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Friday, December 5, 2008

time for the weekly post!!

music: Beautiful Days by Arashi
time: 6:54 PM

Hello!!! So it's time for my weekly post. Sorry that the post get kinda long. ^^; Too much crap happens in one week I never get to it all. *sigh*

Now for the part that you were waiting for. Remember my bridge project? If you don't I'll sum up it for you. We [as in every single physics student] had to build a paper bridge from only normal computer paper and normal white glue. It could only weigh 500 grams and had to support/carry 16 pounds for an 80, 231 pounds for a 100.
Darling Oh-chan bridge failed. Didn't get past building stage. *teardrop*
But Toma bridge was made and ended up like this:

Normal view and

I put my Syaoran figure in there so you knew I made the bridge. *sniff* That was on Thursday, the day it was due.

Anyways, the platform that we hang from the bridge broke on us and we couldn't get it fix. So we had to wait until Friday to test.

This is a video of how they are tested so you can understand it easier. Note: This was from LAST year. Yes, this is my classroom and my teacher. Doesn't she have a big butt? It's an 810 pound bridge.

Well Judgment Day came.....*sob* Here's Toma bridge:

All marked up and ready to go. T^T [was in the classroom on Friday] Yeah...I went and everybody was surprised that my bridge held that much. Everybody's face was like
"You made that by yourself?"
I have a reputation of being an idiot. T^T
I was too nervous so I completely forgot to film it. SORRY!!! I couldn't even show my mom. The results were:

I held 240 pounds plus the 11 pounds of the platform. WOOT!!! I got a 100!!! Yes, this is just normal school glue and white printer paper. But...

He's in the garbage can right now. [We are forced to destroy them after using them. They are afraid we will sell them to another student.]
My loading zone was murdered. T___T
But don't get impressed w/ my wimpy bridge. This kid broke the hook in our class at 400 pounds. My friend broke the hook also at 400 something pounds. This one girl broke the record at 880 pounds and counting. She broke the strongest hook we had. So the teacher is buying a stronger one to test it again. [The bridge still isn't damaged]
"No bridge leaves whole."
Testing resumes Tuesday.[Monday we have a quiz]

[In case you are wondering. My goal was to build a bridge that could support Ohno's weight (this was when I was making Oh-chan bridge): 49 kg. >_< I think I accomplished that]

A whole post about my bridge. XD

Ummmmm......OH YEAH!!!! Remember that I said I was going to watch VS. Arashi only b/c Tegoshi Yuya was in it. I AM SO HAPPY I DID!! It made me realize....he really isn't that cute. >_< OHNO WAS SO ADORABLY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!! I wanted to hug him so badly. He was adorable. I'm watching the subbed version after the post. *giggles* He was so cute. I'll always love him more than Tegoshi Yuya. >//////< ADORABLE!!!

Oh yeah, Guess what? I started watching an anime.

True Tears.
I only watched episode 1. It's OK so far. *shrugs* It's short so I might finish it. I also started another drama but I might drop it. I'm not into the teen-age drama. XP It'll be the 2nd I drop.

Just found out the best news EVER a few minutes ago. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! There's gonna be a new drama starring...

Ikuta Toma

Can't wait till January. O__O I need my weekly Toma-fixin!!!! [Yes, this is why I never talk about him!! There's nothing to talk about!!!]
*dances like a fool*
Me is a happy fangirl.
[EDIT: I also found out Kobato. is being made into an anime!!!!! WOOT!!! I am so happy right now!!! XD]

Ummm....I should stop now. T^T Got too long again. SORRY!!!
I didn't even get to tell you how my friends are calling me Grandma now. *pouts* I'm on 17!!!
That reminds me!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Minho baby!!!

Welcome to the club of 17 year olds!!!!!! >_<
His name is Minho and he is part of the Korean boy band, SHINee who debuted this year. >/////< I wuv them. XD Love the way he says "My name is Minho" in The SHINee World (doo- bop) song. SO CUTE!!!
No the b-days never end!!!!!!!!!!

Time for some death note fun

I have some HW this weekend and I've got community service this Sunday. About 7 hours of it. -___- Sorry if I'm not on much.
*hugs* Have a great week!!!

O___O WTF!?


O___O' Sorry about that..... *hug*
Have a great week!!! See you next week! ^___^

7:48 PM

"Then I'll just be an idiot today. No, a beast. A gorilla or an orangutan. I'll go with the monkey family.
It's Monkey Day. "
Best Ryusei no Kizuna quote ever!!!


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Sunday, November 30, 2008

   wow....it's weird to use this....

music: Happy Birthday by NewS
time: 12:43

Hello!!! How are you all!! I didn't update on Friday b/c I had updated on .... Wednesday? O__O I can't remember. *thinks* YEAH!! It was Oh-chan's b-day. ^^;

Well today there is another b-day [reason for posting] Le drum roll please. *drumroll*

Happy 15th birthday Chinen!!!! DX I can't believe I'm celebrating the b-day of a guy that is younger than me. T^T 2 years younger!! Well, yeah....Chinen is a member of JE's newest band, Hey!Say!JUMP

They are all so young....it makes me sick. I'm trying to become a fan. O_________O So MUCH INFO!!! I thought learning 9 years of Arashi info was hard but-DANG!!! Learning ten guys names is hard enough. T___T Only know 2.... *pouts* 2.

Why I love Chinen [and want to make him my son >_<] : He is a bigger Ohno Satoshi fan than I am. XD

He makes me seem normal. XD lol He always mentions him in every interview. I don't even want to get into how obsessed he is. ^^; [He wants to meet Ohno's mother so he can learn how to raise a kid like Ohno. WTF!? He joined Johnny's so he could BE like Ohno. HE WANTS TO NAME HIS CHILDREN AFTER THE MEMBERS OF ARASHI! Obsessive? Yes, very much] ^___^ I like feeling normal.

I'm gonna sum what I did this week really quick:

Got up at 8:30 AM and worked on my bridge till about 11 then got on and typed post. Worked on bridge. Was hungry....ate ramen [b/c Ohno loves it...and it was his b-day. I even said "umai" while eating it. XD] Worked on bridge till 5-6 PM. Decided to call bridge Oh-chan. [It was his b-day!!!!] Watched Arashi no Shukudai-kun and Mago Mago Arashi [the episode were they celebrated Ohno's 26th b-day] then went to sleep.

Turkey Day AKA Thursday
Woke up to realize Oh-chan bridge really was a failure and started doing the same thing as the day before. Called bridge Toma >////////< It took 5 stores to find legal sized paper. *glares* Stupid stores!!! Had dinner w/ mom and brother.... worked on bridge till about 7 or 9 PM. I can't really remember.

