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Monday, April 21, 2008

I hate it T___T I've lost my password to theotaku and for some reason there is NO way I can get my password back.

....So...I'm forced to make a new one...and since I'm leaving MyO (Cause it's kind of a dead wasteland n_n''') I'll either make a new Theotaku or a site for blogging :] I'll let you know.

but...anyway..I'll continue posting..

something...really random...





He added me on fb and we became very good friends from there...

um..now I feel awkward..



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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And with a flick of her wand, she came back!
Hey you guys!
Long time no post eh? Sorry I've been gone, lots of things have been happening haha. First off, my friend and I both got lip piercings and there fucking hot! I'm now addicted to Monster instead of Dr.Pepper, I'm trying to do better in school, I'm moving to Alberta
I'll start this post and try to explain everything....

So, since I mentioned the piercings first, I'll start off with them. I've always wanted snake bites and now I have them :) but...without the pain. They're fake x) because my parents would never permit me to get real ones at my age, but when I'm 18 there isn't much they can say about it so, watch out mom and dad ;) my friend Sean on the other hand got a real lip piercing! It looks so fucking hot on him <3 I swear, if he wasn't homosexual I would....

He's like one of those really hot emo guys you see on photobucket they you want to pounce at and snuggle with.

Okay, now about my new obsession with the energy drink Monster, HOMFG I love it <3 it completely replaces Dr.Pepper, damn you Amanda >.< but I lurvs you so much :B but according to my friend Sayuri, if I keep on drinking it everyday I'll end up having a heart attack @ w @;; cause it's an energy drink, it like...almost medicated dude XD haha. According to some people it has Bull Sperm in it :S maybe I should read the ingredients next time eh? Haha.

Here's the thing!! I'm failing school! Really bad like too D: and in order to save my ass, I need to start working NOW! So I'm trying my best to get work done and study and stuff, in order to get to the next grade I need to pass English, French and Math and have a passing average...so far, I'm failing English, French and Math BUT I do have a passing average :) I can pull off passing French and English but I have to forget about math -_-; unless a miracle happens on the finals...I dunno.

Last, and most important topic...at least to me. I'm moving to Alberta. Away from MY Montreal :'( it's really sad. I don't know when I'm going, but it's most likely sometime next year and I really don't want to..I've made some of my very best friends here. Sean, Kathy, Sayuri, Christina, etc. I don't want to leave them...I'll say more about this topic later.

kkthnx baii

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hello version Vibrant!
I moved with a new name :3 I hope to see you all there:


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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hey everyone.
It's a rant post 8D Isn't that lovely? *sighs* -.- yeah, March Break has been horrible so far. I'm grounded, meaning I have to spend time with this family I don't get a long with at all. Sooo...you can only imagine how I feel right now. I'm feeling really depressed and irritated, I've been blowing away my entire break doing things like cleaning, running errands (oh and just not normal errands the annoying petty kinds of errands >: ), cooking, and doing my older sisters chores on top of everything else because she has school. Arg. I'm so mad right now, I wanna go out and enjoy my break...but of course, I can't -_-" ...now let me tell you about my dad....oh my dad.

The guy wakes up pissed at the world! He thinks I'm really lazy...and doesn't consider all the work he drops on me, which really pisses me off. He just made me cry a few hours before posting this. He gets crazy mad over the simplest things and takes his anger to an extreme; I was cleaning the kitchen and I couldn't finish all the dishes so then he starts yelling at me and calls me a lazy b*tch blah, blah, blah, and then I try to explain myself and he's all "Get the f*uck out of this house, get a job".....

I'm 15.

Well, I guess he's not that bad...but he really gets to me and makes me feel like complete shit. I'm sorry, I'll stop ranting now. I'm going to try and visit people today, thanks for reading.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's been a long time..
Hey you guys,I'm making a quick short post. Sorry I've been away. I was grounded. I can't wait for Version Vibrant.
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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Long time no post

Hey you guys,
I know it's been a while since I actually posted here; and I give you all my more apologies. A lot has happened in my absence and I just couldn't find the time to come on here and update.

But not that I am here, I might as well...
But it's going to be short because my laptop is just about ready to due -_-" so I'm trying to type as fast as I can. Now where should I begin. Hm.

I wasn't here a lot, for many reasons, I had exams, relationship, and other stressful matters.Well, exams are over and have been over for about a week now, which makes me one happy ducky :D they were really stressful u_u" then there is also the issue where my guy friend kinda made me his "unofficial girlfriend" but I "don't" feel the same for him (my feeling for him keep on switching around). Then I've been busy with helping out other people with their problems, which made me worried sick D: Uhm, and then I've been on and off on deviantart.

