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Saturday, June 30, 2007


Akirichan.net has accepted my submission! I now have a new subdomain with her, she's the sweetest little thing. So I'll have to get working on the layout for that sooner or later.

Anyway, in terms of 'family' things have been rather rough. My parents have been arguing with each other, ignoring each other for God only knows how long. My dad talks about getting a lawyer and whatnot...

It's really...

Whatever, at least they began to talk to each other today.

Now, on a brighter note, YOUR COMMENTS

I loved them all ^^

LeKun: "Global Warming. I blame it on NY. =_= Even though I live here, it's the most polluted place I know of. A shameless place it is.."

lol, I've never been to New York *le gasp* so I can't really say anything. My sister went though, she says it smells funny xD

Arduous: "I'm so envious of your artwork. Photoshop is waayy too complicated for me. I'll just stick with old school."

Gwaa~ I love you <33 I'm not that great though, there are so many other amazing artist on there that surpass my skills greatly O_O

miko by dark: "global warming..tsk tsk pretty soon the world will all be under water and THEN the government will be like "we should something about this!...tomorrow" >.>"

That's funny, that's probably what going to end up happening lol

Angel Zakuro: "Enjoy the annual L'international des Feux. ^_^ I don't quite remember what it was though...something with fireworks? I know I asked last year (yeah, can you believe it? We've been friends that long! *hugs*), but now I forget!

Yeah, it's fire works :D I can't believe we've known each other for that long, it's amazing ^__^

The Jazz Festival has already started here in Montreal, it's supposedly really good, that people from other countries fly in to come see it O.o?

Ah, well xD

Take Care


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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm going to die....
Hey, Everyone,

I have returned, I'm feeling a little better now (minus the crazy heat so far). nothing much has happened over my absence from Myotaku, I've made a Gaiaonline account (finally) and I updated my deviantart account with this picture. I made a chibi group picture of those friends of mine on devinatart, I though it looked horrible, but they liked it ^^ and that's all that counts.

Because of the crazy heat, my father has been even more moody than ever...it's annoying...it REALLY is. I haven't really eaten anything other that ice cream and salad for the past week because of the heat. I feel sick...

All I have to say about the weather is...


or...just summer xD

Okay, I'm going to let you guys go now, because I think I'm feeling a little sick.

I'm no good with weather conditions like these *giggles*

Oh! yes! Before I forget, the annual L'International des Feux I can't wait to see China! USA won first place last year ^^

So take care


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Thursday, June 21, 2007

See you Later Taters!

Hey everyone,
I guess you can say that my last post may well be my "last post". I feel like retiring from 'lil old MyOtaku. But not forever--that I hope. I'll still be here, but not so often, even with the summer ahead I understand that this might not make the best of sense but I am leaving for the time being. I will be back, because I love you guys to pieces!
But---unfortunately, I must say my good-bye's for it will be like this as long as I feel...uh *blushes* I'm sorry!
So, I might just pop in once in a while to update, like on times of my birthday...but I can't promise I'll be here often. But I cannot promise you that I will comment on others, and I-I'm sorry!

If you'd like to find me, I've occupied myself on DeviantART My journal over there will be updated more. Also on my Xanga (because it hasn't has a lot of attention for months *giggle*) which is Here.

B-but, to keep this most less dramatic, I'll tell you what my brother did for my yesterday. It was the sweetest thing, my mother went to go pick him up after school. Oliver (my little brother) comes running in upstairs to my room and shows me a picture her drew. He said "Look, it's Kingdom Hearts!" he also said he drew it to make me happy ^///^ what a sweetie~

His speech therapist said that he is dislecsic (sp?), and I begin to feel horrible...he also is changing schools ....again. Poor thing >.<

Um, I'm making a site again *giggle snort* <---O_o?
But I think I'll be able to keep it, it's a Kingdom Hearts Fan listing (Or something around thoes lines)...it's simple and easy to manage...I applied to be hosted by Akirichan so Iíll know soon if I'll make the site.
So if anyone wants to join...*Hint*

I haven't seen James for *counts on fingers* 1 week! I'm missing him so much =__= and I haven't gotten a picture yet...apparently my friend lost her cell phone so I can't have it...*sigh*

Anyway, *blushes* I'll live...

So, a friend of mine on Deviantart is in need of a ton of Moral Support, her dog is dying...she says she (the dog) is so weak that she can't even get up to drink water, it's horrible! I suggest that anyone who has a DA account should visit her and lend her some moral support, here is her DA:


She's an extremely nice person and an amazing artist!

On the weekend I'm going to see a movie with a bunch of my old friends from my old school. So, I figure that it would be nice to spend some quality time with them~

Now! Out of random-ness....

I can't speak English very well! It's true >w<;;

I was saying something to my sister, I think it was "because you do not find him." or some crazy-ness...I don't know, but she started to laugh at moi T__T I figure, because I live in Quebec, the poor English is rubbing off on me.