OMG!!! I got to sleep in till 9 AM!!! It was awesome.....T__T I hate having to wake up early. Worked more on bridge....friend called to tell me she got an iPod [black friday!! DUH!! She's dragging me along next year... T___T] Took the whole day just to make the 2 bottom pieces. GAH!!! I was ready to kill someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GUESS WHAT I DID!? Sleep?! NO!!! Have fun!? A little at the end. ^^; I WORKED ON THE BRIDGE. Finally started connecting the pieces. Oh yeah.... and had to go "rescue" my mom's friend's dog. Lot a fun getting my jeans all dirty w/ mud. *rolls eyes* OH YEAH!!! And I watched this drama special Nino was in Sukoshi Wa, Ongaeshi Ga Dekitakana . OMG! It's less than 2 hours long but....I cried for a full hour. T___T I couldn't stop crying!!! I was almost at tears and it had only been about 15 minutes since the drama started!!! Oh so good. WATCH IT!!!! NINO IS A.MA.ZING!!!!!!!

Sunday AKA Today
Woke up at 8 and worked on bridge w/ mom. The side pieces are connected and it should be done tonight. *nods* Picture time:

Still not done but almost there. I can post a picture tomorrow or you can wait till Friday when I'll have results of how much a fail. You pick. [Has to support 16 pounds to get an 80. 16 lbs have to hang for a thing that can only weigh 500 grams!!!]

Sadly....this is what happened to Oh-chan bridge

Gonna be trashed soon. T________T OHNO!!! DON"T DIE ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other than that I've done nothing. -__- I still have about 5 hours of HW for other classes. *sigh* This was the WORST break ever. T___T

Is it bad that I'm downloading a whole episode of VS. Arashi just b/c Tegoshi Yuya is in it?

I'll admit it....the only reason I downloaded it was b/c of HIM not b/c it's Arashi.
I feel bad now....T____T

Is it bad that while I was making my bridge...I spent half the time singing "Happy Birthday" by NewS?

I kept singing Masuda's solo (2:58 - 3:05) over and over. T^T HE WAS CUTE IN THIS PV!!!
I feel bad....

Is it bad that my layout is SHINee now? That my wallpaper is SHINee? That my icon is SHINee? That as soon as Ohno's b-day was over I changed my icon to SHINee? T___T *hugs Arashi*
I feel like a bad fan....

Is it bad that I keep on falling in love with this guy

More and more everyday. T___T That when I watch Arashi PVs I watch for Nino more than Ohno?

Is it bad that I never talk about this guy anymore? All I ever did was talk about Toma a while ago. -___- I don't even care that he is kissing some girl in his stage play. *sigh*

That I want all of them to do the same stupid thing as Ohno....T___T

That I like DBSK's Mirotic more than Arashi's Beautiful Days.

I'm a bad fan....very bad. I've OD on Arashi.
*le sigh*

I'm bored....so I'm going to do an icon spam today!! WOOT!!! I have over 700 [close to 800] on my computer....I've deleted about 500 already. I'm an icon whore. -___-

LET"S START!!!!!!!!



Yeah...stop lying to me U-know.

You make Hero upset. *pouts*

ugh, so it's all about the porn...?


Really? It's all about the porn?

O__O Ummm...porn addict....

Omigosh!!! Really? >//////< Come on Micky and Xiah!!

Not NOW Oh-chan. I'm about to be deflowered by 2 HOT KOREAN guys.


Shut up U-know!!!!

WAH!!! T___T

OMG!! Really Sho-kun? *hugs* But...

*sigh* Oh-chan...forgive me?


Yeah......no. Keiichiro has icky Keiichiro germs. XD

T___T BUT I CALLED YOU CUTE!!! Fine....I'll stop


OMG!!!! This has to be the cutest thing ever!!!

Part 1- DUDE. I want to be there w/ them. U-know is HOT!!! >.<

Part 2

OMG!!!!!!!!!! The cuteness is killing me!!!!!!!!! The Mirotic Chin DANCE!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! L.O.V.E I.T!!

Have a great week everyone!!! Wish Toma bridge luck and that it won't die!!! DX

OMG!! You forgave me Oh-chan?
*hugs* X3

2:08 PM


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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things are going bad....T^T
time: 10:39 AM
music: Haru Haru by Big Bang

*le sigh* Things are going BAD!! Wah!! ToT First, I couldn't update when I wanted to [midnight] b/c my mom and I had this fight. GAH! She wants to cut off my internet and says I spend too much time on the computer. *rolls eyes* We've been fighting pretty much every day. *sigh* I can't take it anymore!! I want to go to college just so I can move out! I don't like living here anymore... sometimes I think it might have been better if I had gone and lived with my dad. But I really don't want to live in another country. T^T

Then the really bad thing happened [b/c I could really care less what my mom says].
My bridge building making is going horrible. Bridge due Thursday (next week)...I started today. I've only made 3 members (the parts that make up the bridge) and I have a feeling they are all duds. T__________T AND IT TAKES FOREVER TO DRY!!! I'm only typing this so I can give them a little time to dry. So yeah.....I won't be commenting a lot these next 5 days....and week. -__- Things are really busy!! But I'll try. *nods*

The only reason I wanted to update is b/c it's Ohno's b-day. I made a big deal out of Toma's b-day so I should at least do something for him. [I feel horrible for not making him a wall like I did for Toma. But school comes first, I don't want to be a high school dropout like Ohno. T__T]

Can you spot the SHINee lyrics in there? >_<
5 Short facts about him [b/c I am NOT wasting my time writing everything about him like I did for Toma]

1. His mother was the one who sent in his application to join Johnny's Entertainment. He was begging her not to send it. Her response: "SHUT UP!! It's not like you are going to make it!" Loving mother, ne?

2. He got in trouble at the audition b/c he was too short to see behind the guy in front of him so he instead just started waving at his mom.

3. BIG MAMA'S BOY!!! His mom buys his clothes and everything.

4. At their debuting concert he had no fans. All the other members had fangirls waving there uchiwas [fan w/ an idol's face on one side and their name on the other] and screaming for them when they came out. Ohno got called, silence. Nobody screamed for him. Caused him to be insecure for a long time.

5. He became Leader after beating Sho at Rock Paper Scissors.

Oh yeah!!! And he is super obsessed with fishing.

Scary obsessed. Imagine my obsession w/ JE. Got it? Now multiply that by a thousand. That's how obsessed he is.

I love these things X3

KYAAH!! I wuv chibi Ohno. >.< So cute

I want my kids to be cute like that!!T^T

*sigh* He's obsessive over art too

Obsessive .... w/ being an idiot?

Constantly being groped by this guy. ^////////^ I love Ohmiya SK. LOVE!!!

Did I say he is an idiot?

So everybody.........YAY!!! Grab some cake

and celebrate. This boy is 28 now. WOOT!!!
Just don't be messy like Toma

I like to keep my place clean.
[EDIT: I am 100% aware of the scandal he was in this summer so if you think I don't know about it, I do. If you want to know go here to find out.]

I wanted to celebrate it but my bridge got in the way. *pouts* Maybe the week after next or...next year. T____T

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Made it quickly!! Little present to friends. Hope your Thanksgiving goes well. I'll be up to my neck doing my bridge and computer science paper [stupid java....] Should be able to update Sunday with a completed bridge.