That's about everything that I've done really...not very exciting.

I started watching this Taiwanese Drama called "It Started With a Kiss" it's really funny, I like it. I'll post the first episode for you guys, watch it if you'd like:

Yeah, so um, I'm very tired and my laptop only has 10 minutes remaining o_o so I'm gonna go ahead and sleep now. Hope you guys like the new layout btw ^_^

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Sunday, January 6, 2008


It's been a while hasn't it..well I'm finally making a proper post ^^; sorry you guys!

Ah, today is my last day of holidays and then I wake up tomorrow and get back to school -.-" I have a week to study for the mid-term exams that are coming up (but I know that I really should of done that over the holidays...at lease a bit, but who wants to study on break??) I'm really nervous I've always done so bad on these things. No matter how much I study I stress and then blank out all the time >_< I hate it! Then I end up going to summer school...which is no fun at all.

I've been waking up lately with bad headaches and stuff, I don't know why.maybe it's the way I sleep? Or don't sleep -_-" last night was really hectic, I woke up to the sound of police cars and an ambulance, my dad called the cops on some guy who apparently was drunk and beat a woman up and left her in the middle of the street. Now I thought I would only witness this kind of thing on television (doesn't that just tell you how naive I really am). but I felt so painfully bad for her and I just couldn't get the images of abuse out of my head, I started to tear up a bit, I knew I would feel bad obviously, but to the point where I would cry a little, I had no idea I was this emotional.

Oh! I ordered a Sailor Fuku that I'm going to wear at Otakuthon in August, I can't wait for it to come in it's really cute ^_^ maybe I'll post pictures of it sometime when if comes in, which I hope is really soon! I'm going to be selling art there, so if any of you are coming to visit Montreal (or live here) if you feel like buying my art come drop me a visit and see if you like anything but shhh...because your all super cool I might give you all a discount :'D haha. I'll post the stuff I'll be selling later on in the year so you guys can decide in advance.

Um, so for the rest of the day i'll probably be on MSN xP and working on my graphic site ^^;; that is still not up yet It's called "Cloud-Nine" I'm still debating whether it should be a full graphic site with Layouts and everything, or just a small one that has icons and such. I'm leaning more towards the icon site...what do you guys think I should do?

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bad Yesterday...

Valentines Day-Linkin Park

Hey everyone!
Thanks for your really long touching comments, I love you all *hugs* your guys really are the very best! Anyway, I haven't posted in a while and I realize that I probably should get back to posting now and again.

Yesterday, was bad...I made a mistake, broke and plate and got beat...yeah, I'd rather not talk about it, my dad is just scary >_> and I kind of lost it there and uh..not going to talk about anymore right now.

Well last night, I went to my Aunts house because she's leaving to go to her country. My cousin told me that I could go on his computer and do whatever, so I went on MSN..I was talking to some of my good friends and went to the washroom, but when I came back I saw my cousin talking to them saying "Oh ur hot" "hey wussup babe" and the worst thing he said was "Well, I bet you immature in bed" O___O I WAS ALL WTF?!! GET OFF XDDD (even though it's not my compute, go figure)

Well yeah, my sister is going to a job interview to work at Second Cup. I seriously hope she get it O__O;; cause we don't really get along and I'd like some peace (especially since this month has been really bad >< ) I feel mean for saying that though :[

Well, would you guys do me a favor and visit Funny Bunny her brother died, and she needs a lot of moral support >< so please help her out!


Oh! Yes! Happy December 1st! Also happy birthday to my friend Alicia & Shizuka

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

As things

Vampires will never hurt you-MCR

Hey loves,
Thanks for all your help and support, I love you guys so much, I love coming here because you all are such wonderful people, so open to anything and all so very understand! I love you all, I don't know what I'd do without you guys.

Well, things seem pretty normal so far, he still is touchy but you know..he's a guy so it's normal right? He also has been really touchy with another friend of mine, I mean they bite each other O__O (so I'm hoping this means I'm "off the hook") I'm very tired, stressed, and kind of pissed. I'm tired because I just got home from school and I don't sleep very well, I usually end up going to bed at 2am or later. I'm stressed because my grades are slipping really bad, and my mood lately has kind of been preventing from working as hard as I should, I try so hard to get back on track but it's just not working you know? I'm pissed because of many things that are hard to say...so I just wont.

I don't know what to say, I'm really tired and can't think straight...wait, My friend and I have a plan if I'm not off the hook, I agree and disagree with the entire play but, it's something you know? We want to hook him up with my other friend who has been very touchy feely with, I mean, I think they both like each other. Just to make sure, my friend is going to ask her privately if she finds him cute or anything like that, or if she would ever consider going out with him. If not, I'm just going to have to tell him straight. I'm hoping I'm either off the hook or they go out -__-; cause honestly, I don't think that I could tell him...

