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Thursday, December 28, 2006

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Meep! I'm so sorry I was unable to post on Christmas [hugs] Well, I had the traditional Christmas party....and I found out the my uncle only has 9 fingers o.o;; I got money...I got American Money and Canadian (obviously) I got a total of 150...not alot but whatever :p
Now [Points to Post Title] Yup, I'm on another one of those Hiatus things xp [Laughs] I'll be gone for a few days..and I won't be able to visit anyone..Sorry.

I made the sign on my own (w00t!) Heh heh yeah, Elusive Designs is open again, I have one DIV layout up for grabs, so if your interested feel free to take it.I've been working on four others, but I didn't put it op on Elusive-Designs just yet, if you would like to preview them click on the following links:

CG-Merry Christmas| Tales of Symphonia-Sheena Fujibayashi

I didn't make a large preview of the other 2 layouts so..you can't see them now ^^;

Well I guess that's it for today.
Take Care

[EDIT]: If anyone has a button to there Otaku site, would you please give me the URL so I can put it up on the intro ^^; Thanks.

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