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Saturday, December 23, 2006

First Christmas without...
Yes, that's right this is going to be the very First Christmas, (God, I shouldn't even call it Christmas) without snow! Now I thought I lived in Canada [Laughs] were having some really warm temperatures this year (I blame Global Warming) The Ski Slopes and having real problem with lack of snow.

This makes me Angry

I love my snow, but I guess there isn't going to be any for Christmas. It really takes away from the Holiday Spirit [Nods] Ah, well what can you do?

Well, my friends called me last night and were all going to see the re-make of the movie Black Christmas A horror film for Christmas, brilliant x] Can't wait >/\<

My parents bought this "Make it yourself Gingerbread House" for my little brother and sister to make, I have no doubt in my mind that there going to kill the house xD [Laughs]
Yes, I know what I just said sounds very mean >.<

Now a few Question for today:

1) Do you have Snow?
2) Do you like Snow? [Laughs] You don't have to answer the snow questions ^^
1) Favorite theme park?
2)Chocolate or Mr.Nibs
3)When you grow old enough what do you want to be?
4)When you grow old enough where would you live?

Well I guess that's it for today, sorry for the short post.

Take care [Hugs Tight]

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