So that's my excuse....


Well, I'll let you guys go....

Good Bye~


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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sing Along....that's all I have to say XDDD

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

[Current Mood]: Frustrated
[Currently Listening to]: The Rain falling...it's calming, i wonder why I'm still frustrated

Hey everyone,

Thank you all for your wonderful comments the other day, I loved reading them all!

Ah, I received more questions, oh, how I love 'em!
So I'm gonna go ahead and answer them.

"who's your favorite character in Tales of Symphonia, (Or just one you really like) and why?
..I hope that's not too hard ^^;"

-Well, thanks for asking, it isn't too hard ^^; I would say Sheena Fujibayashi. Why? Because she resembles me in a lot of different ways, thus my name on Mizuho.

"How did you get your awesome layout making skills?"

-Um, I....ate three magical beans and ta da ^^; I'm not that great.

"Huurmmm. Questions eh? What are you planning to do this summer?"

That- I do not know, sorry..but I have no idea O_O

By the way Arduous, you should feel guilty, I barely visit you or anyone else....so...yeah...sorry to you and everyone else!

Well, I started playing MapleStory, but I'm such a n00b it's not even funny -_-; I'm like level 12 Archer person... but the people there are nice, I got of 400 arrows from them in a trade.

My friend "Ritsuka" also has started, but she's even more n00b-ish than I am (don't tell her I said that) she's level 8...but whatever, we'll suck together xD

My little sister is having her graduation today, she's going to Grade 1 next year =D M parents left me alone here at home, cause they want me to look after the house.

Um, what else???
I guess nothing....no, wait! There is something ^^; I closed elusive-designs, I just can't handle a graphic site..sorry TrigunMax...


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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

[Current Mood]: Satisfied
[Currently Playing]: Tales of Symphonia
[Currently Listening to]: The Used-The Worm and the Bird

Kya! Thank you all for your wonderful comments, I finally got around to reading them, after I made my new layout [Blushes & Smiles] it's a little...um, pink but whatever [Laughs] I'm finally in a semi-good mood today!

In my spare time, I will visit everyone, and work on my design site here. It's currently on hiatus because I'm making a new layout. (Does anyone know if freewebs supports PHP like cutenews?)

My little sister is a bad girl today >:3 she faked sick so she could stay home today, what a bad little girl ha ha! My father was suspicious of her this morning and wanted her to go to school today with my little brother, but my mother fell for her, so she's here at home. When my parents left earlier today, she started screaming while playing video games...she sure is "sick" eh?

I never did that when I was a child, I'd be too afraid. I'd never pull something like that now even more, because my dad is a doctor xD soo that would be stupid on my part.

I want to get it over with an d answer your questions, so here I go:

1)Angel Zakuro
"Would you...accept a kiss from me? *laugh* ^_^"

-Um, on the cheek maybe xD

"Um.. what's your favorite ice cream flavor? :)"

-That is really hard for me to say at the moment, but for now I'd have to say some kind of Orange Sherbet (sp?)

"Whats your favorite movie??"

-Ah! Another hard question D: what is it with you people *laughs* um, it's not my favorite movie but it's one of them. Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas would be one.

"Who is your fav anime crush?"

-Um, ^///^ can I say Sora? I mean there is a Kingdom Hearts Manga after all...but if it has to be restricted to anime, I'd say.....um, Kira Yamato.

"Why are you so pessimistic? (Haha. Although, I should kind of be asking myself that question.)"

-That, I cannot even begin to answer *begins*
I wouldn't say that I'm pessimistic, I try to keep a positive look out in life but...I just get depressed with things that I'd rather not discuss for it would ruin my good mood right now :] I hope that's okay with you.

Well, thoes were all the questions I got. I fyou have a question for me today, feel more than free to ask away (it's fun :D )

Um, my life is boring....I have nothing else to say, sorry ^^;

Take Care

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Monday, June 11, 2007

[Current Mood]: Depressed (And I'm sick of it!)
[Currently Playing]: Final Fantasy X
[Words of the Week]: "Hurting in between both the real and the fake, my fragile mind torn to pieces." -Exert from my poem

Ah, who am I kidding? I can't possibly, not for a minute, be away from you. I should shy away from MyOtaku when I'm feeling down; I should express myself in my posts and just let it all out! (right?)

I'm so sorry, I feel like such an annoying person right now! I'm sorry [Hugs]. I really should thank you all for your support, but I can't think of a way to repay you all... You all have been with me through almost everything! I just...don't know what to, augh! I hate myself! I'm so sorry everyone.

You know what? I feel like changing my layout again...it's so boring, and unorganized it annoys me. But what do you guys think? Do like as is, or do you want me to change it?