Cute and funny video of Arashi (centered around Ohno)

I love these dorks!!!!!! Ohno is unbelievable!! LMAO! Aiba was so cute. ^//////////^

OH YEAH!!! You share 5 facts too!! It's only fair that you do that too. >/////< I gave Ohno facts you give you facts. lmao

I'm off to do my bridge now!!!!!!!!!! OH!!! And if you have an account on Last FM, go visit me.[link at top] >_< I'm surprised how my music plays out. lmao So much Arashi and Perfume!!!

*hugs* Have a fun Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Showered him in love, of course.
*shifty eyes*

11:38 AM

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

time: 8:55 PM
music: Y Si Fuera Ella by SHINee

PLEASE DON"T SHOOT ME NOW!!! tis a joke...sort of ^^;

YO!!! So ummm...late update but, it was either late update or no update. You take your pick. XP Well there's always a reason why I don't update if I don't update of Friday [it's kinda like a ritual now. XD ] Well my friend [k-pop friend] came running to me all depressed [just like I was about a month or 2 ago. Took her long enough to break down] and wanted to go out to take her mind of things. Why she wants to do that...idk. I dealt w/ my breakdown by going home and wasting hours on the thing that caused it: JE. Well yeah...we hadn't spent time together in a while [seriously, our friendship is dying. We use to go out every Friday.....now we talk to each other about once a month] and she looked really pathetic...we decided to go to the movies. NO!! WE DIDN'T GO TO WATCH TWILIGHT!!! but we still did T^T Oh gosh, so much stupid crap happened that night. Hmmmm, I'll try to sum it up. While we were waiting for our ride to the movies, we started talking about the oh so famous, glorious DBSK. NOTE: this is an ex-fangirl and a fan *coughMEcough* talking about them....things got kinda ugly. GUESS WHO STARTED BASHING THEIR NEW SONG, WRONG NUMBER!? WE DID!!!! lmao, ahhh feels good to let your real emotions out. Seriously, that song is down hill from their last song. Anyways, bashing of other bands continued too [Arashi, SNSD (Girl's Generation), NewS, Kanjani8, the Wonder Girls, Perfume] YES!!! You read that list right!!! My poor lovely Arashi was bashed!! And I did sort of have a part in it. ^^; Still love them. Not saying what I said about them or News.... I fear for my life now. So MUCH FUN to talk badly about DBSK. *le sigh* It's like a weight of shoulders to have somebody agree. Anyways, at the movies...we got there early so we went walking around [this is an open mall, so it was FREKIN COLD!!!]. I want that Charlie the Unicorn shirt at Hot Topic so badly. WANT!!!! *A* And we bought candy for the candy store....that lady was a b*tch. *glares* She made a big fit just b/c we wanted ONE sample. How were we suppose to know that Haribo gummie bears are HARD!? And her candy was too expensive. T^T *moving on* At the movie theater, we go to watch the movie we PAID for, Madagascar 2. We got lame seats b/c we took too long to choose candy. Really cliche movie. >_< LMAO!! There was this scene were the lion was dancing and the first thought that came to my mind was: "ZOMFG!!! HE IS DANCING LIKE DBSK!!! OH SHIZZ!!!" Best part of the movie. >.< Then we were hungry and went to buy food. It was still early so we thought "Since we're here...why not just watch Twilight?" >.< Yes, we snuck in...which was really easy since we just walked right in. *le sigh* I really don't get what was the big deal about that movie. Neither one of us read the book. Sadly there was nothing that reminded me of DBSK in that movie. T__T [OH!! OH!!! In Madagascar when the lion said that thing on his hand was just a beauty mark I remembered Nino!!! >//////< Him and his beauty mark/mole/I-don't-know-what-to-call-it thing] Another cliche movie. *sigh* And Edward Cullen was so NOT hot.

The infamous DBSK/DBSG/TVXQ/Tohoshinki.

Now b-day time [yes, we are working backwards] hmmm, I really don't remember much. I remember that is started out really bad. I didn't understand my Physics Problem Bank so I get really mad at it....I failed the Problem Bank Quiz the next day. ^^; But it really felt like it was Ohno's b-day b/c that's all the music I was listening to that day. 'Song for me' must have been played like 15 million times that day. Anyways, mom was out so I had the house to myself. YAY!! Got an update from JE Secrets @LJ, watched Ryusei no Kizuna [NINO IS SO CUTE!! X3]...I think I got Perfume stuff too. Can't remember. ^^; And then I got a ton of Happy b-day wishes...things....I can't think of the word right now!!! I was surprised that I got gifts. >_< I don't think I got anything last year....lmao almost all of it was Arashi related. XD I really wasn't expecting that. >.< I mean...I've been a bigger Toma fan for a longer time AND this is an ANIME COMMUNITY. XD [I stared at Kelsey's card for 10 minutes straight. XD lmao. HEY!!! I love that picture of Ohno!!! He is SEXY with his Maou hair!!! SEXY!!!] And innocent heart gave me this lovely fan art of Ioryogi from Kobato. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this manga to death!!!!

LOVE IT!!!!! Kobato is so cute!!! I so want to be like her. I WANT A WALLPAPER OF HER!! I do. T^T
Thank you for all of the wishes and stuff!!! I really loved it all, the cards, fan art *blushes at the though of Stixx's gift* ^///////////////^ I should ask her to show it to you all, *nods*, picspam [chibilala!!! You made me realize....I is a hoe whore. lmao] Thank you all!!! *glomps*
EDIT: OH YEAH!!! I also found this awesome video of Oh-chan on my b-day.

Topic: "You are recently dating a girl and it's her birthday. What are you going to say when you are giving her a present?"
LMAO!!!! I just started laughing when I found this.

This week I was really depressed at the beginning, so what do I do? LISTEN TO MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!! lol, I'm sure you all thought I listened to Arashi. WRONG!!! When I'm in a bad mood I listen to perfume.

^________^ They make me feel all happy. lol They really do work wonders. WAIT!! *runs off to Oricon* OMG!!! THEY ARE STILL AT SPOT 2 AT THE ORICON CHART!!! [Music chart that ranks the new songs on popularity] ZOMG!!! O________O ARASHI WENT UP!!!! WOOOOOOOOOT!!! They were #8, now they are #4!!! Such an old song is still in the top 5. ^___________^ My boys are doing well!! lol

I don't know about you but....it's COLD now!! WAH!!! I live in Texas so we aren't use to the cold. LITTLE COLD + A TEXAN = TOTAL FREAK OUT!! >_< Ok, not that bad but...it's cold!! T^T I'm cold....really cold. It's 54 right now. *pouts* When's....fall coming again. XD lmao, I don't want spring, spring is too hot!!! It's like we don't have one. We dive in right into the 90s and 100s. WAH!!!

