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Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008
It looks like PURPLE LINE!! Gotta introduce myself. hey, hey, hey *insert random korean*
Mood: hungry
Music: Purple Line by DBSK
Time:6:41 PM

O_______O OMG!!!!!!! *nosebleed* OHMIYA SK!!!!!! ♥__♥ It's RABU RABU time. XD Sorry...I think Ohno and Nino are cute. >////////<

Well how are you? I hope well. It feels like I haven't updated in forever but it really was just last Tuesday. Weird...things went by kinda slowly but then again not really. ^^; Can't explain it.

Now to have the short re-cap of what happened for Toma-chama's b-day:
Ok...So I vowed to myself that there wasn't going to be any fangirling for any guy except him. >___> Yeah, that lasted for about 2 hours. After I was done typing the last post....I kinda stayed up another hour looking at Arashi stuff [An Ohno video.^//////^ He looked so freaking adorable!!] DX Horrible!!!! Then I wake up after sleeping for less than 5 and got on the computer. Yeah, that early....pretty much everyday. First thing I do is watch an episode of Mago Mago Arashi, yes an Arashi show. So that day was a total lost. I still haven't downloaded any stuff for his b-day. =/ But next year I will buy a cake for him!!! [My oven is broken so I couldn't bake anything. T_______T] Anyways....I heard that he got some really cool headphones from Yaracchi [don't know him] and that the Grease staff [like the play, yes he has lead role]gave him a cake. WOOT!!! That is all....

I lawl at the fact that ladyjacalyn said that I was his biggest fan. XD That is so not even right. That has to be the biggest over statement ever. [If you think I am then just google his name, you will meet the real fans.] X3

OMG!!!! I love this kid!!! It's Chinen Yuuri from Hey!Say!JUMP. -___- I feel like such a pedophile when I think that he is cute. The boy is like 2 years younger than me!!!!! YOUNGER! O____O Not fair, I want to be that cute. Anyways, why do I love him? [since I'm not even a fan of HSJ (HSJ= Hey!Say!JUMP)] Simple, he is possibly the biggest FANBOY for Ohno Satoshi ever. All he ever does is talk about him. In Domoto Kyotai [random variety show hosted by the KinKi Kids] they were asking HSJ some questions like:

Who is your favorite senpai? [We are talking JE again]
Chinen: Ohno-kun. ♥

Why you came to Johnny's Entertainment?
Chinen: I wanted to be like Arashi's Ohno-kun, so I joined.

What is your most treasured possession?
Chinen: Um, It was when I went to watch an Arashi concert at Yokohama Arena. Ohno-kun's autographed board came flying....and I grabbed it!!

How do you imagine yourself in 10 years time?
I'd like to be like Ohno-kun.
YouTube video [no subs] or Download FULL w/ subs

OMG!!!! Talk about obsessive. Every question asked he had to answer w/ Ohno in it. Better watch out Nino, this boy might take your Oh-chan away from you. XD But really....the only reason I like the kid is b/c: 1)He's an Ohno fan, 2)He's CUTE!!, 3)He's an OHNO SATOSHI fan. XD

I'm no longer sick!!!! [But my friend still is T__T] Just really stressed. DX WAH!!! I won't be on Saturday at all b/c I will be out of the house the whole day till the night. Then Sunday it's HOMEWORK time. I've got to read chapters 9-12 of the Scarlet Letter, 2 chapters for APUSH, study for PreCalc, Physics Lab, Physics Problem Bank, and I have a feeling I'm forgetting something. As you can see I'm going to be busy. So this is really the only night I have. T___T WAH!!!!

What's this!!!! The song on here again is DBSK [yes the title were the lyrics of the song XD] *sigh* They are too hot. *swoons* Marry me? NO!!! You can't be that big of a whore!! You got Ohno Toma!!!

I don't know what else to say.......Let's talk about pudding. XD So I haven't had pudding in the longest time. It's too thick for me, I prefer Jell-O [yes, I was serious about the pudding talk XP] But I like the chocolate pudding w/ the whipped creme on top. What's that called. I know it's so unhealthy but...it's good. *pouts* What pudding do you like? I want some food....I wonder if we have pudding. I need some pudding!!! PUDDING!!! *A*


How much have I talked? I have no clue. Half of this post is just coding anyways. It looks like I wrote a lot but sometimes it isn't. =/ The world is confusing. Why couldn't coding be much easier. Btw...I want a layout change!!!!! NOW!!!!

Best crack lyrics ever!!! [The author is an Arashi fan but she is SO harsh against them. She's a bigger NewS fan...they are always glorified T__T]
I can't here this song w/o thinking about these lyrics.
Ohno saying everybody kills was so cute!!!!1 [Enough about him!!! I'm sure you guys are annoyed w/ it.]
"All the girls come running. They want some Ohno & Nino."
*falls* LMAO!!! That was the only reason I even looked at the band!!! XD EPIC FAIL!!!
Yes, MatsuJun, you are every girl's wet dream. [O___O I thought that was a guy thing.....o__o'']

Ok...no more talking. It's 8 and I still need to eat, shower, and then do the theO/myO thing. So bye-bye!!! See ya when I see ya. ^.^V

LMAO!!! XD I wished it was like that.
8:11 PM

[EDIT: Happy B-day Wu Chun!!!!!!!!!!!

