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Sunday, December 24, 2006

>>Just Another Anime Freak
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Konnichiwa Minna-San!
[Laughs] it seems as though I greet you in a different language everyday [Huggles] As you can tell I'm in a real good mood today, right now! [Smiles] I love you all so much [Huggles to the extreme] Oh boy, I must be really hyper right now I'm typing really fast and I'm Hugging you guys to death [Pouts then Laughs].

Soooo, how are you mon petite audacieux(euse)? [Hugs] [Laughs] Haha! Hug War >:] I'm sorry, I'm getting a little freaky right now aren’t I? Heh heh, I'm sorry. Well, as I predicted my brother and sister made a huge mess of the Ginger Bread House, it looks like the equivalent to a person gay guy walking into a building filled with anti-homosexuals, getting beat, thrown out the window and spit on (no offence to anyone who may be gay, I really love gay guys! They make such good friends to be with, you can tell them things that you wouldn't usually be able to ask your Boyfriend or whatever and get advice, they are awesome! And so resourceful ;D) So yeah, they killed it, I tried fixing it but it's helpless. I had to spread the icing over the roof top, trying not to e conceded here...but that was the best part [Sweatdrop].

Those brownies I said I would make, I made today! They were so good [Smiles] I gave some to my brother and sister for a "good job on the ginger bread house" but eh, what do you expect there just kids. Speaking about Kids, I love children I even once considered being a pre-school teacher when I grow up, but I also want to do many other things like become a fashion designer, Interior designer, Artist, Singer, Actress, Professional Chef, Voice Actor (more likely side job), Animator...so many thing to choose from [Smiles].

Ah, before I forget, I changed my theme...I made everything, from the wallpaper to the avatar everything! I really like it, it's so...trendy[Laughs] Well, the important thing is what You guys think about it I really hope you like it, it took me a long time to make all the graphics…ah yes! I decided in the end to keep Elusive-Designs, so if you have any requests feel free to ask in a e-mail of pm ^_^

I was organizing my mangas and other novels when I stumbled upon a Shojo Beat Magazine (Honestly don't know why I have one and what it's doing in my room >:] I dislike allot of Shojo Mangas :p) And there was this article about Japanese School Girl Uniforms (Sailor Fuku) they also spoke a little bit about the Boys School Uniform (Gakuran) the school uniforms are originally based off the European military uniforms.
Before donning the uniforms they wear today, school-age girls wore kimonos to school, when the principal of a women's college in Fukuoka noticed the discomfort her students felt while playing sports in there body binding kimonos (Imagine that D: ) she decided to to design a new outfit for them. She created a navy blue blouse with a modified sailor collar paired with a pleated navy blue skirt-the sailor fuku uniform worm by many to this day! Now isn't that interesting? Going to school in Kimonos I remember last year for Halloween my friend Tiffany went to school on Halloween as a Japanese Geisha is a Kimono and the whole works! it was truly stunning! x3 Anyway, I'm sorry for boring you to death with my constant babble [Huggles].

Grr...[Laughs] Sorry for the random Grr...I guess I'll go ahead and answer the questions I asked you guys yesterday, kay, here I go:

1)Favorite Amusement Park-La Ronde
2)I'd say both but I'm going ahead and choosing Mr.Nibs
3)It's in my post :D
4)I'll stay in Canada <33 or I might just go off to Paris, London, or Germany.

Well I'll let you guys go now, sorry if my post was a little bit long today ^^;

Take Care minna-san <3


[Edit] Link back to me please xD
It took me forever to make this:

oh, yes these are mr.nibs xD

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