Oh yeah, my friend didn't still my ipod....my other friend did. *glares* He found the song Let me be with you [theme song from Chobits] and wouldn't stop playing it!!! He kept on taking my ipod to here that!! Isn't it a bit weird that a 16 year old BOY is listening to that non-stop and signing? -___-'' I have weird friends.

lol, People are also questioning my taste in music now. Same buy from above yelled at me about having 2/3 of my ipod filled w/ Japanese music. For my defense, not all of it is Japanese...there's some Korean and Taiwanese in there. ^^; And people keep on asking why I listen to it if I can't understand it. -__- It's pretty..... Seriously....J-pop and K-pop have consumed my life. Look at my 25 most played [according to iTunes]

Click on picture for full view....^^; Sorry i got carried away w/ editing it. XD Stupid me. I want to see yours too!!! ^___^

That took a really long time....now I don't feel like writing anymore. ^^; Sorry if you thought the post was going to be about Pokemon. lol

SHINee is wonderful and all mine. ^/////////^ MINE!!! *huggles them*

The jacked-up fandom I'm in. ^^; Arashi talks about breasts:

SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!! They are all such pervs [except Sho. ^_^] How did Nino come up w/ that weird theory?

Well I have a ton of HW this weekend but I'll try to comment! I'll try my best. *huggles* Have a great week!! Finally Thanksgiving break on Wednesday. Guess what I'm doing over the break? *waits for response* DOING MY BRIDGE!!! T^T I wanted to watch dramas. I'm only finished episode 2 of My Boss My Hero. [Btw, I LOVE the song on here!!. HARU HARU!!! I was signing this while writing my english essay. ^^;]

Have a great week!!!!

You take my men...
I send Jun after you

11:05 PM

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008
I FAIL!!!!
time: 1:19 PM
music: Noona is so pretty (replay) by SHINee

FLAILS!!!! OMG!!! I love this song by him so much!!! Intro...omg...I thought it was hot. *giggles* Probably the only one here but...DANG!!! I want my husband to do that for me!!! PLEASE!!! I'll do anything he wants as long as he does that. ANYTHING!!! tee hee. I'm probably the only one who thinks that the way he said that at 1:47 is DAMN CUTE!!! KYAAAH!!!! SO CUTE!!! ^////////////^

Anyways.....my friend wants to steal my ipod. *cue dramatic music* Yesterday I was doing community service (reason why I didn't post) with a ton of my friends. It was for the Multicultural Night at my old elementary school. So yeah, while the show is going on, guess what I do? I introduce K-pop and J-pop to my friend.
MY FRIEND LIKED ARASHI!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! At first I showed her Mirotic by DBSK (K-pop) and of course the comment was that they were hot. WELL THEY ARE!!!! Then I showed her weeek by NewS (J-pop)[btw these were the videos. Yes, they ARE on my ipod]. She said they weren't as hot but still good. Then the best thing happened. ^___^ I showed her truth by Arashi(J-pop).....OMG. I had to leave her alone for a bit w/ it and I came back *sniff* she was bobbing her head along w/ it and had a huge smile on her face. YESH!!! She liked it and now wants to steal my ipod. >_< I feel so happy!!! Best thing ever!!!! It was a good night for Arashi and DBSK [she even liked SHINee]. Good night.

Oh yeah!! SHINee!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!

My new favorite band. I love them!!! I fell in love w/ AMIGO right away. Now I can't stop listening to it and replay. They just debuted this year. Btw, they are korean. ^///////^ Love them. They are my age.

Ok, well last weekend I introduced my mother to Arashi...yes, the day of judgment came. T^T I had already showed them to my 5 year old brother and he liked A.Ra.Shi. Even started singing along w/ me. Well he likes to dance w/ it too. So I decided to have my brother show of his "dance" for my mom w/ the PV of Arashi. So I put the PV for A.Ra.Shi on

Music starts, brother starts jumping like an idiot, I resist the urge to sing along, mother says nothing. -___- She never likes anything I do. First thing she says is "That kid has bad teeth." So of course my 1st thought is "MatsuJun" so I asked which one it was (what the color of their shirt was)...she tells me he is wearing white. *slams head against desk* So I replay it at 0:44 my mom says "HIM!!"
WAH!!! T____T That was Ohno!!!!!! So now my mom knows him as the kid who has bad teeth. She wouldn't even listen to what his name was. Then I put truth on b/c my brother likes it......T___T She said they 1)looked like women, 2) too thin, 3) too young [that's after I told her "kid w/ bad teeth" it turning 28 this month]. Arashi failed that night. *huggles them* Don't worry!!! Perfume failed too!!! but Wondergirls didn't....grrr
But really...they haven't aged that much. See [made the pics quickly...too forever to get screenshots for A.Ra.Shi. They move too much]
Order from youngest to oldest:

9 years apart [oldest song- A.Ra.Shi. ; Newest song - Beautiful Days] *sigh* My boys got rejected....she didn't like DBSK either. T^T No taste music, I tell you, NO TASTE!!!

I tired to change the layout but....it failed. T__T It just looked bad after I was done and I didn't feel like wasting hours doing it again so...I just changed the BG....fail. T___T EPIC FAIL.
Don't worry Oh-chan!!! I'll save you from the fire!!

Anyways....tomorrow is my b-day. WOOT!! I'm turning 17....hard to believe that next year I'll be considered an adult.

[credit to spazzcrack @ LJ]
WEEEE!!! Presents for me. XP But really...my mom forgot when my b-day was. -__-'' She thought it was today. She said she thought today was the 16th, pffft, she totally forgot when it was.

No, YAMAPI!!! I'm still underage!!! I can't drink....yet. x)

Ok...this week at school. Not much...boring really.
1. I failed my APUSH test even though I though I did fine. T^T
2. Reading Walden has to be one of the most boring books ever!!!!
3. I am now Princess Peach....WTF. No idea...I'm still trying to get my friend to tell my why I'm Princess of the Peaches.

Anyways, too much good music was been coming out lately and sadly I can't show it to you all...so I'm going to put them all on here. Watch which ever ones you want. ^___^

DBSK: Wrong Number


My favorite song by them.

Wondergirls: Nobody

Really long intro. Skip to 2:00

Arashi- Beautiful Days

Perfume- Dream Fighter

Hey!Say!JUMP- Mayonaka no Shadow Boy

American Music

Please support BoA!!!! She is a K-pop/J-pop singer who is trying to make it bug in America now. This is her 1st song. I got so addicted to it. Please support her. Maybe if she makes it big SM will send more of their artists to America *coughDBSKcough* >_<

Hope that you saw some music you might like. =3

Oh YEAH!!!! I got to watch Hana Yori Dango Final last week [movie]. I LOVED IT!!!! Shun looked so cute!!! And Jun was great like always. I also caught up w/ Ryusei no Kizuna [Meteor's Bond]. OMG!!! Nino is so cute!!! Forget Ryo!!! Nino is the best thing in there.

One of my fav scenes. Yes, they did say that!!! But I'm not telling why Nino is talking about Post-its and Ryo is talking about condoms. >//////< LMAO!!!!