Now, I don't think I told you guys about my 5 day lunch suspension did I? Well, to make it short, My friend Anne felt "sick" (she really wanted to skip a class) so I took her home, but she wanted me to go the long way to metro with her so she could get coffee, my other friend tagged along because she didn't want me to go back to school alone (and thank god she did) well we came back late and got a five day lunch suspension T.T well, today was our last day and I am sooo happy! I can finally go out for lunch!!!

Well..I'm going to end this post now partly because I have no idea what I should say to you other than my math teacher is taking a few weeks off because she is very ill and it is doctors orders to stay off work so the chances of getting a heart attack will be reduced with the help of some pills >< and I feel really bad for her...because she's a really dedicated teacher.

Well...I'll end this here...take care you guys and again thank so much for all your support and help!

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Save Me...

Hospital-The Used

Ahh, thanks so much for all your comments I really appreciate it. Now, today I told myself that I really need you guys...I need you guys so much right now it's not even funny. I thought that my day was going to be just fine, until last night...things got pretty awkward and i was crying...

I was on MSN talking to some friends and whatnot, and then...why don't I just show you the awkward convo I had with him. I feel really stupid for saying the things I did because now..I can't even speak to him. It is way to awkward:

(The Shadow is Him and I'm Forsaken~Emotions)

8:54:19 PM the shadow hey tou
8:54:19 PM the shadow you
8:54:22 PM the shadow im finally online
8:54:23 PM the shadow xD
8:54:27 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s YAY
8:54:28 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s ^^
8:54:30 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s lol
8:54:33 PM the shadow my bro left
8:54:38 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s how was your day yesterday
8:54:39 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s :3
8:54:43 PM the shadow it sucked
8:54:49 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s aww
8:54:51 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s >__<
8:54:53 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s why :(
8:54:56 PM the shadow well except for u there
8:55:13 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s aww
8:55:15 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s >__<
8:59:14 PM the shadow i havent been onlne that much
8:59:16 PM the shadow srry:(
8:59:24 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s it's alright >_<
8:59:28 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s it's not your fault
8:59:30 PM the shadow :D
8:59:31 PM the shadow ok
8:59:32 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s ^^*
8:59:54 PM the shadow felt like i made u lonely
9:00:01 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s aww
9:00:02 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s it's ok
9:00:04 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s >_<
9:00:44 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s don't worry ok ^^*
9:01:05 PM the shadow ok ok
9:01:12 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s ok :3
9:02:11 PM the shadow :D

Okay, that's just a typical talk right?...well this is where things get awkward..

9:37:42 PM the shadow ppl are asking me if were going out
9:37:47 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s O_O
9:37:47 PM the shadow what do i say?
9:37:51 PM the shadow yes or no
9:37:51 PM the shadow ?
9:38:23 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s >__>
9:38:26 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s I dunno
9:38:27 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s ><
9:38:34 PM the shadow do i say yes or no ur cchoice
9:38:44 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s your choice
9:38:49 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s there asking you ;p
9:38:49 PM the shadow yea
9:38:50 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s XDD
9:38:55 PM the shadow thats what i mean
9:39:01 PM the shadow well yes or no
9:39:14 PM the shadow if i say yes that means u have to say yes
24/11/2007 9:39:30 PM .......::::::: < k a t > :::::::....... has been added to the conversation.

At this point I'm freaking out, so i add my best friend Kathy into the convo (cause she knew what was going on for the longest time)So then he opens another convo with me and says:

9:42:14 PM the shadow do u want to go out
9:42:18 PM the shadow ?
9:42:28 PM the shadow then i can answer
9:42:29 PM the shadow yes
9:42:52 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s um..k
9:42:57 PM the shadow ill just say no
9:43:00 PM the shadow or yes
9:43:04 PM the shadow i dont know:(
9:43:06 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s >_<
9:43:10 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s I don't knwo either
9:43:25 PM the shadow cuz if ppl ask u
9:43:28 PM the shadow u have to say yes
9:43:36 PM F o r s a k e n~ E m o t i o n s o..k...
10:19:59 PM the shadow do u like me more then a friend?

You see?!! I feel so stupid for saying all of that, I don't know what I'm going to do..I don't like him like that, what have I got myself into?

I'm sorry that this post is kind of long because of the convo but yeah >__> I'm very sorry. Well I'll end it here..it's getting too long. BTW how do you get your post in a scroll thinger..like yeah..

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