>.< Make Mrs. Chun happy for another 29 years!!!!!]

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008
mood:tired but happy
time: it's 11:24 PM on Monday when I started

Happy b-day Toma!!!! I started typing this before it's OFFICIALLY Toma's b-day where I live b/c I want this to be the first thing I do. I've actually been celebrating Toma's b-day since 10 AM on Monday since that's when it was Tuesday in Japan. Stupid time differences. ^////////////^ But it's his b-day!!!! I feel so sad that I can't really celebrate his b-day w/ a cake or anything. Next year for sure. So the whole theme on here is Ikuta Toma now. Even the song. It was from when he was in the band Four Tops.

So what to do today for his b-day? Well I realized that a lot of you know him but know nothing about him. =/ So it's learning time about him!!! Cover the 24 years of his life w/o boring you to death. If you don't care you are welcomed to skip to the end where it will be about me. ^^ [That will make the post a lot shorter]

Let's begin!!!
Ikuta Toma 101

Ikuta Toma was born on October 7, 1984 in some place in Hokkaido. I really don't remember and I don't really care that much. =/ Some fangirl I am. lol His father wanted to call him Ikuta Tamegorou, thank the lord his mom shortened it to Toma. I would hate having to say his whole name. Anyways, he has a younger brother which nobody knows of!! RAWR!!! I want to know who his brother is!!! He could be hot!!! *gets whacked on the head* OWWW!!!! Anyways, cute video for anybody who wants to meet Toma's mommy. >.< The people where trying to guess who his mom is. Didn't expect for her to be his mom.

Well yeah....before he joined Johnny's Entertainment [HATE!!!! THEY ARE EVIL!!!] he was on this kid show and in this band. He and his friend got invited to try out for Johnny's [calling it JE now, too long to write XP] His friend denied it [SMART!!!] but Toma decided to try it and made it into JE at the age of 12. Bravo Toma!! You just screwed up your life.
When he joined he was put into the group M.A.I.N. right away.

Do they look familiar? Well they should if you've been paying attention to my non-stop fangirling!! Here's a clue for those who don't get it.
It was composed of
Matsumoto Jun
Ikuta Toma
Get it? Their names spelled out MAIN. lol, I know lame.

Anyways, they he joined the group B.I.G. w/ Yamashita Tomihisa [Yamapi, I don't feel like calling him by his full name. XP] I have no picture of them....so yeah...MOVING ON!

So yeah, when Tackey & Tsubasa graduated [NOTE: When joining JE you become a junior. You have to work your butt off while being a junior. You pretty much do whatever your senpais (the ones who already graduated) want you to do. Yes, they are a tools.] Toma w/ Yamapi and 2 other guys [you don't know them so it's all good if I don't mention their names. If you want to know them, uh GOOGLE IT!! Duh] rose to be the leaders of the Juniors [btw, Arashi graduated/debuted a long time before this]. And from that rose:

Four Tops
The band that Toma joined. Everything seemed like it was going well and that they would actually debut and go be famous like the guys before them. -___- It didn't work out.
But to brighten the mood!!! A random video of them!!

You see they weren't that bad. A lot better than some songs but not the best. Well yeah, back to the tragedy. *cue traumatic music* When it seemed that Four Tops was it's peak JE drops the bomb. They are taking Yamapi out to form the JPOP boy band NewS. So there starts the big drama of NewS. How several Junior groups get separated and how random nobody juniors get debuted as NewS. [Only reason I can't love them fully. They screwed Toma's life up] So w/o Yamapi Four Tops continued as 3 Tops [ha ha ha ha How original.] But it didn't work out at all and the group broke up.

So Ikuta Toma is now 24 and still a junior. Yes, STILL. He still hasn't debuted [none of the 3 Tops have] and...it doesn't look like he will since he is going solo right now. T___T WHY DID HE HAVE TO QUIT MAIN!!!!!!!!!? He might of been able to graduate w/ the Arashi boys!!! [XD Ikuta Toma, the 6th member of Arashi. LMAO That would be hilarious!! btw, He met Ohno when they did some plays together like West Side Story. He never really met Sho.] I really hope that he can debut this year!!! He really needs too!!

Well...yeah, now he is really popular. [There's no way I'm going over his dramas and plays!! You crazy!!! I'll be typing for hours!!!] Has a ton of fangirls....some are really scary. *nods* And has won best supporting actor. and.....
He's TOO CUTE!!!!

Yes, cute. I don't think he's sexy. Only cute. ^////////^ I love the picture of him at the top of the page. So adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways....that's all about him I feel writing about. [Yes, I know even more. Like his perfect date, perfect girl, hobbies (ONE PIECE!!! DBZ!!!), what turns him on o____O (Don't know why they talked about it on that show) and a ton of other crap. Yes, I am/is/was obsessive.] Want more of him? I can do a second post. O________O When will it ever end!!!!? There's cuter guys than him out there!!!

Next time it's his b-day...I'm going to start making stuff way before. I started Sunday night but the file got lost [my computer froze on me right about when I was going to be done] so I had to start over again on Monday. T___T All the graphics [except icons] were made by me so no stealing!! The bg is submitted as a wall on dA, I might NOT submit on theO. Should I?

