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Friday, March 5, 2010

time: 9:18 PM

OMG. I've fallen for Hey!Say!JUMP hardcore. ;___; Anyways, this isn't about that. D: As probably most of you have notice, I haven't been coming on to here that much. To be honest, it's not because of school. I don't do my schoolwork often and just spend my time online instead. lol /fail So yeah, I'm quiting this place. It's not fair for me to lie to you saying that'll I'll return when I have more time. I DO have time, it's just not spent here. ;___; Sorry. Time changes people. I have no interest in anime and there's really not much to talk about with a lot of you. I've gotten to the point where I don't want to explain jpop/kpop industry, I just want to hate stan about it. :/ So yeah, sorry for wasting your time. All of you are amazing people and I'm glad I met you all but.......I just don't feel coming here anymore. Sorry.


this site has links to almost all the places I visit (will be adding more soon). Feel free to stalk/add me on any of those. Just mention who you are so I'm not scared. (you can read my entries w/o needing an account)

this was tl;dr. D: I LOVE Y'ALL. I might randomly appear on theO, but trust me.......I doubt it.


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