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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Studying, Winter, etc.
Salut mon petite audacieux(euse),
Thank you so much for all your comments for my previous post [Hugs] I loved reading them all, I truly did enjoy them all as I always do [Smiles] I'm taking my 30 minute break right now before I have to go study again.

My older sister on the other hand, studied her but off after school yesterday (as did I) for her Economics exam today, until midnight and so she's very tired and I'm very tired. I have no exam today so I'm using today to study, I got very little sleep and I fear I'll be so sleepy for my exam tomorrow I might mess up and misinterpret a question [Pleurer]

I started this morning at 9:00hrs and ended at 12:00hrs so my hands are going to fall off and my brain is going to explode [Laughs] enough about me, how about you guys? Is everything going well? How are you feeling today?

Well I'm sorry that I was unable to visit everyone last night, I tried my very best to visit as many people as I could but failed to visit everyone, and I am sorry [Hugs].

So far my studies are going pretty well, I've been going over my notes doing the self chapter tests in both my mathematics workbook and text book for each and every chapter that I am confident that will show up on the exam.
I'm so happy today, I woke up and it was snowing! I was so afraid before I'd end up with a brown Christmas, but it's snowing! The tree branches are topped with snow and it's just so pretty [Smiles] Snow really does get me cheery! La neige avoir une grand sourire pour moi!

Earlier this morning I was in the mood to make a Kingdom hearts AMV I hosted it on my Xanga account, you can view it here tell me what you think of it, I used the song "Breaking the Habit" by Linkin Park. I've always loved there lyrics!

I'm going to bake a batch of petit jeanette (petit gateau au chocolat) I canít wait! I have always loved baking and cooking for that matter, so that should be fun [Smiles].

So my Exams start tomorrow, wish me luck ;D
Take Care Everyone

[EDIT]: I just can't do it, I'm closing down Elusive-Designs don't have the modivation. I guess I'll just post some of the graphics here in a post and you can take it if you want but now the credit will go to me at my Otaku address ^^; Also I haven't really written apoem in a long time, so i figured I shold start writing once again. So here it is, I didn't give it a title so if anyone can think of one leave a comment for the title,thanks.

Buttercups and Iris
Littering the ground
Golden stars and snowflakes
Falling from the sky
An over exposed heart to which relates to a Heart of Fear
Hands which hold your greatest hope descends through your most fearful thoughts
A dream which can relate to a nightmare
For who's heart is filled with fear
Whose hands are filled with hope
A constant singing in your ear
Never to far
Never to close
Just around the corner
And eyes tear
But don't be afraid
Your help is near
The hope that lies inside your hands
Concurs over fear.

-Sweet Mizuki

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