Well I still have a ton of HW left. T__T I decided to take the night off ... not a good idea. It's been raining lately. Not a good thing b/c I have an open campus school. I have to walk outside to get to classes. I get wet. [Thank the lord for umbrellas!!!!] And...RAWR!!! I can't get Mirotic by DBSK out of my head!!! " I got you, under my skin. No matter what..." Listen to it here. >////////< They are too hot!!!!

I'm sleepy. Hug? *puts arms out for a hug* I'm too lazy right now. *yawns* I'll respond to the comments from last post next time. Like Hey!Say!JUMP really isn't that great. They are ok [too young for my taste. Makes me feel like a pedophile XD] And yeah, I do sew but not often. Only when needed. I'm too lazy. OH YeAH!!!!
Poncho thing is still on!!! If I can't find it, I'm making it over winter break. Why?

B/c Nino is worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAI!!!

Sleepy!!!!!! *yawns* I still have HW to do and a ton of downloading stuff for Toma's b-day. They went insane and are updating too much!!!!

Next B-day is Ohno's. I'll be more well prepared then. [Like a better layout]

So I leave you w/ Chibi Toma giving you a striptease. XD

Have a great week everyone!!!! *hugs*

1:02 AM T___T It's so late!!!

elouai's doll maker 3

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008
Oh NOES!!!!
mood: exhausted!!! -___-
time: 8:55 PM

O_________O *drools* HOT SEXY KOREAN GUYS!!!! *nosebleed* They are so hot....me wants them!!! [Yes, I'm still loyal to Arashi. ARASHI FOREVER!!!] In case you don't know them [but pretty much everyone knows them, if you're into asian music at least] they are DBSK [or TVXQ or DBSG]. They are so hot....HOT!!!! lol My friends said that the guy I match the most would be Max:

He's so cute. ^///////////////^ But sorry...I'm taken. lol

Ok...enough about a band that I'm not even a fangirl for. lmao, It seems like I would be but...I'm not. >.< Must sound weird....I make no sense. Anyways, I'm still sick. *peace sign* Yup, it's not as bad as it was last week but...I'm still sick. But it's good, the problem is my friend is really sick. T__T I really hope she gets better. Please wish her good luck in getting better. *sniffs* I really want to see her get better. We both got sick last weekend, really weird, on the same day. So we would just sit there leaning on each other falling asleep b/c we were that sick. XD I'm better though!!!

Oh yeah....I'm failing Physics now. Second 6 weeks...gonna start on w/ a 50 something for a test. T____T I'm going to fail!!! WAH!!! I can't stand it!!

Btw I'm sorry that I'm updating late but it is the only time I can update. I'm going to be super busy this weekend. I have to read 2 chapters for an APUSH test then I have to read 8 chapters of The Scarlet Letter for AP English by Thursday. Then there's Pre Calc hw and then there's that art project that I was suppose to do last weekend. >_> I'm going to be busy...really busy. So sorry that I won't be able to comment or reply to PMs [I've been neglecting those a lot lately. GOMEN!!!] I won't be able to come on till late Sunday. =/ Sorry about that.

LMAO!!! Thank you for thinking that Nino is cute!!! >.<

I'm sure the 25 year old would thank you too. XD Yeah...he's getting to be old now. GAH!!! I hate the fact that my brother has the same birthday as him. It's not fair!!! I want to share a b-day w/ one of the Arashi guys!!! I WANNA!!! I could of been born the same day as Ohno if I hadn't gotten myself born a week early!! WAH!!!! His b-day is 10 days after mine. I could of had a b-day w/ HIM

WAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I want my b-day to be the same as his!!! *sniffs* wah....Can I go back in time and force myself to stay in my mom's stomach for another 10 days? lol


I don't care if Nino does need some fashion sense...I want it!!! Anybody know where to get one? lol If I can't find I'm making it. Crap, where am I going to find the pattern for that? I'm not good at making my own patters...I can only sew from them. -__- Yes...I fail.
I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!! RAWR!! ♥

CUTE!!!!!!!!! >////////////< It's Hey!Say!JUMP kawaii....

Wanna know something weird? I didn't watch any dramas or anything this week. XD I felt so weird not having anything to watch. lol

I WANT THIS POSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh-chan looks to hot in this one!!! Finally not cute!!! RAWR!!! My innerfangirl really wants it!!

Oh yeah, Angel Zakuro, Kelsey made me this really cute e-card b/c I was feeling down.

I love it!! ^////////////^ [Thank you!!] Nino-chan, I love you!! Bad sparkle-chan!!! You got Toma!!!

Mrs. Chun and Chibilala...HE'S MINE!!! lol

You know what I want? Sleep....I'm so tired. -___- Really tired. *yawns* I think I wrote too much...or maybe not. =/

Anyways, since I am supposedly a "recruiter" b/c I made people into Ikuta Toma fans....I'm going to use my powers of evil good to make you into Arashi fans!!! lol I will be happy when I make one of you into a fan. Just one, that's all I need. But more would be better lol So I'm going to start this off by showing you the hottest guy from Arashi [No, not MY Ohno XP bleh!!]