Still Ohno month.....WOOT!!! when is this month gonna be over!? A video about his butt and a little Ohmiya. >_< Could life be any better.

I never noticed till this video.....he can shake his ass very well. XP

Anyways, tell me about yourselves now!!! How did your weeks go?

[credit to spazzcrack @ LJ]
Happy B-day to everyone who has b-day this month. ^_^

Have a great week everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE!!

Oh yeah, see chibilala

Yusuke is so mine. He's even proposing to me. HA!! XP

Now it's bye-bye time!! XP Gotta go do some HW! T^T

You tell them Oh-chan!!
They take my men,
you kill them!!!

2:33 PM

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008
time: 7:11 PM
music: Beautiful Days by Arashi

Well for about a day...then it's back to doing school work. T^T This week has been so busy. I didn't even have time more my beloved Arashi. T___T I had project after project after test after quiz after test after A MILLION OTHER THINGS!! Too hectic. It's been getting to me. This WHOLE week I've been nothing but depressed...most of the time. I'll randomly just shut up and get all depressive. Especially during lunch. T^T I don't want to feel this way!!!! I WANT DEPRESSION TO GO BYE-BYE!!!! I hate wanting to cry everyday....T^T *starts singing Ohno's Take me Faraway* -___- If only....if only....

Anyways, this site is in the process of being changed, except this time it will take a looooooooooooooooooooong time b/c I have no time. T^T Need to make a background...coding...design? Yeah, too much time. The bg right now only took 5 minutes to make. Oh wait!! Did I even tell you why I'm changing it? >_< NOPE!!! Well it's Ohno's b-day the 26th so instead of celebrating only the 26th...I'm celebrating the WHOLE month. *beams w/ happiness* Am I being a good fangirl?

Speaking of b-days....

It's on the 11th. Can't believe he's so young...only 21!!!
Chibilala, you give up Yusuke and I'll give up Yuya. ^__^ You can't take Toma from me, that's like taking Ryo from you. XP

Oh yeah....the bg. Yes....I did the lame pun on Ohno's name. OH NO!! Yeah...I love his respond to that though. He completely ignores it. >.< LOVE HIM!!! *squeal* HIS SHIRT SAYS "I ♥ YOU". ^///////////^ Btw, he is NOT saying that to you only his fangirls. The picture is from him in Arashi Dome Concert doing his solo "Rain".

WARNING: Ohno's pelvic thrust at 1:05 might cause some blood loss

At first I didn't like it that much but now... *drools* I'm addicted. I really hated the fact that it didn't have much Ohno and too much Nino but now...♥_♥ I'm in love.....
*shifty eyes* .... I need to get over Nino. Damn him and his cuteness. NO!!! Bless him and his cuteness Yes damn it. XD

I've gone a bit too much. O___O Anyways, I'm done w/ Death Note!!! WOOT!!! So much reading and thinking...-___-'' Got confusing for a while. I still like L but I'm not in love though. [I'm not one of those obsessive rabid L fangirls...more like an admirer..yeah, that sounds nice]

I want to go watch drama now....NINO!!! WAIT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I"Ll WATCH RYUSEI NO KIZUNA SOON!!!

I need help but I don't know if any of you can help. =/ Chibilala might... I was on the internet and found a picture of the old Johnny Juniors but I couldn't tell who was everyone. I could only figure out these many:

Yes, I labeled it. ^^; *pauses* KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!! OHNO IS THERE!!! He's never at these things since he never was w/ any of the juniors. [complicated story] But...why is Toma and Yamapi so faraway from each other!!!!? WHERE'S THE TOMAPI LOVE!? But *snickers* there's some RYOPI LOVE. >_< Ryo has his hand on YamaP.[Kelsey, I think Yamapi was a big man-whore] XD Anyways I think some of the guys are from KAT-TUN and Kajani8. Not sure.

Ummmm.....weird random time!!!!

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Sparkle!

  1. Sparkle can sleep with one eye open!
  2. Birds do not sleep in sparkle, though they may rest in her from time to time.
  3. Sparkle has enough fat to produce 32 bars of soap.
  4. Sparkle is actually a vegetable, not a fruit!
  5. The sparkle-fighting market in the Philippines is huge - several thousand sparkle-fights take place there every day!
  6. Sparkle will give a higher yield if milked when listening to music.
  7. A chimpanzee can learn to recognize itself in a mirror, but sparkle can not.
  8. Never store sparkle at room temperature!
  9. The ace of spades in a playing card deck symbolizes sparkle.
  10. Originally, sparkle could not fly.
I am interested in - do tell me about

he he he, Bet you didn't know that about me. >.< LMAO!!! Made me laugh so hard. wait....I CAN FLY NOW?

I've talked to much....so RANT NOW!!! Make me read a lot from you!! COME ON!!! RANT!!!!

LOVE THIS MV!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOMA + OHNO = TOTAL HOTNESS!!! XD Love that drama and Viva la Vida is such an awesome song.
I miss Ohno in a suit!!! T^T Toma make Oh-chan leave Nino for you!!!! Then invite me too

No more!!! I'm gonna go shower and then commenting. It seems a lot of people updated.
AND I will being showing pictures of my bridge when I'm done. I'm starting this weekend so I should have it done in 2 weeks. ^___^ Let's hope my procrastination doesn't get in the way. ^^;

You all know I have one. XP
7:52 PM

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008
Who's creeped out by the music?
Music: Rising Sun DBSK
Time: 2:24 PM

I ♥ Perfume

Hello!!! How are you all? Me? STRESSED TO THE MAX!! ULTRA STRESSED. I don't really get how to be physics lab. -___- The bridge project we have to do is driving me insane. We have to build a bridge out of paper, as in normal computer paper, and glue, as in that cheap white glue, and it has to support a ton of weight. I think 20 pounds just to pass [the bridge has to weigh 500 g or less] You need to support around 300 lbs to get an A. T______T I"M SO SCREWED!!!!! It's not even funny. T^T Anyways...Can any of you help me w/ one thing? I need to come up w/ a creative title...can one of you give me some ideas? Please!! She said that she doesn't want any more "London Bridge is falling down". WAH!! I can't think of anything...and that's the easy part. I already have an idea for the bridge...just have to make the poster and all that crap.

