Wednesday-December 20th
8:30-11:30-Math (Booklet 1)

Thursday-December 21st
8:30-11:30-Math (Booklet 2)

Friday is a Christmas Concert

Monday-January 15
13:00-15:00-Math (Booklet 4)

Teusday-January 16th
09:00-12:00-Math (Booklet 5) and I'm done [Deep Sigh of Relief]

Well I'll try to visit everyone today.
Take care
-Sweet Mizuki

[EDIT]: I decided to post all the cards my wonderful friends sent to me ^^ thank you all!

Card from My Slowdance
Card from E.n.D.l.E.s.S

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