He's not my favorite...but he is cute. lol ummm...what to say....He's a good actor and he's the baby in Arashi. The youngest of the group. I think he just turned 25....I think. ^^; Ok...I have no idea how to recruit people so...feast your self on pictures!!! lol

Bye bye!!!!

Possibly the gayest PV of Arashi ever! lol

Have a great week everyone!! See you when I see you!! *hugs*

lol, I love him!! XD
9:58 PM

EDIT: I forgot to put this in:

Congrats! Your true lover is Ohno Satoshi!
You are the type of girl that lives by the slogan: Just be natural! You don't really like making such a big deal about holidays like Xmas or Valentine's Day.. you'd rather make EVERY day special, and exchange gifts WHENEVER, so that you can always be happy with your one and only O-chan! ^.^

KYAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! He's my guy!!! lol, If you have time and you want to, please take it and tell me your results. [Don't have to know them for the quiz]. I'm going to sleep happy tonight. ^///////////^

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sunday, September 27, 2008
mood: meh

You see that poncho Nino is wearing at 0:03? WTH IS THAT!? That's the gayest thing a man could wear!!! Yet why do I think it's cute....and I want one now. >.< IT"S SO AWESOME!!! I want one..then I'll be just like Nino. XD

btw...I'm in love w/ this song almost as much as I love Nino.

Kelsey if you reading this and it's late where you live....GET OFF!!! I don't want anybody staying up b/c of me. *hugs* Still love you. ^__^

Well right now I'm eating ramen [too spizy!!] and waiting for my episode of Arashi no Shukudai-kun to download [some talk show w/, duh, Arashi. Hence the name!!!! It's really funny though.] So instead of wasting my time....I'm doing 3 things at a time...well four. Eating, downloading, writing post, and listening to music....does that count?

*sigh* I'm getting sick. -___- My throat is killing me. I've been sneezing all day and my nose is a little runny [it think that's b/c of the ramen] WAH!!! I can't miss school!! The grading period is almost over. If I miss any they have to put zeros in. MY GRADES CAN'T HANDLE THAT!!!! *sniffs* Please let it be a one day thing!!!

It may not sound like it but....I've been really depressed lately. -__-' idk....I felt really bad today and yesterday. My friend has been calling but I'm not answering. Probably wanted me to go do community service w/ her and a friend. [They ran into my mom, mom called, I rejected. End of story.] So I'm home...w/ a headache...getting kinda sick...and I feel like crap. T__T Woe is me!!!

Senior High School sucks!!!!

My internet stopped working right now....hmmmm... What to do now? *waits* There it is!!!! I think....crap it's so slow!!!

I got done w/ Hana Yori Dango. I started it on Monday and got done today. 2 seasons in less than a week. Can somebody explain why I can't watch Death Note then? I'm always complaining about the length...I don't like long animes. 37 episodes...TOO MUCH!!!! Yet 20 episodes for a drama was ok..... [drama episodes are 50 minutes long]

OMG!!! KELSEY!!! We should so celebrate our b-days together!! That'd me amazing!!!! Who cares about the years anyways. lol. I still love everyone else too!!

Guess who this is:

*waits patiently*
Now state you guess:

It's Ohno!!! Leader!!!

lol, I got bored and didn't know what else to say. XD

Did I show this to you, yet? Ouran x Dane Cook

Well the video is done downloading...and my ramen is cold. -___- I'll come back on when I'm done. Bye bye!!!!

Why Toma-kun? Is it b/c I
don't talk about you anymore? XD

8:03 PM

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Short Update
Music: Kaze no Mukou e by Arashi
Mood: lazy
Time: 9:53

and neither can I

Just wanted to let you know how things have been going in my very stressful life. -___- I am so not taking these many hard classes ever again!! Last night when I checked my grades I had about 5 A's, now all gone. We took some tests, all but 1 went down. How I have low B's and C's. I'm close to failing my Physics class. I might fail Pre Calc too if I fail another test. T_______T I hate being a junior. Who ever said that Junior year was going to be the hardest should of done something and stopped it!!! I HATE having all this stress. Luckily this week I haven't been to the point of breaking down. =/ Life is not fun.

On a lighter note, I passed my driving test. YAY!!! Now I can drive Ohno around. XD I'm not sure how many of you remember that. ^__^; Oh yes!! Don't know if I'll get on the weekend. I might have more community service.

Fangirling time!!!!!!!!!!
Had to be here. Well I'm super excited!!! Perfume is having their new single out in November!!! 3 days after my b-day. ^///////^ I want it now!! Also Arashi is having a new single!!!!!!!!! [my exclamation mark key got stuck this time...is that a good thing?] It's going to be called Beautiful Days. Awwwwwwww, >/////< I'm looking so forward to it. It's going to be the theme song for Nino's new drama. Ryo Nishikido is going to be in it. That only means one thing-

Anyways...Arashi fangirling has continued. I'm in love w/ the song that is playing on here. Made the banner myself...not proud though but it was my first one. -__-

Oh yeah!!! i started watching Hana Yori Dango!!! LOVE IT!!! I'm so in love w/ it right now. I'm sitting in school and all I can think about is that drama. So hot!!! I'm so jealous of the girl. I want Shun Oguri and MatsuJun to love me.