Happy late Halloween. It's now November!! WOOT!! I hope all of your Halloweens went well. [That's the reason I didn't post yesterday] Time to talk about mine:

October 30,2008
Yes, my Halloween was divided into 2. XP Thursday I had to go do community service. At our school we hold a Halloween event for little kids to go get some candy. Yeah, just sat there w/ 2 friends and ate candy the whole time. Nothing special. OH YEAH!!! We started talking about Korean bands. One of my friends is in love w/ K-pop. So yeah....DBSK was brought...I got yelled at for turning into a fan. She was an ULTRA obsessive fan about a couple years back and was trying to drag me down too. I REFUSED....look at me now. T^T We started singing and dancing Mirotic. -__-''
Sparkle-chan was able to show of her knowledge of Korean bands. ^________^ I got challenged to name 10 bands [I got 9...had to get help for the 10th] Somebody want to explain to me how I did that when I'm a J-pop fan? Eh?
She couldn't name 10 J-pop bands. I had to help w/ 5 or so and she didn't even make it to 10.
Name 10 KOREAN bands WITHOUT looking them up on the internet. I'll give you the same band that was given to me. 2AM [yes, that's the name] If you can actually do it I'll give you something...might lower to 5. =/
For fun..name 10 Japanese.... might give something...=/
Taiwanese.....I only know like 3 so...forget that. [Sorry Krystal!!! You must educate me!! >.< ]

October 31
So I went trick or treating w/ my friends. Yes, a bunch of 16 year olds went trick or treating. I still think we are too old. My friend who is in love w/ k-pop and another 7 friends went along. My friend's [she was a ninja...let's call her ninja girl] STUPID stalker came along! GAH!! He's costume annoyed me. He was a ninja-inflatable suit but the back had his "butt" showing. -__- Ridiculous. Anyways, since most of us were girls [only 2 guys] we were all getting close to her...I swear Stalker-boy ended up thinking she was a lesbian. >.< Seriously, at one point in time her and I were telling each other how we wanted each other and didn't matter to me if the other people watched us. o___O No, I'm not lesbian or bi. We even took each others arms and went skipping along the way while singing "Follow the yellow brick road". There were constant love confessions for her to almost everybody except HIM. XP Other friend kept on hugging her the whole time and being really overprotective. [She always is...sometimes I wished she would stop hugging me so much.] Anyways trick or treating goes on, we get some candy, I get a stomach ache and trip, we go back to ninja-girl's house and exchange candy, everybody leaves EXCEPT for me, k-pop friend, ninja-girl and....Stalker-boy. -__-'' Of course he wouldn't leave. We ended up watching Howl's Moving Castle. Never watched it before. O_____________O OMG!!!! Ninga-girl and I fangirled over so MUCH over Howl. That man is a SEXY beast. >.< My k-pop friend freaked out by us squealing and gushing over how hot he was. LMAO!!! I told her that was nothing, me truly fangirling at 100% was a whole lot more than that. XD IT WAS!!! She needs to seem me truly fangirling. What a bliss. Anyways we k-pop friend and I left [we came together, she was only invited b/c of me]...stupid stalker stayed. I really hope that my friend wasn't raped. Thank the lord her family was there.

oh, I started reading Death Note now. I'm on volume 8. Volume 7 made me sad....I don't like Near and Mello...I want L. T^T [Krystal, he's all yours!!]

Since I'm not going to update Monday might as well do it now

Happy Birthday!!! It's on the 3rd [just like my mom's GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!] I don't love him enough...that's why there is so layout change. Only people I love get that. Can't believe he's only turning 24. O________O Ohno's turning 28!! Stupid young!!!

You've read enough. No fangirling this time. Hope that you Halloween went well and that you didn't look at least this stupid:

Yes, that's Arashi. Aren't they wonderfully gay?
Aiba in pink. XD LMAO!!!!

Watching 2 Japanese guys fail at english can be very funny >.<

Ohno....I love you. >.< Aiba, you make me laugh when you speak english. So funny. XD

Have a great weekend!! I can't comment till late at night. I have to go work on my bridge. T___T

Who is she? o__O Oh well,
let him have his fun. XD

3:22 PM

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Sparkle!

  1. Sparkle can sleep with one eye open!
  2. Birds do not sleep in sparkle, though they may rest in her from time to time.
  3. Sparkle has enough fat to produce 32 bars of soap.
  4. Sparkle is actually a vegetable, not a fruit!
  5. The sparkle-fighting market in the Philippines is huge - several thousand sparkle-fights take place there every day!
  6. Sparkle will give a higher yield if milked when listening to music.
  7. A chimpanzee can learn to recognize itself in a mirror, but sparkle can not.
  8. Never store sparkle at room temperature!
  9. The ace of spades in a playing card deck symbolizes sparkle.
  10. Originally, sparkle could not fly.
I am interested in - do tell me about

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008
time: 10:30 PM
mood: IMPATIENT!!!!!!!!!!
music: Beautiful Days by Arashi

Ok...I'm having a really slow connection right now...so I decided to just update again. I don't know...I just have the feeling to update again. If you didn't get to the last post you just missed some fangirling over Nino and some stupidity of me...>__>
Love how people still laughed at me....Oh well the popsicle was gooood. Blood is yummy. ^___^ [If you don't know just don't ask....ehhh....can I take the blood part back? It makes me sound like a freak? Especially to those who didn't read the last post. O__O GAH!!! Stop w/ the worrying!!!] When I told my mom...she stared at me like I was an idiot...a BIG ONE. -___- She told me that the blood on my lip reminded her of when I got my wisdom teeth removed. -__-'

I got scared sh*tless out of child birth today.
Thank you mother for convincing me on not having children. LOVE YOU! *sarcasm*
Gah...really, I don't want to have kids anymore. *shudders* Please no.... T___T

Ok....why is my connection totally ruined right now?
I'm in the middle of downloading. WOOT!!! 18% DOWNLOADED!!! Only 5 more hours to go!!! T__T I want my Toma and Yusuke now. T^T
Although orange hair Toma is so weird to me now....

Idk....black hair is better.

HW....how I haven't done it....I am so screwed.

You may end your comment now if you don't want to go through it. ^___^

Well this is very old news for me but I haven't told any of you this. KYAAAAAAAAAH!!!!
OHNO SATOSHI WON BEST ACTOR for the summer season. But still!!! YAY!!! He was running against big drama actors like Yamashita Tomohisa and Ikuta Toma. Which meant....
although I totally ship these 2 now XD
Anyways, the results were
Satoshi Ohno - 10355
Tomohisa Yamashita - 7857
Toma Ikuta - 2706

IN YOUR FACE PRETTY BOY!!!!! OHNO BEAT YAMAPI!!!! [Sorry Kelsey, but sometimes I hate that boy. ^^;] Sorry, but I'm sick of people putting Ohno down b/c he is isn't "hot" or "pretty" and keep on calling him ugly. Uh, just b/c he doesn't look like the stereotypical JE boy doesn't mean he is ugly. His look is just different. And what about personality, huh? He is hilariously adorable. I don't care what anti-fans say. And just b/c your boy is pretty doesn't mean he is good. There's a little thing called TALENT and this guy has it unlike a LARGE part of the "pretty" boys.

[Sorry for the little rant, I'm just sick of it]

I felt horrible for Toma....he lost BAD!!! Almost 8,000 votes. T^T I feel horrible for voting for Ohno now. [Yes, I voted and dragged Stixx into voting for Toma. MRS.CHUN!!! IT DIDN'T MAKE IT EVEN!!! WAH!!!] Maou won for everything else too. YAY!!!

Ok....Ohmiya has ruined my like FOREVER!!!