Sorry to be all annoying and stuff heh [Smiles].

How about some questions?

1) Do you think my behavior is annoying? (Be honest, I appreciate honestly)

2) What would you make the Universal Language of the World?

3) Do you wear Black eye liner? (Heh heh, sorry ^^;)

4) Ask me a question so that I can answer it in my next post...


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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blah! Nothingness

Yup, I'm on another one of those again. I hate to be here when I'm all moody...so I simply won't post.

I'll still visit from time to time when I'm feeling less crappy...

I made that Hiatus sign, it's nice...I guess?

Take Care

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Current Mood: Angry/Depressed
Currently Listening to: Bullet for my Valentine-All the things I hate revolve around me

Hey, you guys
I'm in a sorta bad mood today, sorry [Laughs]
My father...well, my father, he gets me so depressed. Today is my little brother's 8th birthday today...and I kind of feel like I ruined it for him. He's at LaRonde right now, but I was suppose to go with him, but I didn't.

My older sister wasn't going, so I thought that it was unfair and I also didn't want to be the only one going standing there doing nothing and going on rides on my own...that..would just be boring no? So then my father gets all pissed off and starts yelling at me..ugh..must I go on? He just pisses me off.

I just finished crying, and I'm on MSN but no one seems to be online...so It's really boring.
He never considers my feelings...

So...whatever [Rolls Eyes] music really heals the soul, I'm listening to really loud music, and the lyrics fit my mood right now...so that's good.

Well I'll be changing my theme later on today, it will probably end up being something really angry.

They canceled my science exam for Monday and Tuesday, which is both bad--and good.

There giving us a mark based on our past preformence on our exams...I failed fourth term...cause I got lazy and didn't and anything in and I feel depressed a lot so I didn't even bother to even to begin to care about my exams...(bad girl)

I'm sorry you guys...
I'll go now sorry


Here is the KH opening, but in Superb quality:


[EDIT]: Whoo, this style is becoming popular, and it's less painful to put together...I kind of copied Roina and Vicky's style.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Current Mood: Happy
Currently Listening: Bullet for My Valentine-Hit the Floor
Currently Reading: Kingdom Hearts Vol.2

Hello everyone!
I'm more or less really happy right now, well, I'm happy because I was really happy yesterday on the last day of school. I was to chicken to skip, it didn't feel right. I had a great last day doubtless, we did no work whatsoever.
First period History we watch a movie, the movie was kind of boring (because I'm kind of sick of seeing talking animal movies, I mean wtf? I'm not nine.) and in homeroom I gave my Korean friends there presents. I got each of them a bottle of paper stars and a stationary notebook with a letter I wrote inside.

In math the ones who didn't finish there math exam completed it, while others, like myself who were already finished passed notes. At lunch I went to the near by park with a couple of friends and went round with a sharpie and signed people's shirts. On my shirt I have a favorite from my friend sara she wrote:

"Sara touched this shirt <3"

Omigosh I love her [Laughs] after lunch I had French, it was for lack of a better word chaotic ^^; the friends who I told about James and I liking him started writing his name all over the to black boards +myself [Blushes] I wanted to kill them xD so my entire class knows about him now...

I'll just skip gym and how my teacher thinks that were special and kept on throwing balls at people's heads x3
But after school, I was outside waiting for one of my friends, and James came out...my friend took her cell phone out and took a picture of him while pretending to dial a number [Laughs] she's going to send that to me.

When I was walking home yesterday, I saw James and his friends in a huge group hanging out in from of the metro, I also saw my friends with his friends there (my friends from my old school) sorry, If it sounds a bit confusing^^; but yeah, so I got hugs from them, I missed them sooo much. I was not only happy to see them, but to know that my friends are friends with his [Gushes] <3333 [Blushes]

Uh, I'm sorry, I said I'd stop ranting on and on about him, didn't I?
Sorry you guys...

How about I ask you guys a question?

I'm going to put up a new layout in about a week or so, what you like to see?

-Gundam SEED
-CG Anime (meaning with no series)
-Anything you would want, it's your site and it reflects your personality???

I'm sorry, again...for talking about him....I'm so very sorry...either talking about him annoys you or how I apologize about it ^^; I'm sorry you guys.

Anyway, today I went out with a group of friends to go eat at a Chinese restaurant.
There was a bit of tension present between the Korean girls and my friend Tatum being all stingy like...it made me feel a little depressed. When everyone went home, I saw this fat dude on his bike, he stared to clear is throat to gain attention, he only stopped when I looked back...he scares me. When ever I go out with my friends/sister he comes along and tries to talk to us, its so creepy >.<

Yayune showed me all the pictures she took of James, most of them he didn't even pose for her xD it was all "I'm taking a picture of a friend but he's totally in the background being all hot like" [Laughs] I already have a picture in my wallet x3

Take Care

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