The guys of F4 are so HOT!!! I'm in love w/ this drama. Best thing ever!!!! BEST!!! I got done w/ season 1 in 3 days.

Got kinda carried away. -__- GOMEN!!! I love you all though!!! Have a great week and all!!

Cutest thing a girl could ever do!!! I want my kid to be like that!!!

10:27 PM

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008
Mood: exhausted
Music: truth by Arashi
Time: 6:43 PM

*yawns* Anybody else tired? -___- So have how all of you been lately? Me? Not so great. I had to leave theO and myO completely during the week. Gomen. I wasn't able to comment at all or answer PMs. -___- I'm really tired right now. Not really in the mood to write but...I must suck it up.

So yeah...things got hectic at school. So much work. I was able to drop my Art History AP class this week....now I have to catch up w/ Art 1. [And now I just had a fight w/ my mom while typing this. Stupid bitch!!! I hate that worthless whore. I want to get out of this house now. When I graduate I'm leaving to college and not coming back.] All of my classes piled me up w/ too much work. I was close to breaking down. I felt like just breaking down into tears. Why did I have to be such an idiot and take all these hard classes. -__- I don't understand Physics or Pre Calc at all. I'm completely lost. I can't take it anymore!! I WANT OUT!!!

And now I'm in a horrible mood...*goes off to try to make herself happy*
Ok....the pure sexiness of Syaoran made me feel slightly better. lol But he was HOT in the last chapter. ^//////////^ If only he could be real. We'd have to add another 10 kids to my 25 kids that I already have. XD But yeah....stupid chapter... what a waste.

Oh yeah....people I'm not quitting on being a fangirl. It's just that I got upset w/ Maou. I loved it but both Ohno and Toma died so I got kinda upset over that. XD I was crying my butt off when Toma was shot. lol And then when Ohno died...the crying continued even more. I'm not watching it anytime soon though...my fangirl heart can't take it again. lol

Got done w/ Yamada Tarou Monogatari. It only took one week. Bravo!!! [ok...not that impressive but BLEH!! XP] It wasn't that great...Only watched it b/c of my beloved Nino. >////////< So cute. He was suppose to have a "million dollar smile"

I don't call that a "million dollar smile". Nuh huh. This is a "million dollar smile"


Nothing much has happened. Just me swarmed by HW. Apparently I got herpes from a hobo clown [my friend got AIDS], the great ninja vs. pirate war started again thanks to me. -__- Oh well, gotta support my pirates, ARRRR. >.< Apparently I stole my friend's affair, Hero from DBSG, and I'm having his child. =/ Not sure about that one.

OH YEAH!!! I won't be able to get on much during the weekend. I have community service on Saturday and then on Sunday I have my driving test. Wish me luck. Onegaishimasu.

Which of these proposals would you say yes to?

Order: Aiba, Sho, Nino, MatsuJun, Ohno
Anybody care to explain Sho's proposal. Please click on my heart...WHAT!?

OHNO. YES. [Gotta love a man like that]

Well that's it...I have to go answer PMs and comment. *sigh* I want some sleep.

Oh before I forget!!! Stixx made a shrine world for Ikuta Toma. So if you like him please join. Onegaishimasu!! [PM Stixx, NOT me]

Note: I had no part in this. XD

Have a great week!!! See you in the next.... hopefully.

lol, It should. It brings joy to me.

7:38 PM

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008
I don't wanna be a fangirl no more!!
Mood: sad *sniffle*
Music: PEACH by Ai Otsuka
Time: 11:14 AM

I wasn't planning on updating but I thought I should. I'm being flooded w/ emotions right now. Pretty lame though since it's all b/c of my stupid fangirl side. Grrr...don't like her anymore.

First Saturday!!! It rained a lot yesterday b/c of the hurricane that was going by. Before any of you freak, nothing happened to me. I live about 3 or 4 hours into the mainland so that meant nothing bad. Just some hard rain and that's it. Just like any other rainy day. It did sprinkle a little on my drive time though. -__- Highway and rain, what a beautiful combination. XD So yeah, I didn't die at my drive time. We drove off to the country side on the highway...I hated those ramps. I'm going 60-70 MPH and then I have to go down to 30 MPH right away!! STUPID IDIOTS WHO CONSTRUCTED THAT HIGHWAY!!! So yeah...I think riding the highway is boring. The speed meant nothing to me...it was just boring and dull. But you remember that on 1st drive time there was a dead duck on the road? Well there was a dead cat now. -___- What's up w/ me and driving BY dead animals. I DIDN'T KILL THEM!!!

Oh yeah, I got a cellphone yesterday too. >//////< Guess whose my wallpaper on it? *gives you a second to think* Well, who? *smacks anyone who said Toma* WTH!? The wall of it is Arashi. ^//////^ So hot cute. But I wanted my ringtone to be this one

Get this on your phone for FREE | More free ringtones

but I can't get it. I tried using that site to send it to my phone but it sent me a link to get it, not the file. Does anybody know a site where I can upload my own and have the FILE [not a link] sent to my phone that is safe? If you do, please tell me. *hugs* I don't have the USB cord for the phone. So the only other way is for a friend to download and have it sent through Bluetooth. -___- Too big of a pain. And yes I know what you might be thinking "Arashi AND Perfume?" They are my loves so whatever. XP

Oh yeah!! The buddy bear thing!!!