Remember how I said I wanted men to have babies w/ each other...yeah, I actually thought about dedicating my life to figuring out how to do that. I mean, can't you just take the genes of them...and I don't put them together through some sciency chemical way in a tube and then inseminate it into the woman. Have go through pregnancy and all that jazz. Then-plop- comes out baby and YAY!! 2 men had a baby!!! SEEEEEE!!! It sounds so simple!!! WHY CAN"T IT BE DONE!!!!?
>___> Yeah, I was actually thinking about quitting the computer engineering field [since I SUCK at computer science, physics, AND pre calc] to do THIS!!! WTF!? NOOOOO!!! ARASHI [*ahem* more like OHNO+NINO] are RUINING my life!!!

Seriously, if I were locked w/ both of them in a closet together [anything is valid]; I would not try anything "funny" on them. No, I wouldn't take advantage and have a threesome. [I think I should give warnings now. O__O] I would want them 2 to be love-dovey and just let me watch from the corner. Their forbidden love unleashed only before me. >/////////< BEST THING EVER!!!

Non-stop of this would make me happy. ^/////^
Ohmiya....you are making me want YAOI!!!

After watching this: [Watch all if you have time, or the last segments DEFINITELY the last 10-15 seconds, if not nothing will make sense -__-]

Watch Ohmiya Sk part 3.2 SUBBED in Entertainment Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

I wished nothing more but for that to be true. That Ohno was actually pregnant. >.< THIS MUST SOUND INSANE!!! Ohmiya screws up your life bad!!! All I could think after that was that their child was Chinen.

GAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Something is wrong w/ me!!! I couldn't stop squealing about the time they kissed at a concert!! Ohno wanted to seme-ed (?) and Nino said his lips were soft...>////////< In case you are wondering, I squealed through that whole video. ^////////^
Oh, that is so true. I miss the days I shipped Tomapi. T^T Such calm fangirling.

OH YEAH!!! Congrats Kelsey!! Your figured out who the Japanese soldier was in Letters from Iwo Jima. It was Nino. ^^; Yeah, I want to buy a WWII video for him...just him. But it's $25 [Found out I need the Special Edition b/c the Regular one only has english audio, no Japanese. And I heard that the guy who dubbed Nino's voice sounded like some white constipated guy trying to fake a japanese accent. According to a Nino fan. o__o They tend to exaggerate] GAH!!! I was already planning on spending almost a $100 on just Arashi and A Perfume CD.
Kinda wished we could watch it in APUSH but....I'd be giggling/squealing/blushing/embarrassed through out the whole film. My friend would be creeped out . [Doesn't know I'm a JE fan] *sigh* I want it.....

Ummmm....yeah...got to continue the war...Chibilala you have been a very bad girl!!!

Yamamoto Yusuke is MINE!!! Totally mine so you need to forget about him!! Remember what I said about Nino, you are allowed to look at him but you CAN'T enjoy it. XP

Tegoshi Yuya Pictures, Images and Photos
And Yuya is having a lot of fun w/ me. Might as well keep him, huh? SINCE YOU LOVE YAMAPI!!! XP
Tegoshi is mine. ^_________^
After all
Yuya Tegoshi Pictures, Images and Photos
He's not happy w/ you. XP
[btw, Nino would NEVER leave his Oh-chan! He's too whipped to leave!! XP]
why are we doing this?

Anyways....it's going to take 8 hours to finish downloading. Screw it, I'm going to sleep while it downloads. Awwwwwww, first thing I'll see will be Toma's face tomorrow. ^////////^ Good way to start. lol

For those who actually read this far....I admire you. *nods w/ a passionate look*
Have a great night/weekend/week!!!

Oh yeah, should I do a Halloween theme? Yes? No?

11:46 PM

still waiting impatiently....

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008
Time for the weekly post
time: 5:39 PM
music: Gimmick Game by Ninomiya Kazunari

hahaha, that's the best Ohno XD

Hello. How are you all? Well, I hope. Hmmm, I'm updating early in the day this time. I decided before I went all insane doing other stuff I would do this since some people don't like late posting.

I read comments...a long time ago so I can't remember anything. And I'm too lazy to read them again. Still love you.
I haven't responded PMs or commented anything yet. I don't know if I will. I'm not really in the mood for it all. -__- No, I'm NOT depressed or anything like that....I'm just not in the mood. Get what I mean?

This week:
○ It went by really fast!!! O________O Before I knew it, it was already Friday.
○ I took a bunch of test...I wonder if I passed my Physics test. o__o Not that many people got A's. T__T I thought I did well...guess not. *teardrop*
○ There was still stress but I didn't break down this time. *phew*
○ I can't remember anything else I did.
OH YEAH!!! T_______T I am so upset w/ my grades this year. NEVER had I seen so many C's in there. The first 3 classes are all A's but then BAM!! They go down to 70's. T_______T WHY!? DANG IT!! WHY!? I'm scared of failing. T^T WAH!!!

Oh yeah, stupid thing I did today. T^T Ok, so I went to go buy some ice cream today w/ my friend after school. I got there, bought it [after having some trouble getting it to take our money. Those school ice cream machines SUCK!!] I opened the thing and just shoved it into my mouth. BAD IDEA. The stupid thing got caught on both of my lips, it would not come off. So me being the idiot that I am, started pulling on it till it came off [while laughing my butt off and making a scene in the school cafeteria. Imagine a girl putting a fruit pop thing into her mouth and then just busting into laughter while tugging on it and falling to the floor. While her great friend stood to the side laughing at her. Yup, that was me.] It came off...then I put it in my mouth again...same thing happens AGAIN. Really, idiots never learn. Anyways, I go to wait for my bus w/ all my other friends [Immediately 2 of them force me to give them a bite] and then I find out something.....I ripped enough skin off my lips that they started bleeding. [You could see the skin on the thing. All white and...white? lol]I bled for like 15 minutes [they still hurt!!]. What did I do? I laughed and kept on eating my ice cream....ice cream and blood at the same time is delicious. XD *sees all you cringe* I'm kidding, I couldn't even taste it. lmao My lips hurt....T^T

Hmmm....I have no idea what else to say.....I can't believe I haven't even mentioned any of those asian guys I love...NO FANGIRLING!!!?
Not really in the mood...but I'll try my best. T^T

Awww, what would I do w/o my gay boys? lmao
Well, I watched the other Arashi movie. [Don't worry people, there's no more.] I can't remember the title in Japanese but I know it is called Yellow Tears and it's on Crunchyroll. It actually did make me cry....and my love for Nino grow even more. lol But I think Aiba had the best line. >.< I could not stop laughing when he said it!!!
*Aiba talking w/ all the other guys after getting laid*
"Sex is boring.
It's a big let down at the end."

The face he said it was GREAT!!! *A* Could NOT stop laughing at him. He said it with such a serious face. Loved it!!! No---love him.

Seriously, I keep on falling in love w/ him more and more each time I watch Arashi no shukudai-kun.

