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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hiatus No More, Elusive Designs, More

Hello my friends!
[Hugs] thank you for your comments, I'm a bad girl..I direct linked an image [Slaps self] you guys are so sweet! You understand my sentiments xD got to love you guys.

So, it just so happens that I won't be on Hiatus after all (can't stay away from you people for 5 seconds >/\< )

So the weekend is coming to a close and my exams officially start on Wednesday, the school is offering us lunch for 25 cents, verrrrry cheap eh?
But school food sucks! I'd rather go out even if it does cost alot less to eat in :p

I haven't studied that much so I'm a little worred, but it's all good (i think) I have 2 more days to study ^^; and then some I think.

Anyway, now that I got myself all worried and everything...lets talk about my graphic site no?
It's called Elusive-Designs the site is a little incomplete so I'm here asking for donations ^^; [Sad] if you don't want to thats fine as well.

But just take a look okies ^^; thankyou [Hugs]

So, i've visited Mizuho over the weekend and it's changed so much D: it's not a bad thing but I really miss the way it was in 2005...but what can you do?

Well I have to go now.

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