That's mine. I didn't really finish it. -__- Too lazy and cheap. lol Anyways, I have no idea what that is for, Oh well...my isn't being taken anymore. I think my mom get jealous but I really don't like hers. It's scary looking. Kowaii. >.<

Guess what I found out 2 days ago? Nino is a smoker too. Ohno is a "social smoker". Really, Japanese should stop smoking. Pretty much all of them are smokers. Oh well, it's not like I can stop them. *moves on*

I finished Maou. T____________________T
My Raing: 4.3 out of 5.
OMG!!!!!!! I cried so much during the last episode!! My poor fangirl heart couldn't take it. There should be a law against putting a poor maiden's heart through that. I couldn't choose between my Toma fangirl side and my Ohno one. T___T So much crying...I'm still a little depressed about it. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! I miss my weekly TomaOhno goodness!! AND Ohno in a suit!!! T________T Anyways, I loved the drama. Very good. I think I like these suspense dramas now. Oh yeah, this drama is filled w/ death.
This drama is being taken down so if you need help finding, PM me or tell me

Yamada Taro Monogatari
I just started watching this drama last night. Sorry Nino, but I'm not really liking it. -__- Idk, there's a manga for it. I think the only reason I'm not loving it is b/c of that girl. >=O I don't like her!!!! Oh well, I'm going to give it a shot again. *downloading episode 2 right now*
Download here

Also.....I'm tired of being a fangirl. -__- My poor HikaHaru side can't take it no more!! I'm disgusted w/ the Ouran manga right now. I can't take it anymore. I want to drop it...I might. The manga ends for me at Volume 10 now. After that, screw the manga. *nods* Also, I'm sick of Tsubasa. It's so stupid. I want to drop that one too. [after 25 volumes]. The only one I want is Kobato and xxxHOLiC but those rarely come out. T___T

Oh yeah, and now people are using the colorings I make to make their own graphics. -___- I don't know if I should just take things off now. There's one wall on theO that was made from my coloring and another thing on dA. And then photobucket has a ton of my crap on there.
You know why? B/c

*sigh* The Magic Eight Ball said it so it must be true. *nods*

I have a ton of HW to do so I won't be commenting till late at night. -___-' Even more sleep to lose. Oh well...I'm use to it.

I love this Air AMV.

Well have a great week!!! *hugs* Hope all goes well. Thanks for the comments. I'll get to commenting and PMs late at night. There's HW that must be done.


Yes,I know the pictures are out of the thing. Too lazy too fix dimensions. XP

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008
Mood: annoyed
Music: Sunrise Nippon by Arashi
Time: 8:05 PM

OMG!!!! *faints b/c of the cuteness of that icon* ISH SO ADORABLE!!! KAWAII!!! *goes into kawaii-fest* HONTO NI KAWAII!!! >/////< KAWAII!!!

I was going to update earlier but...I got busy helping my little brother w/ his kindergarten hw. He has to make a "buddy bear" [Which I think is totally gay] for some retarded thing. So yeah, my mom was making it so girly. XP So after much of me complaining-I had to make one. -___- So I looked around to get some inspiration. First thing I see: toy figure of Linguini from Ratatouille- the chef boy. So I make mine a chef. I only had computer paper b/c...I'm cheap like that. [Mom had fancy stuff] HA!!! My brother still liked mine more. XD I WIN!!! Anybody want to see a picture of my masterpiece? XD

Ok, I want to do comment replies before I start w/ the real post. *nods* I haven't done that in a while...so YAY!!!
btw, Thank you for the compliments on the layout. XD I'm in love w/ it right now. Which is a good thing b/c it won't change till October. *nods* I have something planned.

Angel Zakuro
I'm so happy to hear you getting better!! Could it possibly be from all the sexy men you've been seeing on here. XD lmao Jun and Ohno kissing isn't nearly as sexy as Ohno and Nino kissing. XD Yup, Toma smokes. He's not a heavy smoker but still. -__- Idiot. lol Wait....I'm going to marry Toma, have 25 kids [which I am so adopting part, can you imagine giving birth to that many?], the divorce him, get married w/ Yusuke and have another 4 kids. O___O You're helping me take care of them!!!

I have no idea who is Greg Ayres. XD I fail once again. Peach yogurt....I want some now!!! LOL. I just ate an hour ago!!!

Well Ohno hasn't said that he is gay but sometimes I have to wonder. XD But really!! Why are so many guys acting gay now when we know they are straight!!! It's so retarded!! Stop doing that in public even if it can be cute!!! lol OMG!!!! There's somebody at your school who looks like Yusuke!!!!!!!!!! O_______O I must see this. XD

Magnus Lensherr
*glomps* Glad to see you aren't dead yet!!! XD OMG!!! You should watch Maou soon!! It just finished in Japan yesterday so it'll be online soon. Besides the company that airs it is making people take it down. T___T So you might want to get to it before it's taken down. I have a feeling you might enjoy. *laughs insanely* XD Did you do the MASH thing? If you did I want to see it!!! PLEASE!!! lol. I think we have that yogurt here but our cereal type thing is in a lid at the top so we dump it into the yogurt. Weird. *hugs you* Thank you for not taking Ohno or Toma. *glares at certain people* lol

Mrs. Chun
Yes, I so just called you that in public. XD *hits you on the head* Next time that the comment box doesn't work tell me!!! That means I have to work on my coding!! *shakes head* I don't change asian guys that often. -__- Demo....RAWR!!! *grabs Toma* He my man. You want him, we'll have to fight. I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!!!! Charizard, attack!!! ...O___O' Btw, You are not taking my bike away from me either. OMG!!!! I love Piña Colada!!!! That was what I was eating!! XD Great fangirl minds think a like.