Oh yeah.....I'm falling in love w/ Nino...HARD

WAH!!!! I'm suppose to love Ohno!! [Actually, I'm suppose to love Toma =X Let's not speak of that...] I find myself staring at him now in the PVs and videos I watch of them. I use to only look at Ohno. T__T Nino, you bastard MAN WHORE!!! Why are you making fall in love w/ you? WAH!!! I'm suppose to love you equally w/ all the other Arashi members. *pouts* I can't stop listening to his solo song.

BEST PAIRING EVER!!!! Thanks to them...I want men to have babies w/ men. XD lmao

^_^ That is some sexy porn. Yum. XD

Ok, I really need to end this. WAH!!! I got things to do. One question though!! Have any on you seen Letters from Iwo Jima? B/c I really want to watch it or buy it. Why? The answer is very pathetic. Who played the japanese soldier? If you don't know look it up, but his name was on here.
Yes, obsessions lead to that. XD

No video this time. XP

Have a great weekend and week everyone!!! BYE!!!!

OMG!! That is right about me. T^T
6:39 PM

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008
WAH-BAM!!!! Guess whose back!?
Music: Purple Line by DBSK
Time: 1:29 PM

HOLY CRAP!!! It's been a long time since I update at this time, huh? In case you don't read the intro *breaks into tears* it's 1:30 PM here were I live. O___O Am I skipping? Am I SICK? HECK NO!!! It's parent/teacher conference today so that means....NO SCHOOL!!! Finally!!! I'm guessing this our substitute for Fall Break since we don't have one again this year. *teardrop*

*reads comments* Hehehe, I read them about a week ago so I don't remember anything. ^^;

Random replies to comments
-WOW, it seems that a lot of people like pudding. Still like Yogurt more. ^^ Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yogurt. XD
-ladyjacalyn, I could never be insulted w/ being called "the biggest fan", heck, I'm not even insulted w/ the word whore now. XD Isn't that right whore Kelsey? lol
-Yes!!!!! DBSK IS HOT!!!! lmao, I love how people like the song from last time. K-pop is good. I use to never want to admit it but...I like it. J-pop=K-pop BUT Arashi > DBSK. *nods* [I'm not sure what is stands for. =/ *runs off to look it up* DBSK stands for Dong Bang Shin Ki which translates into Rising gods of the East. Thank you WIKIPEDIA!!! It's true, my friend told me this a long time ago..I just couldn't remember ^^;
-I love how Kelsey glorifies my whorish ways while chibilala condemns me for them. LMAO!!! NOW chibilala get your mind of my TOMA!! He's mine. XP And there's NO WAY IN HELL I'm giving you Jun. You take Tegoshi from me, I take Jun. HA!!! saying I don't pay enough attention to Toma, please
-Chinen is so NOT going to take Ohno from me

Ohno and Nino are going to get married and adopt Chinen as their son. DUH!!!!! After all,

They love each other so much, they even show their love in their videos. *nods*

Enough replying, TOO MUCH!!!!! I think there is seriously something wrong w/ me. lol Yesterday, I was watching some Ohmiya video [Once again, Ohmiya stands for Ohno and Ninomiya, just like Tomapi stands for Toma and Yamapi] there was this really cute moment between them and the first thought that come to mind was "I wished they could have children. HURRY UP SCIENTISTS AND FIGURE OUT A WAY SO MEN CAN HAVE BABIES WITH EACH OTHER!!!" o___o'' Ummmmm.....WHAT!? But really...why can't they just take the genes of the two guys and through the magic of science make a baby. XD lmao, I think my fangirl side is getting to myself.

Let's sum up last week, shall we? >.< Well it rained again which brought the cold w/ it. I was so stupid. It was 50 or 60 and I was outside w/ shorts. Real smart. But my umbrella broke...I need another one soon. Stress has been the same. I broke down in the middle of school one day. =/ Yep, I started crying during the middle of lunch. *sigh* This is going to be a long year. Ummmm....I also had PSAT on Wednesday. Easiest one ever but I started to fall asleep on the last part so I'm sure I messed it up. There can't be that many sentences that had no mistakes!!!! Anyways, we aren't allowed to talk about the test so moving on.... Homecoming is this Saturday. Not going....I can't really see myself there. =/ Uhhhh....yeah, I'm thinking about going in Monday morning to get help for Physics. I'm not getting it at all. SPARKLE-CHAN + PHYSICS = EPIC FAIL

Dramas....let's see. I watched both of the Arashi movies. PIKA*NCHI life is hard dakedo[but] happy and PIKA**NCHI life is hard dakara [thus] happy. Blonde Nino is weird....yet cute. lol OMG!!! Ohno was such a perv but adorable!!! >///////< Ok, this might make you laugh...or not, Nino was able to get his hands on some porn [yes, PORN. They play high school students. What do you expect out of 17 year old BOYS.] so they went to watch it and they said to raise your hand as soon as "you felt it". >////////< Movies starts, image of woman is show---BAM!!! Ohno's hand is up before anything even starts. ^////////^ He looked so cute while doing that. lmao Such a perv...he even slept w/ a woman that was as old as his mother. [He wanted the daughter but the stupid mother kept on getting in the way. Then she got naked in front of him and yeah.....pervy Haru [character Ohno played] kicked in.
I'm going to go watch My Boss My Hero after posting.

In case you haven't noticed...There was a SITE CHANGE. GAH!!! T^T The intro thing took forever to get right. i'm still not even sure how it worked. lol Theme is truth by Arashi. Time to say goodbye to Maou and hello to Ryusei no Kizuna [I was going to wake up and watch this on Key Hole today but I overslept. T___T I had to wake up at 8 AM....woke up at 11 AM. T___T I MISSED IT!!!! WAH!!!!!] *dreamy sigh* It's going to have Ryo Nishikido [NewS & Kanjani8] and Ninomiya Kazunari [Arashi]. ^/////////^

I want me some NINO NOW!!!!!! lol But of course this drama will never beat Maou in my heart. After how can NinoxRyo beat OhnoxToma

They are a whole lot hotter/cuter. *nods* *le gasp* LET'S HAVE A POLL!!!
Choose either:
○ Nino/Ryo
○ Ohno/Toma

OHNO AND TOMA FTW!!!! lol at least for me. XD

Crack lyrics again...now for truth

*sigh* It's true....my boys are getting old. Grrr, stupid Hey!Say!JUMP will probably replace them in a couple of years. T______T
SO HURRY UP AND SACRIFICE YOURSELF!!!! They must stay young!!!! stupid Tegoshi, couldn't keep himself clean XD

Something cute for everybody else who doesn't care for j-pop.

Hatsune Miku = ADORABLE LOVE

I need to stop writing. I wrote too much. Oh well, it can't be helped yes it can. Lol, I was going to talk about something completely but I strayed away. OOPS. I still have a ton of HW this weekend. So don't expect much from me. I will try to get to all PMs though. They are just piling up now. T___T Sorry.

finding images takes too long T___T

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