It's not like I wanted to cheat on him!!! You just can't deny Leader what he wants!!! So you must listen. *le gasp* YOU TOOK TOMA AWAY FROM ME TOO!!!!!!! GAH!!! But...Toma-chama was mine....I want both!!! You can have Ryo Nishikido or Yamapi but Toma's mine. *grabs him and runs* Oh yeah, I don't use my Crunchyroll really...just for the dramas. XD WAH!!! I'm not Mrs. Yamamoto!! NOT!!! Mrs. Ikuta. yeah, keep dreaming stupid fangirl

NOW ON TO THE REAL POST!!!! ^___________^
Let's see....school first then fangirly goodness. lol.
-OK well this week was the THIRD WEEK OF SCHOOL!!! Guess what that means! I can finally get out of my Art History AP class. WOOT!!!! So hopefully Monday or Tuesday I will get my new schedule. ^^
- Minor note but a teacher died...-___- Didn't know her
- I'm passing AP US History w/ a 93. That's good but I'm still failing AP English. XD And I'm pretty sure I'm going to fail Pre Calculus.
-I haven't been doing my HW at home lately. lol...too lazy.
-We walked all the way to CVS pharmacy to buy some food during lunch one day. So me, being the idiot that I am, decided to buy a whole pint of ice cream just for myself. T___T It was a major pain to eat it!!! I felt so sick after eating the whole thing. I think it took me 4 hours to feel better. A DEFINITE NO-NO.

Now for the Toma part.......
Well, yeah I said this last time but I'm not sure how many of you noticed but...Toma is a smoker. -__- Supposedly he smoked in one of his dramas before but I can't find it. -__-
Oh yeah....I think I'm getting known for converting people into dramas. So I'm going to do my part.

Feast on his cuteness!!!!

Now to get to the real fangirly part. *squeals* >/////////< I've been getting really addicted to Arashi lately. It's all I can think about when I'm at school. Seriously I'm in the middle of the history test when all I could think was "When I say Lucky, You say MAN!!! LUCKY!!! MAN!!! LUCKY!! MAN!!!" Not a good thing. But I've fallen in love w/ Nino [still love Ohno more]

Isn't he cute? XD
Well, yeah...you remember last post how I posted OhnoXJun...turns out that isn't problem at all. The problem is OhnoxNino...otherwise know as Ohmiya. [Ohno + Ninomiya = OHMIYA] lol, But I find this absolutely adorable. lol. They are always sitting by each other, leaning on each other, saying they love each other, Nino feeding Ohno, holding hands, Nino grabbing Ohno's butt repeatedly [even during concerts] and....

Kissed....more than once...

Yup, that's them alright. But I'm not sure about that last thing that was said in the video. XD
*squeals* I could go on about Arashi for such a long time but...I think I might end it there. XD

For today. Tee hee.

Have you noticed how so many guys act gay now? Especially these asian guys.I sometimes wonder if even Toma is straight.

Little gay boy. XD *hugs him* Still love you!!! XD
Yamapi...you leave him alone

You people are probably tired of reading this so yeah... VIDEO!!!

Nino-chan, AISHTERUYO!!!!!!!! [btw, Aishteru is the highest confession of love in Japan] LMAO!!! Ohno, first you are gettin drunk and then you are gettin high of pot. tsk, tsk. What is wrong w/you.
I love the guys reaction though!! What are all of you doing calling me -chan!! Only big shots from Otaku.com can call me that!!!! JK!!!

Ok...I've talked again too much. Well. I'm to go comment...drive time tomorrow...HIGHWAY!! Hope I don't die. -___-'

How did all your weeks go?

Thank you for who ever visited my world. ^^ Hope you all have great weeks and weekends. Bye-bye!!!

KAWAII!!! He's so cute!!!
9:20 PM

[EDIT: I forgot to say this but I won Kukki-chan's contest. XD That's the second one I win. The 1st was on dA. I got first prize. ^^]

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008
*nervous chuckle*
Music: Lucky Man by Arashi
Mood: fangirl-y
Time: 8:17 PM

Hello....well I was commenting people and then I had the sudden urge to change my layout. XD Yup, that's the only reason I am updating. lol [comments are under the Navi side bar again] Then....BOOM!!! Layout was made....surprisingly easy. I think it only took 30 minutes to make. O___O [Graphic not by me]
Just one thing about it........

*squeals* I'm becoming a big fan of them now. Darn you Maou for making me a Ohno fan!!! *shakes fist* I might have a slight crush on Leader, riida...OHNO-CHAN!!! He is so adorable!!! I wuv him!!! I found out last night that he doesn't now how to drive. Guess what? I'll just drive him myself all over the place when we get married. *covers Toma's ear* Toma doesn't need to know about this. *nods* And Ohno is so close to his mommy...it's a adorable. >//////////<

Marry me? LOL!!! I need to calm my fangirl side down. XD But.....JUN STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM HIM!!!! I don't need you to make him gay!!!

Not bad? Well......looks at this. *points down*

That's them....grindin it. >.< NOOOOO!!!!
And them kissing:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Why did Ohno have to look so adorable after the kiss!!! Jun, how dare you take advantage of him!? WAH!!!! *goes into corner of woe*

*looks at post* Wow....this has been me just going on and on about Ohno.......XD Gomen, I haven't fangirl in a long time. *sigh* Still not done w/ HW but I don't feel like doing it. I'm gonna get a ZERO!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!! Why can't there be a class about cute asian guys? XD

hmmmm.....what now....? LET'S DO MASH AGAIN!!!!! XD -scroll down-

Behold... My Future
  I will marry Yamamoto Yusuke.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Make Believe Land in our fabulous Apartment.  
  We will have 4 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a gray Bike.
  I will spend my days as a mommy, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future

WTF!> My curse has been broken!!! WHY!? I didn't get TOMA!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH!? Is it b/c I'm slightly disappointed w/ the fact that he is a smoker? WAH!!! T_____T

Sorry Yusuke, I'm eloping w/ Ohno-chan Toma. XD

Oh yeah, drive times. They were ok....I sat in the back thinking about Ohno and how he can't drive. XD I'm going insane. I have another next weekend....HIGHWAY!!! So if you don't hear about me....that probably means I died. XD....DX

You know what I want? A pop-tart. [just finished eating yogurt]

YEAH!!! TAMAxKYO FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! b/c it's sure is better than TamaxHaru. RAWR!!! Die Tamaki, die!!!!!

1. What's your favorite yogurt flavor?
2. Do you love Ohno-chan?
3. .....say anything you want.

1. ummm, I don't know the name...but it has mango. XD
2. YESH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, one more thing: BAM!!!

He's MINE!! BITCH!! XD lol, Yep, I was able to claim him for myself on Crunchy Roll. >///< Good day.

Have a great week!!!!!!!! May you week be filled of yummy fangirliness. *nods*

9:00 PM

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday, September 5, 2008
No Subject...

Hello!!! How are you all? First off, sorry that I couldn't comment on too many of you [and I haven't gotten to any PMs]. My friend called me [we don't see each other anymore] so we spent about 3 hours on the phone. =/ And then I went drama watching. XD Also I have to go to sleep early b/c I have a drive time tomorrow at 8 AM...so I kinda can't fall asleep at the wheel.

THANK YOU so much for all the comments. O__O I was surprised I got so many. Also thank you for the people who commented to the one before that, you all left such long comments. O__O' I'm not use to that. Usually only 2 or 3 people leave long comments.

Ok, so a ton of things happened at school during this week. Too many that I can't talk about them. XD If it weren't for my friends...I would die. So many of us are quitting AP classes. XP Still don't like history *sigh* but whatever. I was thinking about my schedule next year. O__O OMG!!! I only need to take 2 classes so I can graduate. XD Literally, I only have to go to school for 2 hours and that's it. lol, I can't believe that. All I need is English 4 and Govt./Eco.. WOOT!!! Senior year is going to be so easy. ^_________^ Something to look forward to. Anyways, how has it been in school for all of you? [or work, if you work]

LOL, I couldn't get Lucky Man by Arashi out of my head for 2 days. I was trying to take a quiz in PreCalc and all I could think about was that. Here's the song

When I say Lucky, you say MAN!!!
*waits for your response*
Did I ever tell you that I love Ohno-chan's voice? It's so good!!!!

LMAO!!!! I had to put it in here again. Look at the girls in the bg. They make me laugh. If I were there, I would have to be restrained. >.< I'd be trying to throw myself on him. lol Silly fangirl.

I FINISHED WATCHING LAST FRIENDS!!!!!!!! WOOT!! ^o^ It was a really good drama...so dramatic. Literally...wow. Now that is a drama. It has some pretty dark elements to it. My Rating: 4/5.
Now off to watch Hana Kimi Taiwan!!!!

Oh yeah, most of the images I get are from photobucket and Livejournal.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 4th part of There She Is finally came out!!! The bunnyxkitty love continues!!!

That turned out so dark.

I want to put another video but....I shouldn't. T___T BUT!!!! WAH!!!!

Isn't that so cute!!!!!! KAWAII!!! I just want to huggle him!!!

You know the MASH game thing, well yeah, it's starting to freak me out. I've done it about 4 or 5 times and I keep on getting Ikuta Toma. It's starting to freak me out!!!! WHY!? If you don't believe me go ask Stixx!!! She'll vouch for me.

Well...I rambled a bit too much. XD Oh well. I really hope that Kelsey gets well soon!!! *huggles her* Get better,ne? ^___^

Ummm....and any random thoughts you want to your comment if you want.

Peace!!! ^O^v
12:00 midnight
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